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Looking for your next bit of kit or working out what’s going to be the best fit? We’ve got you covered. Everything from resistance bands to multi gyms, we’ll help you make the most of your home gym.

Students I’ve found the key to keeping fit over lockdown and it only takes 10 minutes!

Many students have found their lives taking an immense turn since  Lockdown began. Substituting late night drinking sessions and thought-provoking lectures for Netflix benders and expensive courses taught through a computer screen. This is the stark reality for budding students across the country.

This has meant many of us have had to face the daunting prospect of staying motivated with little structure to our days. A large majority of students have started to complete daily exercise to add a sense of structure and increase motivation throughout their day. However, being locked away in our homes has meant, many of us are unaware or uninspired with how to begin or what to do. A study by Huawei found that 70% of us are walking to get more steps in and keep fit over lockdown.

I was desperate to try something different. To resolve this, I invested my time and a small amount of money into boxing cardio. I completed 10 Minutes of boxing cardio each morning in place of my usual run or weights exercises. This at home workout will help build muscle and save money in comparison to other fitness equipment.

Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard says  “Boxing Cardio has many health benefits, because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture”

Additionally I found beating ‘7 bells’ out of a punch bag for a few minutes a day can help alleviate an awful lot of pressure and pent up anger you may experience as a result of being cooped up for hours on end.

Here’s a few quick Boxing exercises for beginners that will have you flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee in no time.

Exercise 1: Punchbag routine

You will need: A PunchbagBoxing Gloves
Begin your routine with 2 minutes of imaginary jump rope exercise or of course a real one if it’s in your inventory, this is how you should begin every exercise. The jump rope helps improves coordination, stamina and focus and is a great way to warm upthe muscles before beginning intense exercise. If you aren’t able to manage 2 minutes then any form of jumping exercises for 30 seconds or longer will suffice.

  • Jab, Cross, Squat
  • X3 sets of 45 Seconds work, 15 Seconds rest.
  1. Face the punching bag in a boxing type stance.
  2. Raise your hands and always remember to keep them positioned as if you’re prepared to punch, also keep in mind they should always be protecting your face, this is key throughout any type of boxing exercise.
  3. Throw 2 consecutive punches, one with your left arm and then cross over with your right.
  4. After completing these punches immediately perform a squat and repeat this process for 45 seconds in 3 sets.

    Exercise 2: Punchbag routine No.2

You will need: A PunchbagBoxing Gloves

This exercise is different from the first one as it involves you completing kicks. To complete an effective kick, stand a legs length away from the punching bag, so your right side is facing towards the bag. Get into a boxing stance, pivot your hips moving the weight to your left foot before lifting your right leg from the floor and keeping your knee bent while completing the exercise.

How to Use a Punching Bag (with Pictures) - wikiHow Fitness

  • Begin with 2 Minutes of Jump rope exercises.
  • This exercise should be done for 80 seconds with 30 second breaks implemented. Complete this routine in 3 sets. This includes:
  1. 10 reps of right side-kicks
  2. 30 Straight punches
  3. 10 reps of left side-kicks
  4. 30 consecutive punches

Exercise 3: Speedbag routine No.1

You will need: A speedbag, Hand Wraps

A speedbag, varies from a standard punchbag. Firstly, it requires a completely different movement when punching. At first this may feel a little awkward, but stick with it. The  speedbag, can be one of the most fun and efficient ways to complete your boxing routine, when done correctly.

