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Which Dieting method is for me?

Dieting. What is the best?

If you are here it is probably because you have tried dieting in the past and for some reason it has not worked for you. So here I will post about two different less commonly known diets and how each one works with details of the pros and cons of each to give you a more educated view on your next potential diet. Mainly this is because we all know that not everyone is the same, people have different tastes, different lifestyles and therefore not everyone’s diet will also be the same.

Atkins Diet.

The first diet is one which not everyone may have heard of but it is called the Atkins nutritional diet.  This diet focuses on the body’s insulin levels by trying to restrict the amount of carbohydrates entering the body.  With most people when the body takes in carbohydrates the bodies insulin levels increase and from this the amount of energy that is stored also increases. Therefore, by restricting the amount of carbs you take in this enables the body to not store excess energy which allows you to eat more foods containing protein and fats.


By this diet only restricting one food group ( carbs) this allows you to eat all the other types of foods which are usually restricted in most diets such as cheese, meat and other high fat foods. Which we all can say is a big big bonus.

Another perk to using this diet is how you can eat whenever you want as long as the food is in the permitted group. This mean no more long breaks between food and you can just eat when your body is hungry. No more need to be Hangry.

If you are someone whose suffers from Type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that by having a more regulated insulin function this can help reduce and even sometimes reverse the effects of Type 2 diabetes by ” Controlling symptoms of metabolic syndrome.”


Unfortunately like most things there can be drawbacks.

The first major thing which I will get out of the way first is the drop out level. Even for a diet which only removes one food group plenty of people choose not to stick to this diet and will move onto something new. Therefore if you are someone who struggles keeping your diet in check this might not be the best thing for you.

The Atkins diet is more of a  diet that is aimed at the short term. With the diet basically changing normal metabolic behaviour in the short term of less then 6 months this diet is one which shows the most weight lost. However if this is a diet you want to try for the long term understand that after 6 months the weight loss will be minimal and it may be best to slowly transition your way to another form of weight loss.

The Zone Diet.

This diet is one in which you might need your pen and paper out for this one.

So the Zone diet is one in which you need to calculate all the nutritional information of all the items you eat. 40% Carbs 30% fats and 30% protein. Now what this diet does is that it match’s your own bodily functions so like the Atkins diet it helps regulate your insulin levels in order to give you a more successful weight loss regime.


This diet gives a better more ” balanced ” diet as there is not one specific food group that is restricted. This means that even though certain foods would have to be eaten in small less frequent occasions it is still possible to do so if done correctly. So if you are someone who will just not give up chocolate you do not have to.

This diet is more universal as you do not have to have any animal products to meet your protein level. Therefore if you are vegetarian or vegan or just don’t particularly like animal products you do not have to. However  word of warning some of the top brands in vegetarian food do have a very high carbohydrate level, and even some would have too high a level for this diet. Therefore this is something to look out for.


Now I bet some of you have just scrolled past this bit as I have said it requires some tracking. Unfortunately this is one of them diets when you have to read all the packaging in order to correctly figure out your allowance for each meal. Even something as a snack will require calculations. So if you are someone who does not want to be reading and solving maths problems just to eat I would not recommend this diet.

Now If you don’t mind getting your calculator out from time to time another negative to this diet is how you are not restricted to a particular food group. However you are restricted to certain items within each category. For example with proteins you are more then welcome to eat chicken breasts and other lean pale meats, but if you are a big fan of steak or other organ meats ( yes not steak and kidney pies) then these are not foods which would help this diet.

Dieting as a whole.

I know some of you who have go to this bit may be sceptical about trying a new diet, or one which is not as common as some others. I would ALWAYS recommend that if one of these diets is something you are planning on going for please check with your doctor first as they would be able to give a more educated and personal recommendation rather then just a blog on a website.

Just think reading up on this is the first step on achieving your goal.

Stay safe everyone.

5 Healthy snacks you can eat on the Go.


Healthy Plate, Healthy Weight

Changing your lifestyle and workout routine is always the main focus when trying to become a healthier version of yourself.  How about looking at what’s on your plate, if you want a healthy weight you need to change your plate. 

When, What, Why

When to eat and Why

Timing your meals is as important as what you are eating, you need to make sure you start the day off with a healthy breakfast to get your digestive system working.  This will help to speed up your metabolism, which will result in you burning your maximum amount of calories without doing exercise. Do you eat late at night? Maybe this is why you struggle to fall straight to sleep and you aren’t giving your body the time to break down the nutrients. This will mean the body doesn’t use the nutrients and end up storing them as fats, remember whatever you eat is fuel for the body and it needs to have time to use this fuel or store in correctly.  

