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How to travel on a budget

Who doesn’t love travelling? Seeing new places, trying exotic foods, experiencing different cultures… it all sounds amazing until you realise you are a student and you have zero money. The reality is that expanding your horizons and creating new memories doesn’t have to cost a fortune. To help you get the most out of your future travels, here is a list of some useful tips that will help you save money:

  1. Travel off-peak. ✈️

Most plane tickets are very expensive during holidays, so try to look for tickets during other seasons that are not Christmas, Easter and the summer months. According to a report made by the travel search engine Kayak, you can save up to 57% if you book at the right time. Plus, it will be less crowded.

  1. Look for “secondary” destinations. 🗺📍

More often, we look for holidays in the most popular cities while we ignore other not-so-popular destinations. Next time you are looking to stay in a popular city, try search around the map for towns nearby – they may surprise you! For example, in Spain, Guadalajara is a secondary destination for Madrid.

  1. Ask the locals. 🗣

In every city there is a wide range of free activities to do that, we, as tourist, don’t know about. For this, there are great free apps such as Localeur and Spotted By Locals which provide you with suggestions and tips from locals.

What about you? Do you have any tips and tricks to save money while travelling? Share them in the comments below!

Pictures provided by Pixabay.

The Reality of Budget Travel as a Couple

Being a student is a costly endeavour and you may be wondering how to afford a holiday with a part time job at best. So here’s a list of things we did as a couple to lower costs but keep the adventure.


Start by thinking about flight prices. It may be easier to stick close to home to keep flight costs low.

Look at the differences in the living costs in each country you wish to visit. One way of doing this is using the Big Mac Index, which can be useful!

Keep your time in large cities to a minimum.

Don’t forget about travelling between places. Night trains are perfect as you get accommodation for the night and you sleep through the travelling.


Stick to hostels or Airbnbs. We stayed in hostels in the cities as we wanted to make friends and enjoy the nightlife. We then stayed in Airbnbs for more privacy and relaxation.

Make sure Airbnbs have a small kitchenette or kitchen to cook food yourself.


We learnt the hard way that a kitchen in an airbnb is essential to keeping costs low. (I would not recommend cooking pasta in a kettle…)

Find where your closest supermarket is and stick to a daily budget.

Cheap foods to have in mind; cereal for breakfasts and lunches such as cold meats, cheese, tomatoes and bread.

Don’t forget to treat yourselves sometimes.


Although it can be nice, try to avoid tourist areas for activities.

Hiking and simply spending time on the beach, playing games or cards is free and fun!

How to plan an Asian International Holiday on a budget

Asia is my favourite continent to travel to, so I wanted to create a post to help others visit and see the beauty of this diverse continent. It has quickly become a popular destination in recent years but many people pass on the opportunity to visit this amazing continent as they think “I can’t afford that!”.  This post is a step by step guide I use to travel to Asia on a student budget .

  1. Research

Choose where you want to go:

Decide what type of Asian holiday you want. There are countries in Asia that are known for being very cheap to fly to and to travel in . Finding a destination that is both, won’t be difficult.

Choose when you want to go.

  • Traveling during off-peak times are the best for your budget. Be mindful and check the weather and season before you buy an off-peak ticket.

Create a budget

  • I can’t tell you what budget works best for you but you should decide what is feasible and realistic for you. Check your destination and see the average per day spending  there.

Find Accommodation

  • Most people think that to save money your best bet is a hostel but that isn’t always true. In some countries, hotels can be quite cheap and guesthouses are another viable option. Check those first before you check for a hostel.
  1. Book it.
  2. Enjoy your holiday

I hope this has helped you. Let me know down below where in Asia would you go on your holiday.