The benefits of the speedbag, include constant arm movement, you’ll find the efficiency in working these muscle groups will have you feeling the burn after your workout. Another upshot of the speedbag, is timing, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to work the bag at any speed you wish, as well as working your muscle’s, this will also help you improve your hand eye coordination when commanding the accuracy of your punch.Boxing Speed Ball for sale for improving hand speed and timing - Enso Martial Arts Shop BristolA speedbag, requires you to wear hand wraps instead of boxing gloves. These are available a little cheaper than boxing gloves and available from the store

  • Begin with 2 Minutes of Jump rope exercise’s
  • Prepare your speedbag making sure all creases have been removed form your speedbag and it properly hits the backboard

1. Get into your combative stance

2. Punch the speedbag with your right arm and then consecutively with your left arm.

3. Repeat this routine 20 x (10 x on each arm)

4. Do a total of 24 sets with 10 second breaks between each routine

5. Vary the speed

Exercise 4: Speedbag Routine No.2

This exercise is a power workout and requires you to throw a higher number of regular jabs to slowly increase your hand speed. This will be a great exercise for shoulder and arm endurance, bolstering muscle groups while also improving your punching speed.

1. Set your timer to 30 seconds.

2. Punch at a steady pace

3. Count the number of times you hit the bag in 30 seconds.

4. If the number was 35, attempt to hit the bag another 35 times in a 30 second interval.

5. Increase the number by 2 each time for 6 rounds

When lockdown is over why not take your boxing cardio to the next level, get involved in classes at your local gym or University. It’s a great way to keep fit and learn the key elements of self defence.

I’d love to hear your feedback below and learn if your  boxing cardio experience was as successful as mine. We’d also love to see videos of you in action using our twitter handle @Exercise_co_uk. Make sure to tag our twitter page to be in with the chance of winning a 50% discount off any of our equipment over £100.

You can find our full range of boxing equipment, in the given link.

Fitness Accessories to Complement Your Daily Activities

Every day if we notice our daily activities, some of us may barely going for workout sessions to keep ourselves healthy. We can do the exercises every week, but there is some solution for those who think that is not enough.

Daily activity can be different for anyone, even at lockdown terms. We could choose to go out for some fresh air or stay at home, but for those who are often going to the gym for exercise, this can be a problem.

On the weekend, we have more leisure than on weekdays. The picture below gives us a sample of how a lot of people are conducting exercises on Car Free Day during the weekend.

Workout on Weekend
People exercises at Car Free Day

To keep ourselves healthy, we do not need to go on fitness every day, but we can wear some accessories to keep ourselves trained at all times. Though it may look weird at the office, at least it can compensate for our daily training.

Some accessories are designed to complement our training, but only a few accessories are suitable for daily life. To break it down, two accessories are best to fit in your daily life.

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights is a fitness accessory that allows us to build up some muscles on our legs. When we try it for the first time, we will feel like the walk we normally used to handle at a normal pace becomes heavier than before.

You can pair it with Arm / Wrist Weights, practically if you want to train multiple sections of muscles at once (From Legs to Arms). But we have to take note that the challenges will be doubled when doing it.

A good reference is from Hajime No Ippo, where Sendo trains his legs gradually by adding weight as soon as he gets used to the Ankle Weights training. At first, he got tired by just walking around, but he gradually increases the weight on the ankle weights once he gets used to it.

Sendo advises for Ankle Weights – Hajime No Ippo Chapter 246

As Sendo’s statement, it is better to do this exercise regularly and gradually increase the weight. We may not see the result of the training until we can feel the difference between equipping ankle weights initially and once we add more weights.


Ankle Weights is best used to do daily activities since it was others may not notice it when you wear it, and the length of your pants, such as jeans, was enough to cover it.

Nordic Lifting publishes the recommendations about using Ankle Weights, but the writer wants to expand it further, so we can wear it once we understand how it works.

Anyone can wear it during their daily activities, regardless of where we are. The writer’s advice is to maintain safety when using it, especially if you are doing some important things such as driving. If the legs become too tired to handle, you need some rest and took off the weight to ease it down.

Arm / Wrist Weights

Arm / Wrist Weight
Arm / Wrist Weight

Arm Weights is a fitness accessory suited for any user that wants to train their arm strength, such as biceps and triceps. Unlike the Ankle Weights, the Arm / Wrist Weights are exposed, practically if we did not wear the long sleeve suit.

