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Tai chi is a health-promoting exercise with slow, graceful, continuous movements. In July 2002, the Time, a weekly magazine of the United States, compared the ancient Chinese tai chi to the perfect exercise. It is an aerobic health exercise with more than 150 million practitioners in the world.





There is good evidence that tai chi will help people to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility. Meanwhile, tai chi allows you to increase the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen and detoxify. Despite this, however, it is the best way to relieve stress and boost immunity during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Tai chi can be done at any age if you do it in the right way. It is acceptable to start at the age of 10 or 20. It’s never too late for the people aged 55 and over. Tai chi is suitable for anyone of any age.




What’s really important is the need for right dress equipment, which will hugely help your tai chi journey, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

Dress then in any right sort of clothing for tai chi – something loose and comfortable that you can move around in. Of course, you can create the tai chi look with the shirt and trousers showed in the picture above.

Pair with the flat soft shoes. Thick soled shoes should be avoided.




Increase the alertness of the nervous system

There is some evidence that gradually practicing tai chi adjusts the central nervous system to a certain extent. It will really help to increase your brain health, stretch and strength various parts of your body.


Improve cardiopulmonary function

Some research suggests that tai chi can make the abdominal muscles and abdominal mucosa interact to increase the air permeability in the body, and accelerate the blood flow in the abdomen to achieve the regular changes in abdominal pressure. By practicing tai chi regularly, you will gradually keep your heart healthy and blood pressure regulated.

Promote the flexibility of the body

The gentle tai chi exercise can effectively stretch out your back, get your blood circulating and increase your body strength. The more that you can exercise properly, the more ankles and knees health you’ll retain which play a huge part in protecting your joints from the damage.





Outside of the physical benefits, it’s also important to remember a number of mental benefits.

With depression becoming more common, tai chi can be an incredible way for you to fight you own boredom or depression.

Like any low-intensity exercise, you just practice it regularly and make sure you do it right. This will help you to keep your body healthy and running as normal, as well as truly allow yourself to relax.




Here is the basics of tai chi from an instructor to make sure your style is correct, effective and won’t cause injury. It’s a good idea to get advice from your GP before you start tai chi if you have a medical condition or any health concerns.

The https://www.taichiunion.com is a great place where you can find tai chi classes in your area.


Keep your feet shoulder-width apart naturally

Stand with your feet parallel and your knees slightly bent

The calf should be basically perpendicular to the ground


When leveling your hands, straighten your palms naturally, and your fingertips should not be higher than your eyes.

When pushing the hand according to the curve, you should always adjust your center of gravity and keep it stable.

Don’t bend your knees too much. When moving left and right, don’t concentrate all your strength on the front legs.



Calm down and relax

When practicing Tai Chi, you should centre your mind and keep yourself calm down.  At the same time, tai chi is characterized by its graceful movements that are gentle on the joints and muscles.

Round and coherent

Tai chi is a kind of systemic exercise. Firstly,”Coherence” refers to multiple aspects. the continuity of the limbs, which is based on the waist. Secondly,in the process of movement conversion, the lower limbs are belted around the hips, hips around the knees, and knees around the feet, upper limbs are backed with a belt, shoulders with slings, shoulders with elbows, and hands with elbows. Finally, the connection between actions, there is no break or pause between each action.

Natural breathing and calm movements

Done Correctly, the tai chi poses flow smoothly from one to another. First of all, we must pay attention to the proper transformation of the virtual and the reality. There is no instability in the various parts of the body during the movement. As well as becoming stronger, the legs that mainly support the weight of the lower limbs are solid, and the auxiliary support or movement and step change are virtual; Finally, the arms that reflect the main content of the movement are the real upper limbs, and the auxiliary arms are virtual.

Uniform speed

Beginners in tai chi adopt the deep breathing method. The essence of Tai Chi is to inhale and withdraw breath, making the movements natural and flexible without any sense of pressure.

Proper exercise

Tai chi requires slowness when it changes from one posture to another and the center of gravity transfers from one leg to the other, and it takes a long time. This greatly increases the load on the lower limbs. Therefore, beginners will often feel sore legs after practice.


Practice for a long time

The duration of each exercise, and the amount of exercise should be determined according to the work and study situation and your own physical fitness. The elderly and the infirm should adjust the amount of exercise appropriately according to their physical conditions. Please make sure your style is correct, effective and won’t cause injury. Enjoy !