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The secret to get rid of your phone and keep motivated during the exercise

Do you suffer from phone addiction during your sport exercise? Do you check your phone a lot with  curiosity, afterwards you lose your motivation to continue? You answer a call from your friend or text messages and you don’t become ready to take more pressure when you return to exercise?  Is that what’s worrying you?

Already Realizing that you have a phone addiction problem is the first step to getting rid of it. Here are 5 tips for you to get a great workout:

  1. Spend your time with other useful things while you rest:

The dependent person usually suffers from a lot of emptiness and boredom when resting during exercise, so prolonged use of the smartphone negatively affects mental health and increases feelings of frustration and hopelessness, causing the nervous system to have periods of rest that exceed the required duration. The ideal is to keep busy with things that do not exceed the rest period, such as a small discussion with the coach or a colleague to fill the void and pass the time.

2.Use a phone armband during your exercise:

If you want to change a habit you first have to create obstacles that will block you, for example you have to block access to using the phone with simple things like a training armband to get rid of unnecessary uses that make you want to have more, such as social networking sites. Indeed, putting the phone back in the armband after each use is a tiring thing, so you will be lazy to do it and it is an ideal way to get rid of phone addiction. In addition, the cuff is the ideal choice for holding the phone when you exercise with freedom of movement, you need to find a flexible and very comfortable model. The most practical thing is to opt for a armband that does not squeeze too tightly in order to carry out the exercises correctly. It should not be an annoying accessory for you and should also have a sweat-absorbing capacity.

3.The gloves provide complete finger protection:

If you are wondering how to stop this addiction to the phone during your exercise, you must continue to create obstacles to break this bad habit, because getting rid of it starts in the mind before the body, so that you create obstacles, your brain will persuade the body to stop repeating the mistakes. In addition to empowerment, the gloves will also give you a reduction in tiredness, support and help you fight the sweat resulting from your exercise. Moreover, with gloves, it is practically impossible to operate your phone, it is very unpleasant to have to take off your gloves to pick up the phone or consult social networks for nothing. We recommend gloves with full finger protection
4.Keep the selfies until the end of the exercise:

If your addiction to the phone during your exercise is because of the selfies, because you take a lot of pictures and at the end you are not motivated, you shouldn’t blame and judge yourself because all these things seem normal and repeated in our daily life, in order to document happy moments and share them with those we love, to become a group of beautiful memories, but we just recommend that you learn how to take pictures at the end of the exercise and at the end of each exercise, try to give yourself the opportunity to feel the feeling of relaxation, leave everything, relax on the floor and feel the effect of the exercise on your body, and make sure that you only return to this exercise in order to feel this feeling again before you even think about taking a selfie.

5.Desactivate notifications

Application notifications on the smartphone are one of the most important reasons that make you look at your phone’s screen continuously and repeatedly throughout the exercise, which can be classified as addictive phone use, so to get rid of this problem, you need to set or disable all application notifications on your phone. Indeed, if your phone does not ring repeatedly for notifications and updates, it will be easy to ignore it. You can only set an alert for important notifications, such as text messages from your family. The ideal is to distract yourself with anything when playing sports, and in this case meditation exercises are very ideal, whatever sport you do, always try to distract your attention from the pain the exercise causes you, and kill two birds with one stone.

Addiction to the smartphone will not be eliminated between a session or two, but rather requires a bit of patience and will gradually reduce usage, so remember that you need to live your life outside the screen of your smartphone and enjoy the moment of sport, enjoy meeting people with you at the gym, make new friends and accomplish the tasks of the session to the fullest. We recommend that you bring a friend who trains with you, this will ensure that you never give up exercising, it will motivate you and push you to keep going, so we always advise you to choose the right friend, a friend who is a sports fan, to join you and exercise with you, and when we say it’s appropriate, anyone who is full of energy and vitality and loves to spend time with him or her, and in this way you will love to exercise and avoid using the phone at all times out of respect and to spend time with your chosen friend.



Yoga, powerful tool to boost self love and confidence.

As this year continue being the most challenging to all of us, stress and neglecting one self is bound to happen, negative thoughts could creep in to best of us.

With the starting of this beautiful month, my journey towards self love and positivity deepened with introducing yoga practice in my daily schedule. I watched myself evolved to truly loving myself for whom I am and finishing each day with bucket full of optimism.

I begun practicing yoga to discover a direction to higher path, however I found the confidence and love within myself. Through yoga, I have learn control of breath, adaptability, focus and above all acceptance for my body.

