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Fitness Accessories to Complement Your Daily Activities

Every day if we notice our daily activities, some of us may barely going for workout sessions to keep ourselves healthy. We can do the exercises every week, but there is some solution for those who think that is not enough.

Daily activity can be different for anyone, even at lockdown terms. We could choose to go out for some fresh air or stay at home, but for those who are often going to the gym for exercise, this can be a problem.

On the weekend, we have more leisure than on weekdays. The picture below gives us a sample of how a lot of people are conducting exercises on Car Free Day during the weekend.

Workout on Weekend
People exercises at Car Free Day

To keep ourselves healthy, we do not need to go on fitness every day, but we can wear some accessories to keep ourselves trained at all times. Though it may look weird at the office, at least it can compensate for our daily training.

Some accessories are designed to complement our training, but only a few accessories are suitable for daily life. To break it down, two accessories are best to fit in your daily life.

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights is a fitness accessory that allows us to build up some muscles on our legs. When we try it for the first time, we will feel like the walk we normally used to handle at a normal pace becomes heavier than before.

You can pair it with Arm / Wrist Weights, practically if you want to train multiple sections of muscles at once (From Legs to Arms). But we have to take note that the challenges will be doubled when doing it.

A good reference is from Hajime No Ippo, where Sendo trains his legs gradually by adding weight as soon as he gets used to the Ankle Weights training. At first, he got tired by just walking around, but he gradually increases the weight on the ankle weights once he gets used to it.

Sendo advises for Ankle Weights – Hajime No Ippo Chapter 246

As Sendo’s statement, it is better to do this exercise regularly and gradually increase the weight. We may not see the result of the training until we can feel the difference between equipping ankle weights initially and once we add more weights.


Ankle Weights is best used to do daily activities since it was others may not notice it when you wear it, and the length of your pants, such as jeans, was enough to cover it.

Nordic Lifting publishes the recommendations about using Ankle Weights, but the writer wants to expand it further, so we can wear it once we understand how it works.

Anyone can wear it during their daily activities, regardless of where we are. The writer’s advice is to maintain safety when using it, especially if you are doing some important things such as driving. If the legs become too tired to handle, you need some rest and took off the weight to ease it down.

Arm / Wrist Weights

Arm / Wrist Weight
Arm / Wrist Weight

Arm Weights is a fitness accessory suited for any user that wants to train their arm strength, such as biceps and triceps. Unlike the Ankle Weights, the Arm / Wrist Weights are exposed, practically if we did not wear the long sleeve suit.

We can wear it anywhere they like, and Arm / Wrist Weights can be paired with Ankle Weights. However, we must be careful since there are many Arm and Wrist Weights types, and each of them has a different weight distribution. Arm Weights can cover your hand to the wrist, while Wrist Weights focuses on your wrist.


Arm / Wrist Weights are best used if you want to train when doing some job that makes them unable to do an exercise that can train your muscles. Since leg muscles are easier to train than arm muscles, it is best to gradually train your arm.

To make sure you can pick any brand that can suit your taste, it is best to wear arm weights that weigh up to 2 lb or 1kg instead of above it. That’s because our arm is more vulnerable to tiredness than the legs, practically due to gravity as a prime example. While we can take a rest or sit down, use this chance to take off the Arm / Wrist Weight to loosen up some muscles and relax.

Recommended Brand

Some of the products, such as Exercise Fitness, provides an accessory that can help you to train their arms and legs. You can find the exercise Fitness website here:

While some opt to pick a fixed weight, the writer recommends a weight that can increase or decrease according to user needs. Sendo from Hajime No Ippo already gives an example about adding weight gradually, as it will give us the difference between wearing the ankle weights and not wearing them in the long-term.

Getting flexible Arm / Wrist Weights and Ankle Weights can be beneficial in the long-term training instead of the fixed weight. We may also ask the store whether they sell the equipment to adjust the weight they feel fit when they want to. Another thing to notice is the price itself, which can be more worth than what we can expect.

