Top 3 ways to relax when stressed

We all get stressed, there’s no way of avoiding it.

A bit of stress is good, but beyond optimal point it is spells trouble.

So, how to reduce bad stress?

  1. Stop Demanding Perfection of Yourself

When we do something, we usually imagine how the end result will look like, and it is usually a perfect one. We don’t account for errors and mistakes therefore the end state is usually not what we expected it to be.

And that is completely fine!!!

We are just humans and we are doomed to make mistakes, do not dwell on them. Instead learn from them and try to do better next time.

It will never be prefect so stop putting expectations on yourself that you won’t be able to fulfil.

Be realistic!!

  1. Exercise

Ah yes, the enemy of all people, exercise.

I am sure that you heard all the scientific and psychological benefits of exercise.

And I am here to tell you…

… That they are all true!!

So go for a run, pick up some weights, and release all of your tension with exercise!!

  1. Talk it over with a Friend

We usually get stressed because we misunderstand or interpret things in a wrong way.

So the best way to handle that, is to get a different perspective.

A trusted friend can help you, but remember that if the problem is more technical rather than emotional, it’s is best to take into account their capabilities.

Let me know how you deal with stress below 🙂

Top 3 ways to stay motivated

We all face times in our university lives where nothing makes sense, and we just want to give up and quit.

However, we must carry on in order to fulfil our dreams and achieve what we came here to do.

Therefore, I have created a list of top 3 ways that help me stay motivated. I know that some of them may seem bizarre and not as impactful as I will present them to you, but trust me, they will work.

  1. Tidy Your Room

We usually postpone tiding our room as it looks trivial… It will get untidy soon.

However, keeping your room tidy will be the first step in getting a hold of your life.

When you see an untidy room and it disgusts you, you are subconsciously telling yourself that if you can’t handle this, then how can you handle the bigger things?

  1. Create a List of Tasks and Tick Them

We all know our tasks for a day and we don’t write them down because we hope we will remember them. However, without writing them down you cannot see your progress with your eyes.

So, write them down, tick them when you have finished a task, and show yourself that your day is full of accomplishments.

  1. Celebrate all Accomplishments

Small accomplishments seem like nothing when you complete them, but they are as important as bigger accomplishments.

Therefore, when you complete any task reward yourself.

You will start to feel that your effort will allow you to push forward.

Tell me about your ways to stay motivated below 🙂

Top 3 things to do instead of going out

We all enjoy going out with our friends and have fun, usually accompanied by alcohol.

Unfortunately however, our bodies and minds need to take a break from these lucrative activities time to time.


Thus I am providing you, my precious readers, with a list of top 3 things to do instead of going out.

  1. A Venture To Nature

Our minds need a break from our daily lives, the best way to do it is to disconnect from all electrical devices and simply enjoy a long walk to a nice nature rich place.

It will allow you to release your mind from the shackles of technology and release your imagination and allow you to think deeply about anything you like, there will be no constraints on you.

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

We all have always wanted to do this. We have seen it movies, where someone climbs and is afraid to jump down.

 ‘Rock Up’, located in St Stephan’s shopping centre, allows us to actually see and have a feel for it, alone or with friends.

It is great fun and decent exercise!

  1. Escape Rooms

Fight your way through riddles and puzzles in order to free yourselves within a time limit at ‘Escape Hull’.

This activity is basically trying to solve riddles in order to find clues which will eventually allow you to open the doors, behind which freedom awaits.

 ‘Escape Hull’ offers a wide range of types of room you can escape from.

Tell me how you spend your free time below 🙂

Could this spell the end for Snapchat?

We seem obsessed with knowing what our friends are doing all day, every day.  Most of us didn’t go a few hours without checking Snapchat. Procrastination central.


But now Snapchat’s future seems a little uncertain. A recent update gave the user interface a redesign and Snappers weren’t exactly supportive.

All quite reasonable points… 

Then this happened.