We can wear it anywhere they like, and Arm / Wrist Weights can be paired with Ankle Weights. However, we must be careful since there are many Arm and Wrist Weights types, and each of them has a different weight distribution. Arm Weights can cover your hand to the wrist, while Wrist Weights focuses on your wrist.


Arm / Wrist Weights are best used if you want to train when doing some job that makes them unable to do an exercise that can train your muscles. Since leg muscles are easier to train than arm muscles, it is best to gradually train your arm.

To make sure you can pick any brand that can suit your taste, it is best to wear arm weights that weigh up to 2 lb or 1kg instead of above it. That’s because our arm is more vulnerable to tiredness than the legs, practically due to gravity as a prime example. While we can take a rest or sit down, use this chance to take off the Arm / Wrist Weight to loosen up some muscles and relax.

Recommended Brand

Some of the products, such as Exercise Fitness, provides an accessory that can help you to train their arms and legs. You can find the exercise Fitness website here:

While some opt to pick a fixed weight, the writer recommends a weight that can increase or decrease according to user needs. Sendo from Hajime No Ippo already gives an example about adding weight gradually, as it will give us the difference between wearing the ankle weights and not wearing them in the long-term.

Getting flexible Arm / Wrist Weights and Ankle Weights can be beneficial in the long-term training instead of the fixed weight. We may also ask the store whether they sell the equipment to adjust the weight they feel fit when they want to. Another thing to notice is the price itself, which can be more worth than what we can expect.

Another is to get an accessory that can fit both the Wrist and Ankle, although it will be difficult to acquire due to equipment complexity. The size of your wrist and ankle could be different.

Why the writer pick these two accessories? That’s because these two are the best accessories suited for our daily life. The benefit is we can go mobile with these weights equipped as we can just travel with these accessories equipped. The con side is if we took it off somewhere, we may realize that we lost something when we get back home.

Furthermore, if you don’t like going to the gym, these two fitness accessories can help compensate for your training.

5 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

Whilst a gym is a great place to work out, it’s not always the easiest or cheapest option for everyone. However, when it comes to exercising from home, it can be almost impossible to motivate yourself. At, we believe that being creative whilst getting fit is a key factor in inspiring you to keep working out.

So we will be looking at these 5 fun ways to get fit without a gym!

Want to skip ahead? Jump to the specific part below:

  1. Skipping
  2. Hula Hooping
  3. Dancing
  4. Trampolining
  5. Try a Sport


Skipping is a fun and straightforward exercise that comes with numerous benefits. It is a great way to get into home workouts and is easily personalised to what you need. Skipping allows you to set the pace and work at your own level, but will also become easier with practise. Eventually, once it is part of your routine, you can begin to change speeds, include tricks, and even make fun routines to your favourite workout songs. If you are looking for a tougher workout, be sure to purchase a weighted skipping rope for a more intense burn.

It is not only fun to skip rope, but it also comes with many health benefits. Skipping can burn as many as 1,600 calories in just an hour and is a great alternative to running or jogging. It is also categorised as a cardio exercise which includes a great number of advantages such as heart and lung health.

For more information on cardio exercise, check out our article The Benefits of Cardio Exercise.

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is another fun and easy exercise that can be done from home. Not only does it help burn calories, this exercise focuses on the core muscles, resulting in less abdominal fat and a toned stomach. It’s a great way to not only stay fit, but also includes other benefits such as a healthier heart and lungs, improves balance and helps the immune system.

However, hula hooping is not just about the health benefits. With some upbeat music on, it can be easy to complete a fun workout  that incorporates creative routines and changes of pace.

In order to get the full effect on how fun hula hooping can be, it’s important to make sure you have the right music playing, so be sure to check out our article on How to Make the Best Exercise Playlist. 


Dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay healthy. To incorporate it into your routine does not necessarily mean you need to join a dance class, unless, of course, you want to. However, with new interactive apps and websites it is now easy to get the most out of dancing!