Timing your meal around a busy life can be hard but you need to make sure you do this, your body can’t run on nothing and you need to make sure you give your body what it needs to function as normal, this is not just food but water as well.  If you simply don’t have time to make a healthy meal then snacks can be used keep the body functioning, keep your strong with some great ideas here or for some healthy snacks take a look at this and make these in 5 minutes. 

What to eat and Why

Start the day off with a colourful plate, or even maybe a smoothie. This is all about giving your body vitamins it needs to allow your brain to function at its highest level, this will make you feel energised and refreshed.  For some breakfast ideas following the link here.

12pm hits you need to top up your fuel supply, it is a good idea to continue with the light meal theme as this will ensure that you don’t feel like you have over eaten and resulting in you feeling unmotivated for the rest of the working day.  Look here for foods that you can use to keep you energised for the hard afternoon ahead.

its the end of the working day you have been working hard all day and enjoying some light healthy food to get you through the day, now its time to reward yourself with one of your favourite meals. This meal should be a nice balanced out plate, you want to use all the nutritional groups. find out more about how to balance out your diet with the NHS Eat Well guide. 

What’s the Difference

It is easy to eat foods that you might think are healthy for you without knowing what you are putting into your body, follow these links to understand how you can effect you diet, understand carbohydrates, understand fats and understand nutrients.


5 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

Whilst a gym is a great place to work out, it’s not always the easiest or cheapest option for everyone. However, when it comes to exercising from home, it can be almost impossible to motivate yourself. At, we believe that being creative whilst getting fit is a key factor in inspiring you to keep working out.

So we will be looking at these 5 fun ways to get fit without a gym!

Want to skip ahead? Jump to the specific part below:

  1. Skipping
  2. Hula Hooping
  3. Dancing
  4. Trampolining
  5. Try a Sport


Skipping is a fun and straightforward exercise that comes with numerous benefits. It is a great way to get into home workouts and is easily personalised to what you need. Skipping allows you to set the pace and work at your own level, but will also become easier with practise. Eventually, once it is part of your routine, you can begin to change speeds, include tricks, and even make fun routines to your favourite workout songs. If you are looking for a tougher workout, be sure to purchase a weighted skipping rope for a more intense burn.

It is not only fun to skip rope, but it also comes with many health benefits. Skipping can burn as many as 1,600 calories in just an hour and is a great alternative to running or jogging. It is also categorised as a cardio exercise which includes a great number of advantages such as heart and lung health.

For more information on cardio exercise, check out our article The Benefits of Cardio Exercise.

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is another fun and easy exercise that can be done from home. Not only does it help burn calories, this exercise focuses on the core muscles, resulting in less abdominal fat and a toned stomach. It’s a great way to not only stay fit, but also includes other benefits such as a healthier heart and lungs, improves balance and helps the immune system.

However, hula hooping is not just about the health benefits. With some upbeat music on, it can be easy to complete a fun workout  that incorporates creative routines and changes of pace.

In order to get the full effect on how fun hula hooping can be, it’s important to make sure you have the right music playing, so be sure to check out our article on How to Make the Best Exercise Playlist. 


Dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay healthy. To incorporate it into your routine does not necessarily mean you need to join a dance class, unless, of course, you want to. However, with new interactive apps and websites it is now easy to get the most out of dancing!

YouTube has a variety of guided dance workouts available, therefore if there is anything specific in mind you wish to incorporate, for example, a favourite musician or album you like to workout to, there is a strong chance there is a video perfect for you. To search for some fun dance videos be sure to include key phrases such as:

  • 20 min dance workout
  • Dance workout for beginners 
  • Dance workout full body no equipment

If you are not a fan of YouTube, there are many apps that provide a visual guided workout experience. Whilst not all fitness apps include dance routines, many still incorporate fun workouts and can be very beneficial when trying to stay fit without a gym. 

If you would like to see our favourite exercise apps, make sure to check our list of Fitness Apps That Can Make Exercising at Home Easier.


Trampolining is a great and easy way to stay fit and with an indoor trampoline, this can be achieved at home. It can quickly get your pulse racing and is great for those just beginning their workout journey without a gym.

Working out on a trampoline focuses on your leg muscles however, different moves can be incorporated into your workout to make sure the full body receives attention. An indoor trampoline also includes the ability to start with low impact exercises so you can warm up to a high intensity workout. You can get started and see the progress for yourself with our Marcy Fitness Trampoline here.

For a more guided tutorial on how to use an indoor trampoline, check out our 5 Exercises You Can Do On a Trampoline to get the most out of your workout.  