Within days, Snapchat’s shares dropped in value by 61%, wiping off an eye-watering $1.3bn in market value.

Okay so they have a lot of angry users, they’re going to change it back right?



Snapchat said they’ll make changes to make the app more user-friendly, but they won’t change it back.

CEO Evan Spiegel responded with ‘It’ll take time for people to adjust’.

Okay, not looking good. But why should they care? Snapchat has millions of daily users.


Well who remembers this fella?

RECAP: YikYak was a social media platform which was super popular amongst students a couple of years ago. Users could post a ‘yak’ and local users would either👍🏻 or 👎🏻 it, ultimately producing a stream of funny yaks.

When YikYak introduced an update where users lost their anonymity, there was a huge level of resistance. The company refused to revert the changes and the app ultimately became a barron wasteland.


Could Snapchat’s failure to listen to their user’s needs result in their demise? Personally, I’ve noticed many of my friends preferring Instagram Stories.

Do you still use Snapchat? Let me know what you think of the update in the comments below!


Sports societies – making the most of your university experience

Social societies and university go hand in hand and is one the best decisions you can possible make whilst spending three years in a new city. All though each society is different and has a different reputation, they all offer a social experience like no other and gives you the opportunity to meet people who otherwise you simply would not.

It is generally considered a positive note if you actively play the sport of which society it is, however there is always a large amount of people who are simply social members and each society welcomes new people with open arms.

  • Committee roles: Each society has captains, social secretaries and even a president. Being a part of the committee not only grants you the opportunity to have responsibility of a large group of people and activities, this puts you in a variety of decision making situations and could benefit you in later life.
  • Socials: Socials are generally every week and consists of the club members gathering together, spending time with each other and generally going on a night out together. This allows you to meet like minded people and gives you a break from the strenuous schedules of university.
  • Staying Active: University lifestyle and staying healthy generally does not coincide together, however signing up to a sports team gives you the chance to train and play week in week out and maintain some level of exercise between all the lectures and socials.

Staying Warm in Cold Weather tips from China

Although already in March, Britain is still as cold as winter.This blog will introduce you three methods from China to keep warm.All of these methods are simple and have no side effects. Why not try it?
1.Eat hot pot

The heat form Hotpot can play a role in the fight against the cold, hot pot fiery also make people warm, hot food makes our stomach is also very comfortable, while the nutrients of foods which in the hot pot will not easily drain, almost All nutrients in the food can be absorbed by the body.
2.Drink ginger red/brown sugar water

Add ginger and brown sugar in the cup, then add hot water, a cup of ginger brown sugar water is done.There are ginger and brown sugar in Chinese medicine have a warm spleen and stomach, cold pain effect. When you drink such a cup of warm water, the stomach is warm, and sometimes the nose tip also slightly sweating, which can help you clear the meridian, remove cold.
take a foot bath with ginger powder

Foot bath with hot water is one of the contents of traditional Chinese medicine foot therapy. This method not only recovers from fatigue and conducive to sleep, can improve local blood circulation, get rid of the cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care.Ginger powder is added because ginger’s unique “gingerol” can make the blood vessels to dilate, blood circulation to speed up. take a foot bath 20-30 minutes before going to sleep every day is the recommended method.

The food hot spots of Hulls student area

Newland Avenue is the most buzzing street around the area of the university and with more and more restaurants opening up, it is vital to highlight what places are worth spending what little of your student loan on.

Level Bar and Grill –

Level Bar and Grill is on Newland Avenue and provides its customers with a relaxed and charming environment. Due to this Bar doubling up as a grill, it supply’s a large array of different drinks, whilst simultaneously offering traditional grilling cuisine that can compete with any restaurant in the area.

Sleepers –

Sleepers has been a staple food hotspot for students to visit on Newland Avenue for over a decade now. Whilst being more of a sit-down restaurant, the food it offers is top notch and one of the most affordable restaurants in the area. Due to it not transitioning to a bar at night, Sleepers has really focused to ensure that the food and the ambiance it offers, can really set it apart from its competition.