YouTube has a variety of guided dance workouts available, therefore if there is anything specific in mind you wish to incorporate, for example, a favourite musician or album you like to workout to, there is a strong chance there is a video perfect for you. To search for some fun dance videos be sure to include key phrases such as:

  • 20 min dance workout
  • Dance workout for beginners 
  • Dance workout full body no equipment

If you are not a fan of YouTube, there are many apps that provide a visual guided workout experience. Whilst not all fitness apps include dance routines, many still incorporate fun workouts and can be very beneficial when trying to stay fit without a gym. 

If you would like to see our favourite exercise apps, make sure to check our list of Fitness Apps That Can Make Exercising at Home Easier.


Trampolining is a great and easy way to stay fit and with an indoor trampoline, this can be achieved at home. It can quickly get your pulse racing and is great for those just beginning their workout journey without a gym.

Working out on a trampoline focuses on your leg muscles however, different moves can be incorporated into your workout to make sure the full body receives attention. An indoor trampoline also includes the ability to start with low impact exercises so you can warm up to a high intensity workout. You can get started and see the progress for yourself with our Marcy Fitness Trampoline here.

For a more guided tutorial on how to use an indoor trampoline, check out our 5 Exercises You Can Do On a Trampoline to get the most out of your workout.  


Try a Sport

If you struggle to motivate yourself, finding a sport you enjoy is a great way to stay on track, especially if you are a competitive person.  Playing a sport helps you commit to a fitness routine and makes sure you get your active hours in during the week. However, sport is also beneficial because you can get fit and stay healthy whilst having an invested interest in something more than just losing weight.

If you are nervous about starting a new sport, make sure to bring a friend to play with or join a team. As long as you are staying active and having fun, it does not matter if you are particularly talented at the sport or not. 

If you are unsure on which sport might be for you, then check out our information on boxing. As an individual sport its great for building strength and staying fit so be sure to read our Boxing Techniques for Beginners and check out our boxing equipment here.


If your workout routine needs some refreshment, or perhaps the gym isn’t for you, then these 5 fun ways to get fit without a gym is a great place to begin. Enjoying your workout is vital for staying motivated, so if you lack the commitment be sure to invest in these fun exercises. 

Before beginning your exercise journey, please be sure to consult your doctor and always be safe when using equipment.

Keeping Fit in a Small Space

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to be stuck at home, making it difficult to keep fit. Although this has been a struggle for everyone, with the lack of commute and other regular activities that help to keep fit, it has been especially hard on those of us who live in small apartments, limiting the space for equipment and exercise.

Bodyweight exercises

person in blue pants and white socks

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to stay fit when space is limited. All you need is a small area that can accomodate the length of your body, as long as the areas large enough to do press-ups in, its large enough to do a whole bodyweight workout.

Bodyweight exercises have many benefits, including: no monetary cost, little chance of injury, building core strength and more! These mean that they are a great way to start exercising for beginners, or if you’re just not used to exercising at home.

There are so many bodyweight exercises it would be impossible to list them all, but both strength and cardio can be covered in a small space. Some strength exercises include pushups, pull ups and squats. Some cardio exercises being jumping jacks, planks and burpies.

You can get started with our bodyweight exercise plan now!

Fitness accessories

blue and black nike athletic shoes

These are small accessories that can help to customise your workout, whether your working on your arms, legs or back there’s an accessory that can help. These can easily be stored away on a shelf or out of the way to make use of a limited space.

One of the most popular and effective accessories are dumbells. These are incredibly versatile, allowing you to train almost every muscle in your body without needing much space. Some also have adjustable weights, allowing you to change it based on the exercise or intensity. Some examples of dumbell exercises can be found here.

Another great accessory are resistance bands. In terms of storage space these are the best equipment you can get, taking up essentially no space at all. These are a great first equipment to buy, allowing you to increase the difficulty of some of the bodyweight exercises and introduce some new ones.

There are many other types of fitness accessories, check some of these out here.

