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Do you want to have some time off? Are you dreaming of a travel that will please you and your pocket? Here are few ways that will help you to choose your trip that does not cost a fortune.

 There is nothing nicer than time spent away from home. The hot sun that tans our skin. All this doesn’t have to be expensive. Look below to see my methods for budget traveling.


  • First, we need to focus on the time at which we want to start traveling. Any trip outside the season is much better for your pocket.Let’s take Spain and its islands as an example.Even outside the holiday season, the weather is not bad.Spring is perfect to visit if you want to be perfectly warm and wear short sleeves, but autumn won’t disappoint either. As an example, I will show the annual temperature in Murcia, Spain.As you can see in the attached picture, the temperature is favorable not only in the air, but also in the water.

  • If the trip is to be on a budget, we should consider something more than staying in a hotel. A good solution are guesthouses, apartments where you prepare your own meals or hotels where you share rooms. By choosing the option of cooking your own food, you have the opportunity to learn about local products, local markets and save money.


  • To save on attractions and transport, I recommend using public transport or walking, which also gives you a chance to see the atmosphere of the place in more detail and get to know the culture there. Each country has something different to offer. If we want to visit monuments, eat good food or enjoy the view of beautiful architecture, we must do a little price research on the Internet so as not to be surprised at the very end.Take Paris, France, for example.Notre Dame Cathedral and Sacred Heart Basilica are free. At the same time, you can see the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre up close.There are no fees charged from outside.Even though the Notre Dame Cathedral was closed to the public in 2019, we can still enjoy the beauty of its architecture.It is a building built in the 12th century and shows Gothic architecture, which was appreciated by many artists and writers.Even after so many years, she is still admired by many people around the world. When checking their website: we can check when it will open again, its history and many more.


  • Another thing are interesting promotions such as: Last minute or mystery destination holiday.Each offer is based on a short time to departure or a random location. This gives us a cheaper cost and interesting experiences. It may turn out that there are places in the area that you have not visited, or you did not expect them to be at an affordable price, but you would like to see them. In this way, we have a chance to get to know not only other cultures and countries, but also delve deeper into our own culture, available at our fingertips. 


  • Although a large expense comes to mind, this is not the case.The biggest expense in this case is getting to the place, but living there is not as expensive as everywhere else.  Looking at the map below, we can say that food products are much cheaper, so by renting a room in a guesthouse or shared rooms we can visit wonderful landscapes very cheaply. Very warm weather, many different species of plants and animals not seen everyday living in their natural environment. One such animal is Asian giant softshell that can reach more than 3.3 feet .[] And a plant that is not often seen is Asoka Tree that is a symbol of peace in Indian culture and have a really interesting history. [ ] There are free attractions and the opportunity to see it with your own eyes [without training that people serve them and without cages that they are trapped in] and admire it.

  • Another quite risky, but adrenaline-inducing trip is traveling with random people who will give you a ride to the place where they are going. This is risky, because we will never be fully sure whether the people who offer help are safe, or whether we will not come across a crazy person who may turn out to be crazy.As an example, I can give a man from Poland – Dawid Fazowski, who started his adventure this way. He goes from country to country and meets terrifying people and goes to dangerous places, but he is very happy with the opportunity to visit them and can see everything with his own eyes and talk to people who have experienced things that we have never even dreamed of. He presents his experiences on YouTube, X, Instagram, Facebook and has also written books that are available for purchase.In his films, he also shows places that are completely free to visit and have very interesting stories that are worth delving into to feel the power of the past and what it has brought us.


  • If traveling without a specific purpose is not encouraging, there is the possibility of becoming a volunteer, where we can closely observe the culture of the people living there. It is a combination of pleasant and useful. You can choose what you want help with. It may be to help with education or improve health and wellbeing. There are many organizations that deal with this. One of them is INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER HQ. All information is available on their website, where you can check your destination and chose what you want to help with.


There are many opportunities to plan your time not only well, but also cheaply. You don’t have to focus on advertisements and expensive offers we receive. It’s worth doing everything your own way.