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Top 5 Tips to Deal with Stress and Anxiety During Exam Season

Getting stressed around examinations and deadlines is completely normal and sometimes a little stress can be good for productivity. However, there is a limit to how much your body can endure. Here are 5 tips to manage stress and anxiety during exam periods.

  1. Organise your days. Most exam periods you will not have lectures or lessons so keeping a structure is important to help you feel in control. And don’t forget to structure in downtime!
  2. Prioritise each deadline or exam effectively and personally to you. You may need more practise with one exam or one essay may take longer than the others so factor this time in and use it effectively.
  3. Make time for downtime. Listening to a meditation music for a few minutes when you become too stressed or overwhelmed can help you feel better and increase your productivity. 
  4. Get enough sleep! I know it may sound cliché but sleep is when your brain processes the information you have learnt that day. If you don’t sleep enough, learning and recall will become harder.
  5. Don’t revise on the day of the exam. It may be useful to read over condensed notes you have made but you should allow yourself to relax just before you go into an exam. Keeping your head clear will allow you to recall information clearly and efficiently without the overlaying anxiety blurring your memory.

Good Luck!

What the Hull Are You Doing Here?

What are you doing here? This is the question posed whenever a taxi driver, or a Hull local, learn that I am from Barbados. Prior to my arrival, I inquired about what it was like to live in Hull. Interestingly, persons with whom I inquired didn’t have many compliments for the city. However, now I am here, I am enjoying it.
As a student, the cost of living is one of the most satisfying benefits enjoyed in Hull. According to the 2018 NatWest Student Index, Hull is the most affordable city for students in the UK. It ranks 1st in England for rent costs, 1st in terms of night life and 1st in cheapest takeaways. Inter-city travel for students is also affordable especially with the use of the 16-25 Railway Card.
Other impressive features of Hull, though not unique to the city itself, include the efficiency of the transportation system, the friendly customer service, and general interaction with the people. Not only this, but the efficiency of the NHS in Hull is also another feature with which I am satisfied.

If there were to be a down-side to living in Hull, it would be the fluctuating weather and the temperature. In the tropics, temperatures are generally within the 25℃ – 30℃ range, varying between sunshine and rain, but the maximum temperature in Hull varies annually between 7℃ and 21℃, according to the Met Office website. So; what the Hull am I doing here? Having a Hull of a time! 


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Top Tips for Struggling Students

University is a unique experience for all, whether you have gained freedom for the first time, are coming into education after years out, or studying alongside a job- it’s a mixed bag. However, at times it can get really tough, take it from someone who was a third year drop out!

Whether you’re missing friends and family, struggling with money or simply stressing about the workload, there are lots of obstacles to overcome. But not to worry you, can get through it, so chin up and follow a fellow struggler who made it to the other side. Here are my words of wisdom.

1) Believe in yourself- when the self doubt starts to kick in, remember you have earned your place at university, make the most of it- you can do it.

2) Use your support networks- especially your tutors- most of the time they are more than happy to help, drop them an email and arrange a visit, it can really give you the confidence boost you need.

3) Manage your time- it is much easier to cope with a workload if you manage your time effectively and plan ahead.

4) Don’t bottle it up! Your friends and family are there to listen and support you- it’s okay, be honest, if you’re struggling tell somebody!

If you do find you are struggling, the Hull University Union advice centre is a great place to start. You can find them in Student Central, visit their website or contact them on:

Do you have any tips or experiences you would be willing to share? Write in the comment box below!