Try a Sport

If you struggle to motivate yourself, finding a sport you enjoy is a great way to stay on track, especially if you are a competitive person.  Playing a sport helps you commit to a fitness routine and makes sure you get your active hours in during the week. However, sport is also beneficial because you can get fit and stay healthy whilst having an invested interest in something more than just losing weight.

If you are nervous about starting a new sport, make sure to bring a friend to play with or join a team. As long as you are staying active and having fun, it does not matter if you are particularly talented at the sport or not. 

If you are unsure on which sport might be for you, then check out our information on boxing. As an individual sport its great for building strength and staying fit so be sure to read our Boxing Techniques for Beginners and check out our boxing equipment here.


If your workout routine needs some refreshment, or perhaps the gym isn’t for you, then these 5 fun ways to get fit without a gym is a great place to begin. Enjoying your workout is vital for staying motivated, so if you lack the commitment be sure to invest in these fun exercises. 

Before beginning your exercise journey, please be sure to consult your doctor and always be safe when using equipment.

Eight decisions to lose fat without losing muscle

Weight loss is all about losing fat, yet the process of losing weight can lead to loss of muscle, which is the last thing we want, and in this article are eight decisions to lose flab and keep the muscle.

Nocturnal reduction of carbohydrates

Strength training requires glycogen from carbohydrates to provide energy. However, consuming carbohydrates at night after 8pm increases the chances of the body storing fat. Because.
1. the body burns only a small number of calories at rest and the body’s metabolic level is lowered when you sleep.
2. The body releases more insulin after consuming carbohydrates in the evening and high levels of insulin increase fat reserves.

Properly scheduled weekly cardio training

1. Do only 3 cardio workouts per week. Cardio is best scheduled before breakfast, as your body will have to use fat reserves instead of carbohydrates for energy if you don’t eat.
2 Keep your strength training to 30 minutes or less.

Slightly more fibre in the diet

A moderate intake of fibre helps to reduce fat. Fibre can
1 impede the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.
2. slow down the rate of entry of sugar molecules into the bloodstream contributing to the

reduction of insulin release
3. High insulin is a signal for cells to store fat Reducing the amount of insulin released facilitates the prevention of obesity.

Eat fish to increase muscle size

Eating fish can increase muscle mass and reduce body fat because fish is high in beneficial fats.
Cold water fish (such as frogfish) provide omega-3 fatty acids which make muscles more sensitive to insulin (muscle responsiveness to insulin facilitates muscle building and fat loss).
In addition, this fish promote

s glycogen stores and amino acids into the muscles. Eating frogfish 3 times a week also helps with glutamine stores and you will get a good supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

Practice strength training twice a day

1 Strength training, provided it is not excessive, allows the body to produce hormones and enzymes that promote muscle growth and fat loss. You can make the most of this training twice a day.
2 High-frequency stimulation twice a day promotes glycogen depletion, thus preventing calories from being stored as fat.

Cycling high and low calorie intake

Reducing your calorie intake will help to reduce body fat but will also reduce muscle mass. To prevent this you can follow a low calorie diet for 3 days and then a high calorie diet on the 4th day. You may lose some muscle during these 3 days and can take supplements (such as branched chain amino acids) to prevent muscle damage. Here is a simple formula for consuming 50% of your usual calorie intake on the low calorie day and adding 30% to your usual intake on the high calorie day. For example, reduce from 300g to 150g for three days and then increase to 390g.

Rational allocation of carbohydrate intake

To reduce body fat without reducing carbohydrate intake then you add up all the carbohydrates you consume on a day and assume it is 300g then consume 30% (90g) each at breakfast and at the post training meal and divide the remaining 120g equally between the remaining 4 meals. This is because the body has the least chance of storing calories as fat when you get up in the morning and after training. This is when blood sugar and liver sugar levels are low and most of the calories are used for “recovery” work.

Low fat diet

The three main causes of body fat gain are excessive calorie intake, excessive fat in the diet and excessive carbohydrate intake.
If the previous 7 tips don’t have the desired effect then you will have to resort to this last trick which is to directly reduce the amount of fat in your diet. The only way to do this for bodybuilders is to choose fat-free proteins such as egg whites, fish and high-protein powders, and then add a little more fat to your diet after 6-7 days. This will increase the amount of fat in your diet and also provide essential fatty acids – one of the essential substances for growth.

Recipes for fat loss and muscle building

There is a saying in fitness circles that 30 per cent depends on

exercise and 70 per cent on diet.