Foldable equipment

black and grey treadmill and stationary bikes

Foldable equipment are a bigger investment and take up more space when being used, but are gym level equipment great for more experienced people. They will allow you to work out around the level of a normal gym.

These also come with the benefit of allowing you to get in a traditional cardio workout through a treadmill or exercise bike, without having to leave the house. Although they do seem large, they only need the floor space when being used, being easily folded up and stored in a small space.

If this interests you some examples of these can be found here.

Its important to remember that no matter how small the space your limited to there is always a way to keep fit, and to make the most of public spaces aswell!

Invest in Yourself: The Multi Gym VS The Gym

Have you ever wondered about building your own home gym? Imagine how convenient, time efficient and accessible a workout place in the home would be. If you’re keen to get fit, build muscle and exercise but worried about the ongoing, monthly cost of a gym membership, have a shortage of time or feel self conscious stepping into the gym, then allow us to introduce to you to the multi gym.

At, we understand the ever growing demand for fitness equipment in the home, subsequently,  basic equipment like dumbbells are frequently sold out. That’s why, we believe the multi gym is a staple piece of equipment and is truly worthy of investment. Why, you might ask? Take a look at our information below.

  • The cost factor: multi gym price vs a gym membership

We have a multi gym to suit most budgets, with prices starting from £349 and ranging up to £2,199. We also offer 0% finance payment plans across all of our products over £399, so you could secure your multi gym with as little as a 10% deposit and spread the cost over 12 months!

To put it into perspective, the average gym membership is £40 per month making the average year long membership £480, more expensive than our starting range of multi gyms! Why not invest into a lifelong machine, for less? Ultimately, the multi gym is a financial investment and a money saving machine.

  • With one machine, workout the full body!

The multi gym can work out every muscle you target in the gym, whether you’re looking to build strength, muscle or tone up – the multi gym can do it. Check out our blog on the 10 best multi gym exercises to achieve your fitness goals.

  • From beginner to professional

Did you know a third of under 35’s are too self conscious to join a gym? The multi gym is the perfect way to battle these feelings. With the multi gym, you can work out in the comfort of your own home, try new exercises and discover a passion for fitness without the pressure or anxiety of a busy gym.

Also fitting for professional, or long-time gym goers, our multi gym selection ranges from 45 kg weight load, up to a 170 kg weight load, considered the next evolution level of strength training! Check the range of multi gyms available online now.

  • To suit your schedule 

Social Media consultant, Lisa Williams, recently told the BBC she will not be returning to the gym after the pandemic, because home workouts fit perfectly around her family and work commitments. The multi gym is the ideal way to upgrade your home gym so you can workout anytime without sacrificing the gym-style, professional equipment.

If you’re ready to invest into yourself by purchasing a multi gym but you’re not sure which model is for you, then read our ‘Multi Gym Buying Guide.’ Otherwise, visit our website and purchase your multi gym today with complimentary delivery available!

Have an Idea but non of the gear? Check out these 5 essentials to start your hiking journey.



One exercise in particular that has been on the rise since the first lockdown restrictions in March 2020, is walking. People are enjoying the outdoors a lot more and spending their days exploring as lockdown rules prohibit gyms or leisure centres from opening.

Walking hasn’t just become one of the most popular forms of exercise, simply due to weight management. It also has many other health benefits.  It is proven to reduce signs of depression and anxiety as well as improve your mood overall which is something every one can find relatable during recent months. It is also free, it costs nothing to get yourself out and exploring nature.

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, you may be thinking and planning of walking routes outside of town and travelling further a field. Before you make that trip, make sure you’ve packed these handy essentials  to ensure you have everything you need to make your adventure a successful one.


1.The correct footwear is vital for walking. Trainers would only last a certain distance and on particular terrain where as walking boots keep your feet supported correctly throughout different terrains and are hard wearing.  Walking boots can often be expensive but for good reason. They will last you a long time if you spend the money and treat them well.

