Don’t miss it! 3 things you need to know about Turkey

Tired of the tour that sleepping in the car and getting off to take a photo? Turkey definitely gives you a  surprise! Pack up and fly to Turkey to have a real trip! Before you go, here are 3 things you need to know about Turkey!

1.  Visa Policy

Turkey offers preferential policies for citizens of over 120 countries, you can check it in the following map.

2.   Cuisine

Not everyone can stay for several days in Turkey, here only recommands three tradditional dishes for you!

1) Döner kebaps

Made with sliced meat and put in bread with onions and vegetables.

2)  Köfte

Known as Turkish meatballs, made of minced meat, spices, onion and shaped by hand, then fried or cooked in sauce.

3) Pide

Described as Turkish pizza, which was made into a thin, oblong dough base and then folded over around the edges and put into a stone oven.

3.   Attractions

1) Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a magic place with otherworldly beauty, consists of honeycombed hills and towering boulders. Fascinating cave hotels are definitely deserved to experience as well as the hot air balloons.

2) Fethiye

Fethiye is a seaside city with the finest natural harbour. To enjoy the beauty of mediterranean, a tour by designed boat or paragliders will be a perfect experience in life!

3) Pamukkale

Pamukkale is covered by gleaming white calcite travertines with blue spring gurgling down from the top of the mountain. After thousands of years of calcification, the natural white limestone looks like a flower of cotton on the hills.

Hope this blog will help you!

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Get involved! Let every child see the sky outside their street

Do you know? 

1 in 3 children in Hull and East Yorkshire grow up in poverty

While a quarter of their parents lost jobs

Those children have no opportunity to experience how wonderful the wolrd is, and more likely have never left the city they live in and have never touched the sky outside the end of the street.

Can you image what life will be under this circumstances?

These children are all agog to the opportunity, you can easily see it from their eyes.


Hull Children’s University, as an experienced children’s education charity, helps children believe that they can achieve their dreams and gives them the confidence to try; helps children believe that they have intelligence in different ways  and provides opportunities to discover their potential.


HEY CU takes full classes of children and provides learning experiences in local or UK.

A trip to London to have a sleepover under the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum;

Or  visit a local business to learn about that industry;

Or a tour to Scabrough to learn how harbour works and etc.

More activities will show in the video:

Get Involved!

Registered Charity Number 1124329

With the enough money, children can go farther and see more.

Please click the yellow bottom to help:

Become a official partner and give back to the local commnuity

Sign up to join us and your every little help will change a child’s life

Think about it and help us! Thank You



Less Social Media, #MoreLife

The BBC published this article about The effect of social media on our ever day’s life and its scary.


What triggered my thought about writing this blog is a commercial for Persil , discussing how the young coming generation doesn’t even go outside to play or to get dirty .  It made think about how i spent my childhood and how those real life experiences of tension , competition , emotions has shaped me the way i am today .

An average of 2 hrs at least is spent on social media by the population!, moreover a study found that a threefold of the sample is going through different depression symptoms mostly because the effect of the social media stereo type.

Take a Break

In the light of these stats i thought about a little project of not using Social Media for a week . Bring to mind that i can even recall the last time i had no social media platform to use.

Furthermore , i was amazed by amount of free time in my everyday life and how well i can actually benefit from it than just following other people in social media .

Of course i went back after that week but i promised myself to have one week off social media every month and thankfully I’ve been doing so for the last two years straight.

So if you’re new in Hull, take a break and roam the city , its the city of culture after all !.

Top 4 tried and tasted takeaways in Hull

  1. Dirty Bird

This is one of my best go to takeaways, the menu of Dirty Bird, offers a wide range of Chicken and grilled delicacies with lots of flavours and spices. If you like Wings, chickens and grilled dishes or looking for a cheaper substitute for KFC, this is one to try. Also, what I love are the waffles, they are so simple but yet so tasty.


2. Ask Italian

Its a Friday night, you want to do something special or give yourself  a treat. Ask Italian is the go to takeaway restaurants with foods ranging from pasta, seafood, deserts, pizza, salads etc. It is a bit more expensive, however the restaurants offers a variety of discounts. The food is really good especially the linguine con frutti di mare, you can add more chillies, onions or ask them to cook as desired.