Therefore, a proper diet is of vital importance. The following set is my summary of the choices available for different types of food:
Good carbs (the most important part of a muscle building diet) : Corn (my favorite), whole wheat bread, potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, oats, beans, pasta.

Protein (increase the secretion of insulin, promote muscle protein synthesis rate) : chicken breast, beef, fish (salmon, cod, tuna longley, autumn fish), shrimp, eggs, soy products, dairy products

Vegetables (source of dietary fiber, simple carbohydrates, I think green is a vegetable, just feel like a vegetable) : Broccoli, okra, asparagus, cabbage heart, various lettuce, lettuce, bitter gourd

Fruit (I think the sour and watery fruit is fruit, feel rich in VC, don’t like melons) : oranges, kiwi, blueberries, bananas (instant energy), grapefruit, pineapple, berries

High quality fats (fat is a very important nutrient, which plays an important role in normal metabolism and hormone regulation, and can be properly consumed during training and avoided within two hours after training) : olive oil, nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, peanuts), sesame paste, peanut butter, avocado, cheese

Cooking methods: boiled, mixed, steamed, oven, fried without oil, just follow the principle of less oil, less salt and less sugar.

Try to choose these condiments.
1、Thinly salted soy sauce bottle solves all
2、Black pepper you deserve
3, a variety of salad dressings – put a small amount


Losing weight is not a matter of seeing someone else’s perfect body and eating one or two less meals and going to the gym to do a few sets on a whim. Rather, it’s about making it a habit. This is how you achieve results and keep them up.



Consult your physician, doctor or other professional before starting any exercise or nutrition program. This is especially important for people over the age of 35 or those with pre-existing health problems. In accordance with our advice, is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain or any other unusual symptoms, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor immediately.

Tips on how to lose weight on a calorie deficit diet:

Photo taken by: i yunmai on unsplash

When you hear the word diet you automatically think of boring dull food and hours of exercising. But when on a healthy calorie deficit, you can enjoy the foods you love by eating in moderation and taking part in fun short home workouts that will help you to reach your goal.

Your calorie intake is calculated in a certain way depending on your height, age, weight and how active a person is. You would need to eat 500-1000 calories less than the number of calories your body needs a day in order to lose 1-2 pounds (lb) a week. To find out your calorie allowance for your BMI check the NHS Website.

Fitness app:

Fitness apps are an easy way to guide you in the right direction with not only exercise but meals and calorie counting. The app allows you to work out from home with professional guidance and also has easy low-calorie recipes to follow that you can enjoy.

However, there are several apps available at that have more advanced options than others.

  • Own your goals
  • Sole Fitness
  • Inspire Fitness
  • Bionic Body

picture taken by: Brooke Lark on unsplash

Here are some important tips:

– What to eat:

A balanced diet is the key to a healthy diet with stable weight loss. When preparing meals make sure your plate contains proteins at least one meal a day, carbohydrates, minerals, fibre and vitamins. Fill your plate up with plenty of vegetables in order to feel satisfied. Aim to cut down saturated fat and prepare meals with a little salt.

– Which foods to avoid:

Foods that are high in calories are best to avoid, such as oil. It is very easy to go over your calories when cooking with oil. Therefore, the best alternative is ‘spray oil’ this will help to keep count of your calories.

– Don’t drink your calories!

A forgotten source of calories, are drinks. Drinks are often packed with calories and sugar. Always check the calories to make sure.

When drinking a lot of sugar beverages, can increase your hunger and add unnecessary calories.

It is best to save these calories for something more filling.

Tea and coffee are great to drink when dieting, they are healthy and low in calories. They also stop cravings. However, avoid adding sugar as only one spoon has 16 calories in it. This may not sound like a lot but when drinking a few cups, a day the calories add up.

– Drink plenty of water:

Picture taken by: Damir Spanic on unsplash

Not only does water help a person stay hydrated but it also speeds up metabolism and helps avoid feeling hungry.

Use a refillable water bottle which you can sip from throughout the day.

-Weigh food and count calories:

When weighing food makes counting calories easier and more precise.

Don’t forget you are not limited there are always alternatives for certain foods with lower calories, just remember to always check the label when shopping.

When on a diet consistency is the key. If you have a one-off day or a cheat meal, don’t worry, don’t give up and carry on where you last left off.


Does timely nutrition need to be coupled with exercise to escalate weight loss?

Does timely nutrition need to be coupled with exercise to escalate weight loss?