2. Get yourself a backpack and fill it with water and snacks. If you’re not planning a picnic then at least make sure you have water with you to stay hydrated and high protein snacks. Nuts or energy bars are good for a quick fix and to keep your blood sugars up.

3.  Walking Socks – The amount of sweat created when walking, especially on long hikes, is excessive, therefore normal socks wont quite cut it and you will end up with very painful blisters. Walking socks help to regulate body temperature as well  as soak up excess moisture from the feet and help avoid blisters.

4. Waterproof Coat – you set off this morning and the sun was shining, the weather app said 15c and you thought to yourself, ‘I wont pack that, I wont need it’. You arrive at your destination, its clouded over and dropped to 9c. Wishing you had packed that coat now! Investing in a thin, lightweight, waterproof coat will never leave you unprepared for the unpredictable British weather.

5. A Walking App – always have a plan and know which route you are going to take. Walking Apps such as AllTrails and Komoot, keep you on track. You also know how long the route will take and can plan your day better.

Travelling and nature are the top trending subjects on Instagram right now so don’t forget to take pictures of your adventures. Hashtags such as #nature and #naturephotography are also the top trending hashtags for maximum exposure.


There is no such thing as too old to exercise! No matter how old you are, they will always be some exercise you can perform safely from home! This blog will demonstrate the best exercises for aging adults from the comfort of their own home, the pandemic can’t stop you!

Exercises using resistance bands can be directly linked to better balance, mobility, gait function, flexibility and fall efficacy – you could say they help your body stay younger for longer! Whether it’s for you, a grandparent or even a friend, the benefits of resistance bands will shock you!


  • Safe – no worrying about dropping any heavy weights!
  • Affordable – one of the cheapest pieces of gym equipment to own!
  • Customizable – different resistance levels can customize your daily exercise to your individual goals – purchase individually or in bundles! 
  • Portable – lightweight ensures you can move and store your equipment at ease!
  • Simple – they are so many different ways to use resistance bands, anyone can use them! You can try more complicated moves the more confident you get!


Although Resistance bands can benefit people of all ages, it’s known to be excellent way for aging adults to promote a decrease in muscular strength with aging. They are many other benefits of exercise as an older adult; balance and stability, joint strength, social and mental benefits and cardiovascular health!

It can be easy to ignore exercise as our bodies get older, injuries and chronic pain can result in a reluctance to regularly exercise. The problem is, not exercising can cause more harm in older generations; they are many simple exercises that over 50’s could benefit from if implemented in their daily life!

If you’re not ready to jump straight into using equipment, explore different exercises you can do without equipment to get started.


If you are new to resistance exercising at an older age, are injured or are returning to exercise after pregnancy you should check with a healthcare provider to ensure they are no modifications you should follow.

The following exercises have been hand selected for older adults, some positions can be completed laid and sat down to reduce intensity when required. They may be less intense but you will be sure to see and feel a difference!

  • Sit on the floor with your legs together in front of you
  • Loop the resistance band around your feet and hold with each hand
  • Exhale whilst slowly pulling the bands towards your core (Keep your back straight!)
  • Inhale and slowly extend your arms towards your feet back into the starting position
  • Complete a set of up to 15 reps
  • Start by standing up straight
  • Place one end of the resistance band under your right heel
  • Hold the other end with both hands over your right shoulder
  • Stretch the band pulling it up above your head
  • Return to starting position
  • Complete a set of up to 15 reps on each side

If you do not have a loop band don’t worry, tie your band together with a simple knot – the shorter the loop the higher the resistance!

