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A Guide to Hull – How to Survive Contracts from Student Accommodation.

Most students find it daunting when signing for their first house as they are giving themselves responsibility to achieve their goals, yet it appears that it is a phase all students go through. However, there are mistakes students often make when signing for their first house and that is either they don’t read their contracts properly, or they sign to a house under pressure because of landlord’s scaremongering. Here are some easy steps on how to survive contracts from student accommodation, taken from my own experience.

Always read the contract.

Landlords usually try to apply pressure into signing people up for houses, because they are looking for quick money, but you should make sure that all your bills are covered and the contract is individualised. This can help you save money in the long run when you do build a house.

Keep a copy of the contract with you at all times, including any changes the landlord makes.

This is so that you can hold the landlord accountable for any breaches in the contract, but also communicate any changes you wish to make, such as individualising the contract. Any changes must also be countersigned by the landlord.

Always check the landlord’s credibility with your council.

It is important that you check that the landlord has permission for multiple residency with the council as it is against the law if the council has disapproved them for allowing multiple residency without their authorisation. This could lead to you losing your contracted home

These are some things to keep in mind, always check and remember if you have a bad feeling about any landlord, you must investigate further. Always report to your advice centre if you have any questions or queries.

Guide to the university of Hull

When it comes to the city of Hull,a beautiful and quiet little port city comes to my mind. As for me,there are some reasons why i am felt love with the city of Hull,firstly,i never see the snow before i arrived at the city of Hull,so when it is snow day,i am really glad to see that.secondly,because i came from the international city of the China.compared the Hull with my hometown,i prefer to live at Hull as the lifestyle is really slowly for me to study and enjoy my study time at the Hull,what is more,the people is kindly for me as my English skill is poor at that moment,so the people was very patient for me and try to understand what i said. In most cases,i will choice the Chinese restaurant to eat as in this way i will feel the feeling of home more cordial but it is very sometime i will cook some delicious food for me at my home. There are a lot of shop in the city center such as HM,JD,SIZE, for the customer to purchase stuff. As for me during my leisure time,i will go to playing basketball at the gym to keep my health and make some friends by playing basketball together.i think that making a face-time with my parents is my favorite thing in the Hull,since more students come to study far away from home,it is not easy to go home,so face-time is a good way to contact with their families


(basketball teammates)

Student diary

In the eyes of most people, international students are nothing more than holding a parent’s money to mix a diploma, but without experience they have no say. For me, studying abroad is very difficult. It is strange to come to an environment and language. In this case, it takes much effort to make greater progress. I am very happy to be a part of the basketball team at the Hull sport, some basketball match will be held at the weekend for the members to increase the basketball skill and find out some mistakes from playing.what is more sometimes the club will hold some training courses such as shooting, dribbling, pick-and-roll basketball tactics to ensure that teammates can avoid more turnovers during the game.In addition, in most cases, I will play games with my friends to relax under complete all the homework.I think the students who come to Hull need to know what majors you are more interested in, and whether your professional knowledge can help you get better positions and compensation after you graduate. Because many international students are in a mixed state, in the end they only got one diploma and learned nothing. International students should remember what you want. In your career abroad, I think this should be what international students want to know.


(cooked by myself).                 (Chinese hot pot)


Me and my best roommates

In hull, I Shared a house with two of my classmates. We both had separate bedrooms, kitchen bathrooms and Shared living rooms. Luckily, coincidentally, since all three of us are from the same city in China, we play together easily. We have the same interests and hobbies, and there is no age gap, which is the biggest reason for us to be good friends. Also because we are classmates, we can do common things and have many common topics, such as playing basketball together going to class and going home after school, doing homework and discussing academic issues. When there is no class, we often go shopping and travel, which has greatly enriched our extracurricular life.
The three of us often took turns cooking and doing the dishes. It was all very fair. After dinner, the three of us would get together to play games or Texas hold ’em, which added a lot of fun to our overseas life besides academic study.
Sometimes, three people lived too long, contradictions will happen, I also tried with another roommate conflicts and two days is not each other, because finally settled by a Courier, so all this is not a big problem, as a student, I can really happy in a strange country, having good roommates good friends because they, my students will not feel lonely life here.

My hull life

As an overseas student from China, I have been in the UK for two years and have been a student of the university of hull for two years. in hull, a port city in the east of England.I spent two of the most special and meaningful years of my life.
Although I have only lived in hull for two short years, I feel that I have fallen deeply in love with this city, about the slow pace of life in this small town, the friendly, interesting and polite local residents. When I am not in class, I will choose to go to the park to listen to the songs and walk slowly. Then I will buy some bread to feed the ducks in the park, which is also one of my biggest interests here. If I had to recommend one of the best restaurants in hull, I would say old grey house. It’s opposite the university of hull and it has some of the best steak and onion rings in the UK. Whenever I don’t want to go home to cook after class, I choose to go there to solve my hunger problem

In my spare time after class, I will participate in the basketball club of the school to enrich my life and make many friends from all over the world. Because of this, my campus life has become very wonderful. On weekends, I would go to the casino with a few good friends for fun, just for fun, of course, not to win 1000, 2000 pounds.

Do you want to know the university life?