3. Bob Carvers

This is my favourite Fish and Chips Takeaway in Hull, the menu consists of deep fried haddock, patties, baps, sausages etc. Another amazing thing on the menu is the gravy, chip spice and the fried mars chocolate bar.


4. Roots Bar

Want some different? Awaken your taste-buds with the vibrant taste of the Caribbean food. The food will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. My favourite items on the menu are the chicken wing marinated in Havana sauce, the sauce reminds me of the Nandos sauce with a Jamaican twist. Also, the coconut shrimps and plantain is a must-have.

Tried and Tasted: Top 3 bars in Hull for…you know… ‘de-stressing’


Students will always discover new depths of creativity in order to afford that extra drink. *TOP TIP* sleep in until noon and you won’t have to buy breakfast – that’s one cocktail to get you that #FridayFeeling. Anything is possible if you have a can-do attitude (and you know when happy hour is).



Newland Avenue’s finest – in the heart of the student population. Even with a great selection of wine and craft beers on the cards, it’s still the mouthwatering cocktails which steal the show, especially with HappyHour 12pm-6pm.

Check out Level’s Instagram for more creative cocktails.


The menu features all the classics from the Tom Collins to the Margarita, in addition to placing their own twists on the simple mojito, which can be ordered in spiced rum, gin or coconut rum varieties.


Butler Whites

Tucked away slightly from Hull’s city centre, Butler Whites sits on the corner of Humber Street at the marina.

Great place to take the parents (but hopefully they’ll pay!)


Part of Hull’s £156m facelift, Humber Street has been transformed into a vibrant area which anyone could spend the best part of a day exploring.

@butlerwhites Check out the menu here



The SU is the perfect place to fill those gaps between lectures (as is the library, but who are we kidding). With a wallet-friendly selection of drinks on offer, Sanctuary is the ideal bar for any student.



Missed a bar out? Let me know in the comments where your favourite bar is!

Student Vs The City of Culture – A crash course

2017 was one of the best years Hull has seen in a long time. The regeneration of the city centre attracted visitors in their millions, boosting the value of the tourism sector by £40m.

Flashback to last summer, exams were over and I had 1 week left with my housemates. It dawned on us that, we’d barely seen what Hull had to offer. Being final year students, free time was a rarity (we slept…lots). So we planned our crash course in culture. 1 week to fully experience our city.

Here are a few of the things we did.

The Deep

Book Here!

Whoever said aquariums were for kids clearly hasn’t been to The Deep. The interactive rooms showcase the weird and the wonderful.

Ferens Art Gallery

You don’t need a degree in art to appreciate the exhibitions at the Ferens Gallery (including the 2017 Turner Prize!)

The Maritime Museum

Weeping Window – Paul Cummins

Being a history graduate, I got the chance to geek out – it’s safe to say I was entertained for hours.

Humber bridge

The Humber Bridge is the icon of Hull, yet we’d never visited! A walk along the shores of the Humber was an absolute must.

The best part?

The whole tour cost us £11.20 plus £1.50 for a 99 by the bridge (unlike the good old days when 99s were actually 99p)

It’s crazy how much Hull has to offer, and the majority of which is free!

So what are you waiting for?

Tell me your favourite Hull attraction in the comments!

3 Amazing place in Belfast you must see

1.The Giant’s Causeway
The Giant’s Path formed between 6 and 10 million years ago due to the intense crustal movement that caused the volcano to explode. When the hot lava encountered the freezing Atlantic Ocean water, Shaped the polygonal basalt pillars.In Irish legend, the Irish giants stoned a path through Scotland in the sea to plunder the Scottish giants, the Scottish Giants angrily along the road to take revenge. Irish giants dress themselves up as babies, the Scottish Giant met, mistakenly thought that even the Irish Giant even infants are so big, so in a hurry to escape, while walking demolitions, and the rest is today’s Giant’s Road.

@44 Causeway Road, Bushmills, County Antrim, BT57 8SU

2.Titanic Belfast

This museum is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, established in 2012. Beautiful and unique architecture. The museum uses science and technology to provide a very comprehensive introduction to the Titanic from the construction, launch, preparation to departure detailed process, as well as the restoration of the cabin display, and some interactive projects can be experienced.