When I begin to question myself and my mind leads me to negativity, I now hold myself and pause. Let myself breath and release all the negative and stressful thoughts from head.

 Self care and self love aren’t around fulfilling yourself, its around investing time with yourself and cherishing each miniature of it, so truly practicing yoga is the self care and self love you are showering upon yourself.


I am positive 😊  extended side pose

I am graceful 😃  dancer pose

I am proud 🥲 pigeon pose 

I appreciate myself ✌️  bridge pose


So how exactly yoga can help you increase self love and boast your confidence?

  • Practicing yoga decrease feelings of stress and negative thoughts. Plenty of yoga postures turn on parasympathetic nervous system and foster overall goodness.
  • Yoga is one art that boast the self image and self worth of the practitioner. It helps you building an inner connection more aligned with the body and feelings which makes a person feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin.
  • It improves concentration levels, yoga postures motivate people to focus, also uplifting their confidence.
  • It helps in a better body mind relationship hence promote well being.
  • It helps you grow, enhances your self esteem and definitely reduce stress levels.

Practicing self love could be exceptionally alleviating that requires yield and peace. It’s an engaging act that gives us quality and mettle. Yoga postures for self cherish, consider calming yoga postures combined with control postures.

Some  easy yoga postures for self love –


Dig into self acknowledgment and self adore through the yield of Child posture. As you hold this posture for up to a miniature or longer, rehash the taking after mantra to yourself; “I am enough.” To do this posture, start on your hands and knees. Sink your hips back towards your heels and reach your arms forward. Unwind your paunch onto your thighs and rest your head towards the tangle. Keep length in your spine and unwind your neck. Hold and breathe, feeling yourself sink more profound towards the soil with each breathe out


Get in touch together with your internal Goddess or God with Goddess Posture. This control posture makes a difference to evokes a feeling of quality and certainty. As you hold this posture utilising your breath, rehash the taking after mantra’ “I am solid and worthy”. To come into Goddess, from Mountain posture, step your feet wide manyfeet separated, turning the toes out somewhat towards the external edges of the tangle to about 45 degrees. Twist your knees and come into a wide squat, working to urge the your thighs parallel to the tangle. Keep your knees pointed within the same course as your toes. Hold for a few breaths.

Warrior 2

Find quality and internal peace with Warrior 2. As you hold this posture, rehash the taking after mantra to yourself; “I am commendable of all the adore and delight within the world”. To come into Warrior 2 from Mountain posture, step your feet separated 3 and a half to 5 feet separated. Point your front toes 90-degrees toward the front brief edge of your tangle and your back foot somewhat in almost 45-degrees. Lift your arms up bringing them parallel to your tangle and twist your front knee stacking it over your lower leg or marginally behind it. Hold for a few breaths and switch sides.


Pigeon posture may be a profound hip opener that makes a profound sense of yield within the body. It moreover makes a difference calm the intellect and alleviate the soul. As you hold this posture for up to a miniature or longer on each side, say to yourself with each breathe out, “I acknowledge myself completely as I am”. To do Pigeon posture, from a tabletop position, bring your right foot in and put it down on your tangle behind your right wrist. Alter you’re shin so that it’s comfortable for you. Expand your cleared out leg back on the tangle. Come up onto your fingertips and walk your middle marginally up with the chest lifting and broadening. Stay here or to develop the posture, start to overlap towards the tangle keeping your spine stretched. You’ll select to come onto your lower arms or rest your head on top of a piece. To assist develop, you’ll be able bring your temple down towards the tangle and amplify your arms out before you – together with your palms confronting down.


Savasana is the extreme unwinding posture in yoga. Utilise this time to develop self care and adore for yourself; remaining here for up to 20 minutes or longer. You’ll upgrade your Savasana hone by diminishing the lights, lighting candles, and playing soft encompassing music. You’ll indeed utilise fragrance based treatment to encourage initiate internal peace; Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot, and Sandalwood are extraordinary fundamental oils to utilise for self adore care. To do Savasana, come down onto your back and unwind your arms and legs out comfortably. Permit your palms to tenderly open up towards the sky. Near your eyes and unwind the muscles in your confront. Let your breath be delicate and characteristic as you fair permit yourself to discharge and appreciate the minute. Remind yourself that by giving yourself this time to reset, you’ll be able to provide more of yourself to others. Remain here for as long as you’d like.

check out this website for yoga equipment – https://www.exercise.co.uk/product-range/yoga