There are not many postgraduate courses, four or five classes a week. The first month of each semester is easy to study, and there were many free weekends to do other things. So I took part in several interesting activities, such as fencing, archery and skating, which proviede by Union.  Those activities were introduced by my friends. These were sports I have not been exposed to, I am particularly interested in sports that have not tried, and the sense of experience is great. I also met new friends through these activities. There are some differences between the teaching methods in the UK and China. Each semester has group assignments and presentations. These skills are something I have not been exposed to in China, or maybe because of my previous major, these skills are not involved. I feel that this teaching mode can improve personal skills and confidence. In addition to the time outside of school, I usually choose to go shopping in the city center. Although the center of Hull is smaller, it is still satisfactory. If I want to shop, I would choose to go to Manchester City. There are many clothing stores, fast updates, and more food choices. I can choose my favorite Chinese food, because there is no Chinese restaurant in Hull that makes me feel delicious. The library is my favorite place to get it in school. It is available 24 hours a day. I can see people working hard at any time.

My university life with my flatmate

My dormitory is a studio type. Each room has independent equipment and there is no need to share things. My Roommates are all Chinese, which made us have no communication barrier . Since each person has an independent space, we donnot have much opportunity to met each other . The number of times we meet is not like the students who live in the en-suit room, which thay have a lot of changce to meet in the kitchen. I met my roommates for the first time by helping them receive express delivery. I knew their basic information at the first meeting. Although they are younger than me, their personalities are very lively. Such a character is very easy to get along with, and we have no age gap or discomfort when getting along. Although I am not very good at cooking, but I still invited them to my room for dinner, after the dinner, we got to know each other better than before. After that, we would eat toghter, if some cooked. I like to watch Korean dramas with the girl, make nails, go to the spermarket together, and spend the afternoon together. I like to drink with boy, because another girl can not drink, she is allergic to alcohol, and she is the youngest, we will not persuade her to drink. We watch the same movie together, eat sunflower seeds, relax through. Foe me, these two roommates are really suitable for me, meet a good roommates has made my life happier.

5 reasons why your housemates can be your best friends

University life can be challenging when you are an international student. You need to adapt to a new lifestyle, new culture, different food, trying to learn simple things such as cooking, wash laundry, live with other people.

Hence, here are five reasons why your housemates can be your best friends.

  1. Cook meals together

Living with good housemates can make cooking so much fun and is a great way to bond.

  1. You feel less homesick and have friends to hang out with.

It is a challenge and having the right housemates can be a true blessing. Your housemates are the ones that you see almost every day.


  1. Spend good times with interesting people.

In my second year of university, I moved in a house of international students. One of the girls was from Indonesia and I have to say I never thought you can make such good friends with a complete stranger.

  1. You can study and motivate each other.

You might not be studying the same subject/ majors, but it does not imply your housemates cannot be a great study buddy. If you are writing an essay, you can different perspectives on your coursework and proofreading from your housemates.

  1. Looking out for each other

You can split the cost of food, supplies for the house and so much more. You can share moments of joy or have someone to talk to when you’re feeling down.


 My advice is that always be open to meet new people, have new experiences and enjoy university life, while being responsible.  Enjoy every moment and create amazing memories.

How to get designer clothes that are sold out!

In recent years many designers and street wear brands like supreme and BAPE have been releasing clothing in limited amounts to make sure their items are more desirable by customers. Unfortunately, if you want the latest fashion items you now must wake up in time for the early morning releases and hope to buy what you want within a minute or its very likely you’ll miss out. Rubbish I know!

This trend created the issue of people using programmed bots that buy up all the items they can within seconds. So, to make it fairer for the masses, many popular brands run raffles you enter just to get the chance to then buy the item. Even with the new system, the chances are you’ll not get a look in either way.

So how do you get the items you want? Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay resale for them, its usually slightly more, sometimes a lot more. Its not all bad news, because of the new market its made way for sites like StockX and Klekt that facilitate people who did win the items you wanted. They make sure its real, so no chance of fakes! And act as the middlemen to get you the goods you want. What have you missed that you really wanted, and would you sell some of your items now you can see what there resale price is?

travel to iceland

As I said on my student diary, I’m a bored guy or not good at socializing,but I still I have two ways to let me feel live in the world, shower is the first one, cause every time I shower, it feels like I am in a kingdom that only belongs to myself, it takes me to Backtrack every choice I made in a day, then travel is the second way.

I chose to travel to Iceland alone at Christmas, it only needs to take less 3h from Manchester to Keflavik by air.

The first view for me I can see in Iceland is that the end of the world, it covered by snow everywhere, The moment I stood there, thinking about the fairy tales I had read, I thought that this is the home of all their princesses, and where all fairy tales were born.

The second thought occurs in my mind is that this place was all built by nature, we must try everything that we can do to protect it, or in some ways called we should admire the nature, Since modern times, people have sacrificed many environments to develop the economy. This comes at a price. People need to protect the gifts that nature has given us.

The last experience that I can tell is unique of Iceland, trust me if you never been here, only from the pictures can’t image how beautiful and amazing it is, when driving the car along the road, Every turn and intersection has waterfalls or mountains waiting for you to record.

Conclude all experience this time, I will say the world is unimaginable, it has a lot of treasures waiting for us to explore, also we should have a humble heart to deal with nature.