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The importance of yoga

In today’s society, yoga has become one of the most convenient and effective fitness exercises. When you practice yoga, your body, movement, mind, and breathing are connected to each other, which creates a sense of balance, relaxation, and harmony. Yoga practitioners can even use their own bodies to purify their minds. Through this thorough physical and mental training, every cell of the body and soul is awakened, and this is the wonder of yoga.

We also know that most people like some easy and effective exercise to help them stay healthy, why not try yoga?

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Yogic postures

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga equipment

Yogic postures

There are many, many, yoga posture have difficulty have simple posture, yoga can help you to increase your strength, but the most difficult is always maintain the yoga pose for a long time, there are three kinds of typical yoga pose for your reference, which are much harder than it looks, if feel too difficult please try some beginners yoga pose. But first, be sure to use some yoga equipment to protect yourself, such as a yoga mat.


First, bend your left knee and hook your foot back. Then grab the instep back from the outside with your left hand, put your left foot behind you, and roll your shoulders. Finally, put your elbows up, open your chest, and tilt your head back naturally.

Sit for Angle

This is going to be an easy move. First, stretch your thigh muscles by extending the lines of your legs 180 degrees while sitting. Then support the ground with your hands and lean forward naturally. What’s even more interesting is that you can do this on a yoga mat while looking at your phone


The tree type

Raise your hands sideways over your head, put your hands together, relax your shoulders, and look straight ahead. Then bend your right knee, open your right knee to the right, and place your right foot on top of your left inner thigh with your toe pointing directly down.

Benefits of Yoga:

The biggest difference between yoga and other fitness activities is that yoga has both physiological and psychological factors. The common limb stretch that we know about is only external. Yoga poses not only build muscles, improve the body’s perception and flexibility, but also create inner awareness and stabilize the mind. While general sports emphasize only the accuracy of external

movements, yoga calls for a deeper sense of perception while focusing on accuracy to bring about an overall balance of body and mind. Therefore, the benefits of yoga are self-evident.



Yoga can help us become younger

We often can not guess the age of the yoga teacher, because the practice of yoga, through the body, breathing with, promote cell delay aging, ruddy complexion. Yoga practice in the twist, squeeze, stretch, pull posture, can smooth the whole body meridians Qi and blood, activate the viscera function, yoga to reduce facial wrinkles, produce a natural “pull” effect. This is mainly due to the handstand. In our normal upright position, gravity pulls our muscles down. Over time, the facial muscles break down. By standing on our heads for a few minutes each day, we can reverse the effects of gravity as a rejuvenating force that keeps facial muscles from sagging, reduces wrinkles and flattens the skin naturally.

Yoga can promote us to sleep

What we don’t know is that yoga also improves sleep quality. The practice of yoga can reduce stress, heal and release the body, make one feel better and increase self-confidence. Regular yoga practice can help calm the body and mind, boost the immune system, and flush out the toxins caused by stress. There are many yoga practitioners who believe that yoga is the perfect cure after a hard¬† day of study or work. Yoga can eliminate fatigue, make people maintain a comfortable and quiet state, fully enjoy life, thus significantly improve the quality of sleep.

Regular practice of yoga can alleviate the shoulder neck, lumbar discomfort and other sub-health problems


In the fast-paced work and busy study of modern society, doing more yoga exercises can speed up the heartbeat and oxygen-rich blood circulation, thus strengthening our blood circulation. Almost all yoga classes make you sweat, practice deep breathing and improve circulation, and massage and stimulate the excretory organs through twisting and bending postures. It is also important to note that regular yoga practice has a great detoxification effect. The classic postures of yoga are body movements that have been developed through thousands of years of practice. They strengthen and stretch the connective tissues of the body. Whether your body is soft or stiff, weak or strong, yoga can improve your body and mind to some extent, as well as improve your physical health.


Yoga equipment


Yoga is probably the most cost-effective exercise because all you need is a perfect yoga mat, Because we want to know the role of the yoga mat is not only used to prevent slippery, it also played a protective effect, when you are making some knees moves, if mat is too thin, the knee will be very strong and the squeezing pressure on the ground, such as tiger, we are doing only one hand and a leg, the other will lift balance, if we are doing this thing, not a yoga mat, that leads to his injured case, for we have a great harm to the health of human body, so do yoga for a yoga mat is very important. In today’s market, there are a lot of poor quality yoga MATS on sale. It’s better to consider buying a good quality yoga mat from us.


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