Dirty Bird –

Dirty Bird is unlike many other food hot spots in the area, all though you can eat in, Dirty Bird is a niche and upscale chicken shop that produces a variety of quality products that the general takeaway simply does not. The average student would often prefer to eat out as much as possible and Dirty Bird offers a high standard of food that is fresh and of immensely good value.


How to stay safe when out in Hull

When Hull was announced as the UK’s City of Culture for 2017; it attracted flocks of attention from students and tourists intrigued to see what hull truly had to offer. The harsh reality however is that Hull still retains a crime rate higher than the majority of areas consisting of similar size; and walking alone at night time in certain areas can be anything but a walk in the park.

Have a buddy system – Walking back home from a nightclub alone might seem like a good idea when you’ve lost your friends and are short on money but you never know who is lurking on the side streets. Always pair up with a friend if you have to walk back from a night out, but if this isn’t possible simply letting someone know when you are going somewhere different can ensure more safety.

Always carry student card – Many students don’t know this but if you ever run out of money and need a lift home the majority of taxi drivers in Hull will be happy to accept your student card as leverage until you can afford to pay them.

Dress and behave appropriately – It might seem attractive to dress flashy or talk arrogant; but you don’t just attract partners, you attract trouble. Please don’t jeopardise your health in exchange for some attention; not everyone has experienced privilege and if they don’t respect how you got it they will have no guilt taking it away.

Stay safe!



“Gods own Country” – A guide to Yorkshires sites to see

Yorkshire has been proclaimed to be “Gods own Country” (generally by the people who reside there), however we will now showcase what can make this county so memorable for all those who visit.

Temple Newsam –

This Tudor-Jacobean mansion has been on the land since the 12th century and due to careful restoration, is known as one of the greatest country houses in England. Whether you wish to explore the mansion itself, walk across the vast yet beautiful land or even visit the farms, showcasing a variety of animals, it offers an experience that you generally cannot experience anywhere else in the country.





Flamborough Head –

Flamborough is about as good as British seaside can be, with white cliffs that stretch for miles and beautiful hidden beaches, this little gem on the edge of Yorkshire really demonstrates how mesmerizing the sights of Northern England can be. Whether you want to go hiking, canoeing or simply exploring the vast regions, Flamborough gives you plenty to do and has no financial burden.


 Yorkshire Dales National Park –

This national park is one of the last remaining stretches of lands that truly encapsulates the beauty this country has to offer. The Yorkshire dales encompasses valleys, small villages and waterfalls, this region boasts the greatest natural sites England has  and simply exploring such an area will take you over a couple of days, providing visitors with a trip unlike any other.







It really works! A Mobile App for Alzheimer’s Patients

Have you ever experienced to talk with alzheimer’s patients?

If not, you should try once and will intuitively know the difficulties these patients face in their daily lifebecause of the memory loss.

As the disease progresses, these patients start to forget things and can hardly recognize people around them, even their child.

It is not the worst, this illness will gradually cause them to lose track of time and control their bodies and even the daily activities. Family members can only set up visial aids to reminder them something important, such as phone number, date, medication information and so on.

Emma Yang, a 14 years old little girl, faced the same problem happened in her gradma and kept finding ways to help her, but there were no useful tools in society will improve this kind of patients’ daily life.

Thus, she took the challenge into consideration.  Then she started learning how to code in Swift, and Timeless appeared at that time.

Timeless is a first of its kind, simple, caregiver assisted, easy-to-use mobile app for Alzheimer’s and dementia that helps them remember events, stay connected and engaged with friends and family, and recognize loved ones using artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology (Aims from Timeless Facebook).

Patients can use touch ID or face ID to log in the apps rather than the passwards.

What’s more!

Timeless is seeking the fundarising support, the funding needs and development plan are put below.

Your every support will improve patients’ daily life! Thank You!



Life Without Memory

The First App for Alzheimer’s Patients — Made by a 12-Year-Old






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