Are you worried that even though you are exercising regularly still your rate of weight loss is very low? Answer this simple question and all your worries will be over. Do you take correct nutrition rich diet at the correct time? It is not necessary that you have to cut down all forms of fat to reduce weight. A diet rich in protein is a nutritious diet and aids in weight loss. So it is essential that a diet which contains animal fat such as egg, cheese, extra virgin olive oil coupled with correct exercise elevate the rate of weight loss. Contrastingly we would like also argue on this point doe your sake that not only a proper diet but a nutrition rich diet at the correct time is also a major governing factor in case of weight loss. is always there to help you in this regard. Through our blogs and expert opinion we aim at guiding in you towards nutrition rich diet that is scheduled at par with your exercise regime to ensure effective weight loss. People opting for weigh loss tend to skip breakfast or tend to have too light breakfast. But all they need is timely nutrition. So as per recommendation of our top nutritionist a timely protein rich diet between 6 O’clock in the morning to 10 O’clock is recommended for less accumulation of fat and better loss of weight. It even gives a sense of fullness which prevents sedentary snacking. 2-4 hours followed by this timely protein rich diet a mid-morning snack at around 12pm is recommended. This can be any type of nuts or fruits which are low in fat and sugar.

The lunch is another essential component of your diet and needs to be taken within 3pm to ensure timely nutrition to enhance weight loss process. The lunch need to comprise of protein such as whole egg, and minimum 50 grams of green leafy vegetables and accompanies with minerals in the form of grilled salmon or tuna. This timely protein rich diet is essential to improve the fat burning process. Just 2-4 hours after the lunch evening snack is recommended to reduce the gap between the meals as it can cause overeating.  The prevention of over eating is an indispensable part in weight lossand ensures that you get timely protein rich diet. Finally the dinner needs to be between 5-7pm and needs to be rich in protein such as chick pea along with very low carbs and fat but rich in vitamins and minerals such as green leafy vegetables. Such combinational timely protein rich diet is ideal for weight loss along with proper exercise.


So do not wait further our experts at are 24*7 available to help regarding your diet and nutrition. We care for you and your health and would be happy to guide in taking a timely diet that can help in your weight loss.

Donuts, Doritos and Deficits. Lose weight eating foods you love.

The concept of a calorie deficit is thrown around repeatedly when people are trying to lose weight. People are constantly preaching to others on social media, or in the gym, about using this straightforward method to make weight loss easy .

But people don’t understand what a calorie deficit actually is.

Asking people what this is or how to create the perfect deficit is sometimes too embarrassing but truly this is as straightforward as some preach. Following these simple steps will enable you to understand and lose weight while still eating the foods that you love.

Continue reading Donuts, Doritos and Deficits. Lose weight eating foods you love.



 If you want to improve your sexual drive/libido, physical and sexual performance, the cheapest and healthiest way is through physical exercise. The result is usually fast with a noticeable improvement within the first two to three 30 minutes of physical exercise sessions. Whether you are a gym or yoga person any exercise is good for your health, sex drive and performance included. Researchers and medical experts have found a strong correlation between physical exercise and improved sexual performance and an increase in libido. 

A strong pelvic floor enhances rigidity during erections and helps keep blood from leaving the penis by pressing on a key vein. In a British trial, three months of twice-daily sets of Kegel exercises (which strengthen these muscles), combined with biofeedback and advice on lifestyle changes — quitting smoking, losing weight, limiting alcohol — worked far better than just advice on lifestyle changes.

Source: Harvard Medical School-5 ways to overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Top 7 Exercises to Improve Sexual Performance and Boost Libido

  1. Weight Lifting

Testosterone is related to sexual longing and energy. Science proposes lifting weights improves sex drive by urging your body to deliver more testosterone. Since sound testosterone levels are related to sexual craving, doing practices that can expand testosterone may likewise amp up your drive.

On the off chance that you as of now do some kind of solidarity preparing as a component of your wellness normal, some minor changes might be all you require to guarantee you’re boosting your testosterone-creating potential. Specialists recommend the accompanying three hints to benefit from your weight lifting meeting:

  • Working all the significant muscle gatherings, particularly your legs (the biggest in the body)
  • Doing fewer reps with heavier weights
  • Shortening your rest time between sets


  1. Running

In all honesty, running could give you a lift in the room. In addition to the fact that running improves your self-perception and consequently certainty, you’ll additionally have improved energy levels. Moreover, research by the Endocrine Society found that running can prompt an expansion in testosterone in men, just as diminishing occurrences of hypogonadism, a condition which can prompt erectile brokenness and a brought down drive. Loss of stomach fat through running can likewise imply that the bloodstream to the penis is expanded.


