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Toning can be elucidated as an effective exercise regime in building the musculature of the body. Toning the body is implicated as enhancing “leanness” in the body along with having a defining shape to the body. There are various advantages of toning such as decreased incidence of diseases with enriched mental health. For getting a toned body exercise regime involving lunges, push-ups and squats is necessary. Along with this deltoid raise and sit-ups also aid in developing a toned body. If you want to get firm and toned body these exercises are something that you cannot do without. Come one let us give you a sneak-peak into the exercises that can give you a toned body with defined lines and shape that can make other go jealous


Now let us come to the first and primary exercise in toning, which are squats. Squats cause workout of the lower position of the body and use every leg muscle in the process. This eliminates fat from the legs and calf muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps thus giving you toned legs.  For getting ideal toned legs 3-5 sets of squats is necessary each set having at least 8-12 reps. This regime needs to be followed for 2-3 times a week which will be enough to ensure that you get a strong, defined and toned legs. However on a personal opinion we would like to suggest that a fusion of squats with lunges is much more effective. For getting a toned body it is essential that the lower body muscles are properly worked. A regime of 10-12 lunges per leg thrice per week is recommended along with squats to get envious toned legs.


Now let us come to the upper body part. For getting a toned upper body push-ups is an essential exercise. Daily push-ups help in toning the arms and the abdomen region. It increases strength in the core of the body. For toned upper body 3 times 12 reps per day are needed. The stabilization of the core due to push-ups even makes you healthy internally which will be reflected throughout your body. Another most promising exercise that we can suggest you is deltoid raise. This exercise leads to working out of the shoulder and hand muscles which in turn renders you with beautifully toned shoulders that is worth showing off.


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