Another is to get an accessory that can fit both the Wrist and Ankle, although it will be difficult to acquire due to equipment complexity. The size of your wrist and ankle could be different.

Why the writer pick these two accessories? That’s because these two are the best accessories suited for our daily life. The benefit is we can go mobile with these weights equipped as we can just travel with these accessories equipped. The con side is if we took it off somewhere, we may realize that we lost something when we get back home.

Furthermore, if you don’t like going to the gym, these two fitness accessories can help compensate for your training.

Long sedentary office workers how to effectively lose weight

When I first came to the UK to study, due to long hours of study, I had to sit all the time except for bedtime. I sit most of the time. Sitting and going out made me gain weight quickly. Due to long-term sedentary exercise and irregular take-out food, sedentary working people are prone to obesity, especially those who are not used to work at the beginning of 18-24. The term weight loss has become a long-term issue that people have been discussing. Weight loss is a behavior aimed at reducing excess body fat and weight.

You will find information in this article

  • The dangers of sedentary
  • Effective ways to lose weight for workers (exercise)
  • Effective ways to lose weight for workers (diet)


The dangers of sedentary

Nowadays, a fast-paced society and high work pressure have caused many people to be physically and mentally exhausted and suffer from metabolic disorders. Coupled with high-energy, unbalanced fast food, takeaway, milk tea and beverages, the working population will inevitably gain weight. Due to busy work, people have no extra time to exercise. They eat after touching things on hand, and sit and lie down after eating. Lack of exercise can cause body fat to accumulate over time. Causes the appearance of obesity. Many people are used to sitting down all day in the life. This bad habit will increase the risk of obesity. This is because sitting for a long time will slow down blood circulation, metabolism will also slow down, and the food eaten is not completely consumed. Instead, it will be stored in the body in the form of fat, leading to obesity. At this time, we need to solve the problem of how the working population lose weight.

If the worker controls sitting, due to long-term immobility and lack of exercise, the muscle strength of the lower limbs will be weakened, which will easily lead to slight accumulation. If the diet is not properly controlled, it will accumulate in disguise occasionally and easily lead to obesity. Obesity can indirectly lead to diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other diseases.

Effective ways to lose weight for workers (exercise)

1. Long-term sitting for appropriate activities
If people who sit for a long time want to lose weight, they should improve by sitting for a long time. You can also do some exercise in the office. People have many opportunities to stand up and walk around during work breaks. For example, photocopying materials, meetings, going to the bathroom, and other opportunities to stand up and move around. When going up and downstairs, if time permits, please choose the stairs instead of elevators as much as possible.

2. Do some small exercises secretly
You can do many small exercises while sitting, such as secretly tightening the front. Tighten the front, then hold for 5 seconds, then relax, and then pull the hips. In this way, you can sit on a stool and raise your legs. Sit upright, raise your legs parallel to the ground, hold for 10 seconds, and then lower. Doing ten sets once a day is good for firming your legs.

3. Keep doing exercise after getting off work
Office workers lack computer exercise for a long time, which is not good for their health and tends to gain weight. The best way is to take a break to get off work or do more exercise. Exercise is one of the most important ways to lose weight. You can choose to ride a bicycle or walk. Drive or take public transportation. At the same time, doing housework is a good exercise that can help you burn calories.

4. Exercise at home
Workers are usually very busy. This is a good choice for us to exercise at home. Go to the gym to waste time driving, wait in line to use the equipment and pay expensive membership fees. Exercise.co.uk provides an APP for exercise at home. You can combine the APP to exercise for an hour at home, and can provide a personalized plan that best suits you until you reach your fitness goals such as weight loss and body shaping.


Effective ways to lose weight for workers (diet)

1. Try to stand for half an hour after dinner
Office workers often have lunch in the cafeteria or takeaway because of the tight noontime, and sitting after a meal can lead to fatter buttocks and buttocks. So no matter how tight the time, try to stand for half an hour after eating, effectively avoiding the appearance of fat in their waist and abdomen.