  1. Extreme cardio exercise

Extreme cardio exercise (HIIT) includes switching back and forth between going as hard as possible, at that point resting for a brief period. HIIT is perhaps the best fat-consuming exercise you can do, and it can likewise knock up your moxie.

Extraordinary cardiovascular exercise like HIIT is an incredible method to let out some pent-up frustration since it brings down levels of the pressure chemical cortisol in your body. Raised cortisol has been appeared to fundamentally decrease testosterone, so holding your pressure under control is vital for keeping a sound sex drive.


  1. Yoga

The number of American men doing yoga developed from 4 million out of 2012 to 10 million out of 2016. Why are folks out of nowhere so keen on yoga? Perhaps in light of the fact that they’re getting on to the numerous medical advantages this training gives—including improved sexual wellbeing.

Tantra yoga is the thoughtful most normally connected with sex (and Sting). With its attention on connecting with your body as well as associating with an accomplice, tantra yoga has a long history of utilization among couples hoping to zest things up in the room. But since all yoga includes extending and getting your energy streaming, any sort of yoga practice can possibly improve your charisma. It additionally assists with adaptability, which your partner(s) will probably appreciate.


  1. Dancing

Obviously, the associations between dance and sex don’t end there. The two exercises are useful for your wellbeing in an assortment of ways, regardless of whether it be getting your pulse up, offering an awesome detox subsequent to burning some calories, or delivering a surge of upbeat chemicals.

You can enlighten a great deal concerning an expected sweetheart from the manner in which they dance. As per an overview of 2,000 ladies by The Daily Mail, 80% said they encountered an immediate relationship between’s a fella’s presentation in the club and in the room. Furthermore, on the off chance that we are to accept all that we’ve found out about Prince, that is one situation where the relationship was surely well-suited.

  1. Swimming

Need to improve your perseverance, construct muscle, and get an incredible cardio exercise? Take a dip. Swimming is perhaps the most productive approach to improve general wellness, all without the mileage on your joints that comes from running and other high-sway exercises.

Maybe obviously, the sort of wellness that comes from swimming routinely can truly surrender you a leg in the room. In a Harvard investigation of 160 swimmers, members in their 60s announced sexual experiences similar to average, non-swimming individuals, in their 40s.


  1. Kegels

You may consider Kegels as an activity for ladies (in the event that you consider them by any means), however this pressing of your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles—the ones you use to stop the progression of pee mid-stream—can prompt better sexual perseverance and control.

How would you do a kegel workout? The initial step is to figure out your PC muscles by halting and beginning while you pee. Whenever you’ve recognized the impression of a kegel workout, you can do them any time. Firmly crush your PC muscles and hold for 10 seconds, at that point discharge for however many reps as you can oversee.

Yoga and Meditation

As people pay more and more attention to their health, yoga movement began to appear on our side, yoga with its movement soothing, remarkable effect by people’s welcome. So what are the benefits of long-term yoga practice?


Young woman performing simple yoga move in front of laptop following an online class

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

When the weather turns cool our appetite is big, inadvertently will consume large amounts of fat, in fact, in the winter the energy needed to power a body and summer is not much different, but the weather’s cool movement is relatively small, yoga through the various curved back, turn around before extrusion, stimulate our glands, adjusting endocrine, make the person produces heat capacity increased, to help us better control appetite, prevent the body fat. During the practice of yoga, people often sweat, and at this time the sweat will expel toxins from the body. Also can through the body twisting pull god, massage and other methods to stimulate the body has the effect of detoxification organs, so regular practice yoga, help to discharge toxins in the body. The quality of our breath often directly affects our mind and body. When we learn how to control and moderate our breath, we can find that we can control our body and mind more effectively. Yoga can help us learn to master our states of mind and eliminate the stresses that we face in our daily lives.

Can yoga help you lose weight?

Some people can have such perplexity, be oneself after practicing yoga, feel oneself slim many, but seem weight did not go down, however, is this why? In fact, speaking of weight loss, mainly to consume calories, and want to consume calories, mainly by reasonable exercise and reasonable diet, but yoga is just a kind of exercise muscle, so it is not so much to achieve the purpose of weight loss, accurate speaking, should be thin.
Another kind of circumstance, is when people in a state such as state of mind is not very good, she’ll want to find a vent, want to go to eat to solve, but if this time to practice yoga, you can transform the outlet, so as to change your state, let you get a better state of mind.
Is yoga have more feelings than any other sport, is running or fitness Kubla khah dripping wet, yoga is one of the most natural fitness ways, through yoga training system can not only change the human body, still can massage visceral organs, improve a person’s status, and so on, the whole people will look brand-new, insist on yoga after a period of time, the figure will be more beautiful, size is also beautiful. So yoga is through which several aspects to change a person, shape your beautiful figure?
1. Burn calories
In doing yoga, although do not need strenuous exercise, but each time the consumption is very big, if a week to adhere to 2-3 times of yoga training, each time in more than 40 minutes, so the effect of weight loss and weight loss is very obvious, calories are consumed, so the fat can not accumulate naturally.