  • Standing up straight, place the loop around each ankle
  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart whilst in an upright posture
  • Place your hands on your hips whilst lifting your right leg to the side – if low balance hold onto something with one arm!
  • Once you feel the resistance return to the starting position
  • Repeat for up to 15 reps each leg
  • Sit in your chair in an upright position with your shoulders back (this exercise can also be done seated or laid on a floor with your legs straight in front of you!)
  • Holding the ends of the resistance bands close to your hips, place your right foot inside of the band and raise the extended leg
  • Adjust the intensity by shortening the band
  • When happy with the resistance level, point your foot and flex it back
  • This can be repeated up to 20 times
  • Make sure to repeat on other leg!
  • Sit in an upright position or stand, drawing your shoulders back
  • Hold each end of the resistance band with both hands and raise your arms to shoulder level
  • Inhale as you pull the band apart as far as you can, moving your arms laterally away from your shoulders – the upper body will become a T shape with arms extended
  • On the exhale return to the starting position
  • Complete a set of up to 15 reps

They are so many different exercises to try out using resistance bands to prevent muscle loss with age, but we hope these get you started! If you are looking for a more intense workout, increase the resistance and include some harder resistance exercises.

It is recommended all adults complete strengthening exercises such as working with resistance bands 2 times a week, for more info on how much exercise you should be completing see NHS Live Well.

If you enjoyed this article you can share it with family and friends, and stay stronger for longer!












Tai chi is a health-promoting exercise with slow, graceful, continuous movements. In July 2002, the Time, a weekly magazine of the United States, compared the ancient Chinese tai chi to the perfect exercise. It is an aerobic health exercise with more than 150 million practitioners in the world.





There is good evidence that tai chi will help people to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility. Meanwhile, tai chi allows you to increase the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen and detoxify. Despite this, however, it is the best way to relieve stress and boost immunity during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Tai chi can be done at any age if you do it in the right way. It is acceptable to start at the age of 10 or 20. It’s never too late for the people aged 55 and over. Tai chi is suitable for anyone of any age.




What’s really important is the need for right dress equipment, which will hugely help your tai chi journey, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

Dress then in any right sort of clothing for tai chi – something loose and comfortable that you can move around in. Of course, you can create the tai chi look with the shirt and trousers showed in the picture above.

Pair with the flat soft shoes. Thick soled shoes should be avoided.




Increase the alertness of the nervous system

There is some evidence that gradually practicing tai chi adjusts the central nervous system to a certain extent. It will really help to increase your brain health, stretch and strength various parts of your body.


Improve cardiopulmonary function

Some research suggests that tai chi can make the abdominal muscles and abdominal mucosa interact to increase the air permeability in the body, and accelerate the blood flow in the abdomen to achieve the regular changes in abdominal pressure. By practicing tai chi regularly, you will gradually keep your heart healthy and blood pressure regulated.

Promote the flexibility of the body

The gentle tai chi exercise can effectively stretch out your back, get your blood circulating and increase your body strength. The more that you can exercise properly, the more ankles and knees health you’ll retain which play a huge part in protecting your joints from the damage.





Outside of the physical benefits, it’s also important to remember a number of mental benefits.

With depression becoming more common, tai chi can be an incredible way for you to fight you own boredom or depression.

Like any low-intensity exercise, you just practice it regularly and make sure you do it right. This will help you to keep your body healthy and running as normal, as well as truly allow yourself to relax.




Here is the basics of tai chi from an instructor to make sure your style is correct, effective and won’t cause injury. It’s a good idea to get advice from your GP before you start tai chi if you have a medical condition or any health concerns.

The is a great place where you can find tai chi classes in your area.


Keep your feet shoulder-width apart naturally

Stand with your feet parallel and your knees slightly bent

The calf should be basically perpendicular to the ground


When leveling your hands, straighten your palms naturally, and your fingertips should not be higher than your eyes.

When pushing the hand according to the curve, you should always adjust your center of gravity and keep it stable.

Don’t bend your knees too much. When moving left and right, don’t concentrate all your strength on the front legs.



Calm down and relax

When practicing Tai Chi, you should centre your mind and keep yourself calm down.  At the same time, tai chi is characterized by its graceful movements that are gentle on the joints and muscles.

Round and coherent

Tai chi is a kind of systemic exercise. Firstly,”Coherence” refers to multiple aspects. the continuity of the limbs, which is based on the waist. Secondly,in the process of movement conversion, the lower limbs are belted around the hips, hips around the knees, and knees around the feet, upper limbs are backed with a belt, shoulders with slings, shoulders with elbows, and hands with elbows. Finally, the connection between actions, there is no break or pause between each action.