2. Drink plenty of water
A very important way to improve people’s metabolism is to drink plenty of water. Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is very helpful for weight loss. In addition, when you are particularly hungry or want to eat snacks, you can also drink a glass of warm water, which can effectively reduce your appetite.

3. Healthy and reasonable eating habits
During exercise and weight loss, if you do not pay attention to your diet, it will be difficult to lose weight successfully. Whether your goal is to lose weight or stay in shape, a healthy diet is an important part of it. Intermittent fasting is a typical disruption of the diet (e.g. eating only a little fruit for dinner), which can lead to malnutrition. Blind dieting will reduce the body’s basal metabolic rate. After returning to a normal diet, the weight rebounded immediately, even heavier than before the diet. Repeated dieting can easily lead to overeating. The diet should follow the pattern of less oil, less salt and less sugar. During the weight-loss period, you must eat breakfast. A high-calorie breakfast will not affect your weight loss. If you do not eat breakfast, you will not be able to replenish energy in time. The human body will feel fatigued and affect work efficiency; skipping breakfast will increase hunger, which may make you eat more at noon, and even tend to eat some greasy food to satisfy hunger, which is not conducive to weight loss.


If you want to learn more about weight loss, please click on the link below:







Exercise and diet should follow reasonableness. Please avoid excessive exercise and dieting behaviour. If you feel any abnormal symptoms, immediately stop exercising and overeating to lose weight, and seek medical attention immediately.

4 Tips to Fitness With Less Exercise; Always And Forever!

Wondering how to reach fitness with less exercise whilst staying healthy and young always and forever? Then keep reading, because this blog has got you covered. But before we start slicing the cake, have you ever heard the saying prevention is better than cure? I bet you have. Keeping that in mind and as a Generation Z /millennial member, one of the smartest gifts you could give yourself is to personalize this saying in terms of your health and nurture your God-given healthy skin and body into your desired form and shape by practising the 4 tips below

4 Tips to Fitness With Less Exercise; Always & Forever!

1. Have a Life

Yes, it’s that simple; have a life. Life is too stressful to be serious at all times. So, whether you are a student or a worker, ensure you live a balanced life. How is this possible? Pick one or two healthy activities which are of interest to you and practice them at least once a week. In my case, I chose to dance Kizomba once every Thursday for about 3 hours in heels. By so doing, I ended up burning my calories, obtained a toned body and improved my body fitness. This obviously doesn’t require much exercise in comparison to other alternatives. In effect, I achieved an enviably toned body, mastered the art of walking and dancing in heels and overall, obtained improved mental wellbeing. The trick, however, is to begin practising this strategy whilst you are young and fresh.

2. Have a Workout Plan

Identify areas of your body which you would love to tone and then create a mild workout plan around them to undertake twice a week. Since our end goal is to remain healthy and fresh forever, It is advisable to get one or two workout equipment in your household as an alternative to the public gym. This will ensure you have 24/7 access to them in the face of any unforeseen circumstance in the future.

Workout Plan

3. Be Conscious About Your Diet & Eating Habits

Pay attention to everything you consume daily: you can’t afford to be passive about this. Thus, control your nutrients intake. Especially, in this 21st century where myriad information exists regarding nutrition and how to go about it.  Click here in case you aren’t sure where to start. You also might want to eat slowly by chewing all your meals thoroughly to expedite digestion as this process begins with the saliva in your mouth. Drinking more water also helps in keeping your body & skin healthy as it keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxic materials from your body. A rule of thumb is to drink eight glasses of water a day.


4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is so vital to the body and your health such that, you cannot underperform it. Your brain depends on it to function properly and what I love most about sleeping is that it involves zero exercises, yet it helps your body and wellbeing in tremendous ways. Medical experts have posited an average of 6 to 10 hours.

Tips to Fitness With Less Exercise

Okay, there you have it. Your comments are welcomed.

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