2. Eat a balanced diet

After practicing yoga, yoga can also lead people to the dietary balance, in after a period of time, you will find that the diet habit can be, you will no longer like high-fat high-calorie foods, thus to fruits and vegetables and protein, so your intake of rich nutrition, weight loss is also more obvious, and most importantly, don’t worry about to rebound.

Yoga meditation methods

  1. Learning yoga, from the pranayama of the body to the cleansing of the mind, is a chain reaction. Your thoughts and emotions exist in your body. By exercising and relaxing your body, your body continues to practice yoga, focusing your mind on stretching and strengthening parts. When you relax and focus on stretching, your body produces a feel-good “endorphin” that stabilizes your mood. This releases negative emotions and leads to positive thoughts, leading to a state of “peace of mind” and “unity of body and mind”. Through yoga meditation can also eliminate our eye fatigue, and can promote the blood circulation of the eye, because yoga meditation, often need to close your eyes for a long time, can let our eyes get rest for a long period of time, which makes power be enhanced, and it also can improve our ability to focus of the eyes, at the same time can eliminate we fear in the heart of the world. It is also possible to enter visualization at home at any time. Just find a visual object, such as a crystal, a fishbowl, a potted plant, a picture, etc. These objects help us to focus our attention, gradually eliminate external distractions, and slowly turn inward to experience peace and serenity! Imagine yourself lying on a piece of green grass, soft, continuous, bursts of fragrance blowing. There is not a cloud in the blue sky. The babbling brook, flowing slowly from the side, called not famous wildflowers, competing to open. In the distance, a cow was walking with her calf, and children were frolicking beside her. A cricket was bouncing around in the ground, and the birds in the tree were singing.
  2. Things to note before yoga meditation:
    1. Choose a place where you feel like you can get your mind off the fray, which will help you get into a meditative state.
    2. Choose a regular time of day — early morning and late afternoon are ideal.
    3. Use the same time and place to relax and calm your mind more quickly.
    4. Sit with your back, neck and head on the same level, facing east or north.
    5. During meditation, keep your body warm (wrap a blanket around your body when it’s cool) and guide your mind to remain calm.
    6. Get your breathing on a regular basis — breathe deeply for five minutes, then calm down.
    7. Create a rhythmic breathing pattern — inhale for three seconds, then exhale for three seconds.
    8.When you haven’t completely calmed down, don’t force yourself too much. It doesn’t matter.
    9.After quiet down, let the consciousness stay on a fixed target, which can be in the middle of the brow or heart position.
    10. Get into a meditative state with your chosen meditation technique.
    11.Before the arrival of a very pure state of meditation, don’t force, let the free state continue to exist naturally.
    12.After a period of practice, the free state of mind will slowly disappear and eventually, enter the pure.

You don’t have to choose diet meals, you can easily lose weight by eating like this every day

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to show off your figure again. After the festive, food-filled Christmas and Chinese New Year, is weight loss in the front row of your New Year’s resolutions? “Even if you eat and drink in moderation, it is inevitable that you will gain weight during the festive season and the Chinese New Year when you eat and drink a lot.

At this time of year, many people choose to work out or control their diet by eating high protein and low-fat foods every day, eating only chicken breasts and fruit and vegetables, and staying away from fried foods and sweets.

The complete adherence to a healthy meal diet is undoubtedly very disturbing to people, because very often a low-calorie diet simply does not satisfy the desire to eat, and people wonder, what is the best way to lose weight even if I eat normally most of the time? At this point, many people may think of the world’s most popular diet in recent years – light fasting

What is “light fasting” dieting?

Light fasting is intermittent fasting and can take several forms.

● Intraday fasting: eating normally for only 8 hours of the day and fasting for the other 16 hours.

●Fast of the week: 2 days of the week, usually non-consecutive days, with the calorie intake limited to 500 kcal and 5 days of normal eating.

●Fast of the Month: 3 non-consecutive days of fasting in a month, with the calorie intake limited to 500kcal on these 3 days and normal eating on the other days.