Natural breathing and calm movements

Done Correctly, the tai chi poses flow smoothly from one to another. First of all, we must pay attention to the proper transformation of the virtual and the reality. There is no instability in the various parts of the body during the movement. As well as becoming stronger, the legs that mainly support the weight of the lower limbs are solid, and the auxiliary support or movement and step change are virtual; Finally, the arms that reflect the main content of the movement are the real upper limbs, and the auxiliary arms are virtual.

Uniform speed

Beginners in tai chi adopt the deep breathing method. The essence of Tai Chi is to inhale and withdraw breath, making the movements natural and flexible without any sense of pressure.

Proper exercise

Tai chi requires slowness when it changes from one posture to another and the center of gravity transfers from one leg to the other, and it takes a long time. This greatly increases the load on the lower limbs. Therefore, beginners will often feel sore legs after practice.


Practice for a long time

The duration of each exercise, and the amount of exercise should be determined according to the work and study situation and your own physical fitness. The elderly and the infirm should adjust the amount of exercise appropriately according to their physical conditions. Please make sure your style is correct, effective and won’t cause injury. Enjoy !

Just Get Out: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Exercise

Just Get Out: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Exercise

Forest to show the environment

Exercising and caring for the environment are two things that are becoming more entwined in our society with more people looking to be environmentally friendly in their lifestyles. Lots of people often struggle with the idea of eco-friendly exercise and we’re here to say…just get outdoors!

By now, we all know we need to reduce our carbon footprint by making changes to our lifestyles; we know it’s better to walk to work than drive and we know we should stop silently cursing restaurants for their paper straws. We also know we need to stop drinking so many plastic bottles of water at the gym and stop replenishing our gym equipment so often. We’re here to help and give you all the tips you need for eco-friendly exercise.


walking outdoors

Walking is perhaps the simplest form of exercise with little to no impact on the environment and can take you to some beautiful places! Whether you’re looking to escape into the tranquillity of the countryside or wander through the streets of your hometown, walking can be fabulously interesting and calming. It can help you build your fitness and gives you a stress-free break from your day.


Top Tip – Use a route planner to discover new adventures and find the public bridleways meandering the countryside


If you’re looking for eco-friendly walking shoes, these Vivo Bare Foot shoes come highly recommended by us. They’re even used by some of the countries’ best explorers, including Ed Stafford, who became the first man to walk the Amazon

If you want  to push yourself on your walks, try adding ankle weights. Incorporating weights into even a gentle walk can really help tone muscles throughout the full body, and help you burn more calories if you’re looking to lose weight. These Davina Ankle Weights are a great investment – made of neoprene, they’re not as environmentally friendly as others, but are extremely durable and won’t need replacing so often. If you’re looking to lessen your environmental impact, buying durable products is a good place to start.


running outdoors

Running is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and lose weight, and is accessible to all fitness levels. It has been shown to largely improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress, and can be brilliant for anxiety and depression. Why not get out for a jog and see how you feel afterwards

It’s important to stay hydrated whilst running – eco-friendly water bottles are the way forward; using stainless steel, these Gaiam Water Bottles keep your water cooler for longer and have a mouth wide enough for ice cubes to tackle the cold-water cravings.


outdoor yoga mountain pose

Yoga is a wonderful way to connect your mind and body with the earth. It’s easy for everyone to have a go at – you don’t have to be as bendy as you think! Be sure to incorporate a little yoga flow into your day to calm the mind, stretch the body and gently lift your carbon footprint from the earth with this natural occurring, sustainable cork yoga mat.

Whatever exercise you love to do, take it outdoors and use the environment to refresh your mind.


Top Tip – If you’re lucky enough to live near a local farmers market, check out their eco-friendly goods for your post-workout greens!