@Titanic Belfast, Queens Rd, Belfast, County Antrim BT3 9EP, England
3.Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
Known as the world’s No. 3 cable bridge, connecting the main island of Ireland and the island of Carrick-A-Rede. The name of the island is Irish, which means “big boulder,” formed at the same time as the giant embankment. And when you cross the cable bridge, you are just across the 60 million-year crater.

@119a Whitepark Road,Ballintoy,County Antrim,Belfast,BT54 6LS


It’s present day and night.
Determines sorrow and delight.
If you ignore it, it will grow.
To control it, you must know…

What we’re up against.

Mental ill health

Mental health issues are a big problem for students. One in four of us suffer from a mental health problem each year. There are so many complex variations, and so little knowledge about them made publicly accessible, that they are not often discussed.

I want to share with you some observations about mental health that may challenge your perceptions.

Emotions are intermittent

You can feel happy one minute, and sad the next. The truth is, we all operate within a spectrum of positive to negative mental health.


Perhaps, during recent years, you’ve hovered between coping and struggling for a while. Or, perhaps this has happened to a friend of yours. What’s important, is to know that we can help each other make practical changes to our lives to directly impact this. Eat healthy, socialise, ask for help.

If you’ve never encountered a sufferer, then you probably aren’t looking hard enough- perhaps because the real problem with mental ill health is stigma.

Fear of the unknown

Knowing that someone is labelled ‘depressed’ or ‘anxious’ may drastically affect the way you treat them. It may seem easier to avoid them, but making this a habit only feeds the stigma. I ask you, instead, to help me combat the stigma.

Talk to your friends about mental health, let’s normalise the topic and break down the barriers that prevent sufferers from feeling confident enough to ask for help. Let people know that you and I care.

Contact me: @thetomwalsh


Why you should visit Newcastle immediately

Growing up a proud Geordie, when asked where I would recommend visiting in England, I will always suggest Newcastle for many reasons – below are a few of my favourites:

– The rich history
Founded by the Romans in the second century AD, this city has seen many civilizations live in it and all have left their mark. With architecture from the beginning of the century such as Hadrian’s wall to the landmarks from the beginning of the millennia such as the millennium bridge. To travel through Newcastle is to travel through time.

(Photo source:

– The food
Founding the culinary masterpiece that is Greggs – you can safely assume that Geordies know how to cook. From a meat slider from The Hop and Cleaver to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene house, there is a plethora of different cuisines to enjoy during your time in the city. Find the best here.

(Photo source: Hop and Cleaver)

– Football
This is perhaps the most associated with Newcastle is their football culture. With the resources to accommodate over 50,000 fans at a time, St James’ park is the largest football stadium in England and was used as the football venue for the Olympics. Even if you aren’t a football fan, visiting the stadium is an absolute must.

(Photo Source: Chronicle Live)

– The people
Geordies have a strong reputation for being both incredibly friendly and incredibly difficult to understand, so when you visit – as you undoubtedly will – please find attached a guide for speaking geordie.

(Photo Source: Redbubble)

Is there anything else you love about Newcastle? Want to leave any comments about your own favourite city? Leave them below!

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Hull University: A place for you!

It’s coming to that time of the year where you are waiting to hear if we’ve been accepted for an interview for our chosen three universities. It can be a daunting and exciting thought of moving to a different city to study a degree to hopefully achieve your dream job.

As a student who has plucked up the courage to attend my local university, I can give nothing but Hull University praise. The transition from college to university was fairly fluid with the university helping with that. Just by putting a taster week on to familiarise with referencing, writing as an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

There aren’t many people who are aware of help you can receive if you have a learning disability. In fact, sometimes we may feel it is difficult to study but afraid to admit for help. Don’t worry about it! Hull University give students who are attending their first year at the University the chance to complete an online test that determines if you need help.

The university will determine if you need additional help from Student Finance who will assess you for an equipment grant. There are a number of programmes that are available for those who have a learning disability. The popular software used is Dragon a speech dictates software that enables the user to speak from reading a book.

How great does this all sound? Is Hull University one of your choices if not why not?

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