Guide to the university of Hull

When it comes to the city of Hull,a beautiful and quiet little port city comes to my mind. As for me,there are some reasons why i am felt love with the city of Hull,firstly,i never see the snow before i arrived at the city of Hull,so when it is snow day,i am really glad to see that.secondly,because i came from the international city of the China.compared the Hull with my hometown,i prefer to live at Hull as the lifestyle is really slowly for me to study and enjoy my study time at the Hull,what is more,the people is kindly for me as my English skill is poor at that moment,so the people was very patient for me and try to understand what i said. In most cases,i will choice the Chinese restaurant to eat as in this way i will feel the feeling of home more cordial but it is very sometime i will cook some delicious food for me at my home. There are a lot of shop in the city center such as HM,JD,SIZE, for the customer to purchase stuff. As for me during my leisure time,i will go to playing basketball at the gym to keep my health and make some friends by playing basketball together.i think that making a face-time with my parents is my favorite thing in the Hull,since more students come to study far away from home,it is not easy to go home,so face-time is a good way to contact with their families


(basketball teammates)

Student diary

In the eyes of most people, international students are nothing more than holding a parent’s money to mix a diploma, but without experience they have no say. For me, studying abroad is very difficult. It is strange to come to an environment and language. In this case, it takes much effort to make greater progress. I am very happy to be a part of the basketball team at the Hull sport, some basketball match will be held at the weekend for the members to increase the basketball skill and find out some mistakes from playing.what is more sometimes the club will hold some training courses such as shooting, dribbling, pick-and-roll basketball tactics to ensure that teammates can avoid more turnovers during the game.In addition, in most cases, I will play games with my friends to relax under complete all the homework.I think the students who come to Hull need to know what majors you are more interested in, and whether your professional knowledge can help you get better positions and compensation after you graduate. Because many international students are in a mixed state, in the end they only got one diploma and learned nothing. International students should remember what you want. In your career abroad, I think this should be what international students want to know.


(cooked by myself).                 (Chinese hot pot)


A day in December

This is a student diary about studying in the library in December. I decided to share the beauty of the whole day with everyone.

In the beginning, I arrived at the school gate, so I saw this amazing Christmas tree. It’s quite festive.

Then I walked into the library and the library was also very Christmas-like. This Christmas tree is very creative.

The great mood of the day starts with the nice weather. These two photos were taken from the seventh floor of the library.

The whole day of study is a bit exhausting, and it is already 5:30 in the afternoon. The university in the evening is beautiful and quiet, and the library is still bright for those who continue to study. I want to leave university because it’s time to party. The other day I will continue to finish my essay here.

Forget Hollywood, welcome to HULLYWOOD!

From vibrant bars to cheap cinemas, and infamous Monday nights to hidden gems. Hull has an  incredible range of hotspots for any student to explore. 

During my last three years here at University,  even now, Im still amazed as to how much goes on in the 2017 city of culture. Within a week of moving in I’d already realised that nightlife here by the Humber was quite different to my home county in rural Bedfordshire. The bars in the ‘Old Town’ and along Newland Avenue like the ‘Hangout Bar’ and ‘Roots’ offer a sophisticated evening for people wanting to ‘grab some grub’ and perhaps even enjoy a cocktail or two.

Also, word soon spread about the infamous Monday nights in the Piper club. It sometimes seems like the entire student population descends upon the club at 11pm every Monday.

Whereas, for those not interested in £1 shots and £2 pints, Hull has an array of cheap cinema’s located all around the city for students to sit back and relax, £5 or less for an evening of entertainment… What more could a student want? How about a hidden gem, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city which is arguably the best way to enjoy the wildlife during your time in Hull? Well, That would be the nature trails at the Humber Bridge Country Park.



So there you have it. Hull is truly an extraordinary place, but don’t take my word for it…  come and see for yourself!