The most appealing aspect of light fasting is that it claims that you don’t have to control your diet and count calories every day and that you can eat whatever you want during the so-called “normal eating” days, whether it’s a dinner party or a high-calorie snack, you can “eat without fear”. These accumulated problems of blood sugar, blood lipids, and weight gain can be solved with a few “fasting days”.Light fasting also has risks,For example:
1. Prone to rebound
Light fasting, in fact, is also a kind of dieting, all need to adhere to a relatively long period of time, and if you stop dieting, the weight may rebound and aggravate.
2. prone to hypoglycemia
Many people will experience dizziness, weakness in the limbs, fatigue, low mood, ease to get anger, lack of concentration, and other problems after taking a light fasting diet. This will also be a big detriment to your work efficiency.
3. Light fasting is not suitable for special groups of people
Not everyone is suitable for light fasting, such as high blood sugar, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, the elderly, malnourished people are not suitable, blindly using light fasting, can aggravate the condition, or even bring serious consequences. For example, if your BMI is below 20 or you are already malnourished, it would be unwise to restrict your nutritional intake at this time.
The current research on light fasting is basically in 2-3 months, and the effect and safety of light fasting in the long term remains to be seen, so we must grasp the degree, like those methods that are advertised as fast weight loss, the principle of which is mostly to get rid of water in the body, once you resume a normal diet, it is easy to rebound. In fact, NA recommends that people lose weight through a reasonable “keep your mouth shut and your legs open” approach rather than such a diet.

“Keep your mouth shut and your legs open” is a long-established diet that we all talk about. But there are also techniques to keep your mouth shut and your legs open.

Firstly, the diet should meet at least three conditions, namely negative energy balance, low glycemic, and nutritional enrichment. The first is mainly to control our calorie intake, not to let the intake of higher than the calories we consume; the second is to try to avoid a large intake of those foods with high glycemic support, so as not to stimulate insulin secretion, accelerating the synthesis of fat; the third should pay attention to nutritional balance, because long-term lack of that nutrient is not good for our body, and the necessary nutrients are also fat Only rich nutrition can ensure the smooth decomposition of fat.

Secondly, it is important not to let up on exercise. Some people may ask, the greater the amount of exercise, the greater the intensity is not the faster you can lose weight, not so. The amount of calories consumed by exercise is determined by several factors, such as gender, weight, and exercise program, and NA’s advice is that if you belong to an obese group, it is best to be guided by a professional in slimming exercises.

Light fasting is more about improving our quality of life, not just about the number on the scale, so don’t overdo it, especially if you are a special group of people who have blindly adopted light fasting and ended up with no success in losing weight, but also brought serious harm to your body.

Light Fasting Food Programme

1. 5+2 pattern of light fasting

Every week, 2 light fasting days and 5 low GI main food days, e.g. Wednesdays and Saturdays can be set as light fasting days.

Light fasting day: Light fasting meal pack x 3 + 100 g of fruit + 500 g of vegetables. Low GI staple days: normal breakfast and lunch, low GI meal pack for dinner. 2.

2. Nutritional recommendations during light fasting

Desirable: Mixed grain staples, pulses, vegetables, eggs, milk, low-fat meats (fish, prawns, skinless poultry).

Avoid: fried foods, sugary drinks, desserts, barbecues, hot pots, and pans.

Light fasting days

Water: Drink plenty of water, make sure you have at least 8 glasses of water a day, and encourage clear coffee and tea (no milk, sugar, companions).

Fruits: Choose fruits with high satiety such as apples, grapefruit, papaya, blueberries, citrus, etc. Avoid fruits with high simple sugar content such as durian and pineapple honey, and do not substitute fruits with dried fruit products.

Vegetables: Choose vegetables that are cooked with less oil and sugar. Stir-frying, raw and blanched are recommended, and avoid blue vegetables with high starch content such as potatoes and corn.

General rule: Ensure that the recipes for light fasting are strictly followed and recorded accordingly.

Low GI Staple Food Day

Three meals: focus on breakfast and lunch to ensure nutritional intake

Meal replacement: Low GI meal packs for dinner, vegetables, and meat, avoiding overeating

Life: Stay on schedule, avoid late-night snacking and get plenty of sleep

Snacks: avoid fruit and dairy products as an addition to meals

Staple foods: Avoid all staple foods such as refined rice and noodles, and advocate replacing half of the staple foods with potatoes, legumes, and other miscellaneous foods.

You must keep your mouth shut when you’re losing weight, everyone knows meat tastes good and everyone knows skinny looks good! You must drink more water during weight loss! To get twice the result with half the effort, then both keep your mouth shut and keep your legs open, combined with exercise and fitness, you can definitely lose weight! You’ll be able to get your body to slim down!