Struggling With That New Concept ?

Sometimes our knowledge can be little rusty around the edges and need some polishing from time to time.

Luckily for you there is Khans Academy.

The online based platform offers practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalised dashboard to helps individuals study at their own pace outside of class. This empowering platform offers practice exercises from statistics and probability to arts and history.

Endorsed by everyone from Bill Gates to Tate.

                “The best teacher is very interactive”- Bill Gates.

Don’t worry it’s not just a bunch of information being throw at you and you are left with scratching your head.

The state of the art learning programme guides you and even offers insights into  your strengths and areas you can improve on. They have gone as far as partnering with NASA, MIT and The California Academy of Sciences to offer specialized content.

Stanford often cited as one of the world’s most prestigious universities conducted a survey and it stated that 65% of their students found Khans Academy meaningful to their education.

So, you must be thinking this must come at a price nothing is free?

Well you’re in luck again.

The none profit organisation with its humble beginnings from one man tutoring his cousin to a huge organisation with over 150 individuals. Composed of developers, strategists and scientists are committed on providing free classes to the world for absolutely free.

So, what are you waiting for?

 Go absorb all the information like a sponge


Five Tips for Mobile Photography

It’s more convenient for people to pick up a phone to take a photo rather than using professional camera in our daily life, but if you want to produce some great pictures and gain more LIKEs on social media, here are 5 essential skills you need to know.

  1. Use the rule of central & the rule of third.

    A good composition can make photo to be eye-catching. To put subject in the central of the screen can grab people’s attention.

    The rule of third is another useful composition skill in photography. Using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines to divide up the image, then position the subject in the points where lines meet or along lines.

  2. Do conversion to black and white

    Shoot in colour, do conversion to black and white later. Then you will receive another different meaning.

  3. Hold your phone steadily

    To avoid taking blurry photos, sometimes you should use two hands to hold the phone or you can also put it on solid surface to keep it steady. Of course, you could also use a tripod.

  4. Set the focus is most important

    It is very important to ensure that you subject is in focus. Using your finger to tap the screen where the subject is in the frame. Sometimes, you can also use some apps to edit the photo if you are not happy with photos, like AfterFocus, can blur the background.

  5. Practice makes perfect

    You can’t expect just take one shot and gain the best picture, try to take photos from various angles and distances, and keep practicing.

    If you want to learn more photography skills, you can also visit

    All pictures photographed and produced by Jin