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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Target customers

The product revolves around home fitness. During its popular period, people pay more attention to sports health, which brings unlimited potential business opportunities. The target customer group for millennials aged 18-24 is the main consumer group. In-depth understanding of their consumption habits, increase online purchase channels, improve adaptability, to obtain more fun and better course combinations, create a high frequency of use among millennial customers, and attract more customers to join the home fitness program.

Clients between the ages of 18 and 24 pursue fitness and a strong body. At this age, they are in the golden stage of physical development, and their bones are fully mature and strong. This type of customer group recommends fitness exercises and equipment. According to the different needs of customers for fitness, the system is suitable for customers’ fitness programs and equipment. Need to understand the customer’s self-positioning, ideal goals, nutritional arrangements, fitness frequency and other information. The purpose of the exercise is to give priority to anaerobic training, supplemented by aerobic training. This is the mature physiological function of men and women aged 18 to 24, with a high level of metabolism and strong secretion of growth hormone. This age group is the golden stage to improve strength and shape. It also satisfies the psychological satisfaction of the 20-year-old age group and the pursuit of bodybuilding.

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On the other hand, they are also a high-risk group of obesity, reasonable exercise to lose weight and a healthy diet. It is recommended to match with equipment, fitness is mainly to increase muscle strength, exercise is relatively large, and at the same time, pay attention to science and comprehensiveness, and it is suitable to choose growth fitness equipment. For example, multifunctional home fitness series, tensioners, grips, dumbbells, supine support, dumbbells, multifunctional treadmills, etc., to obtain the best muscle condition. Healthy recipes, leading users to complete at home, need protein powder and supplements for muscle training to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss.

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Digital user platform

Social networking, fitness at home after getting off work, is not only a way of life but also a way for people to socialize. The main users of the APP are young people, in line with the product’s digital marketing channel, which integrates all equipment information, coach records, new product promotions, nutrition and fitness knowledge. Establish a communication community for fitness users, and users are located in the community. Divided into three parts, the first part includes sports dynamics, sports rankings and sharing with friends. Users who reach established fitness goals or use fitness goals frequently will be rewarded, which can be used to exchange coaching courses or as gifts to friends. In the second part, all family customers who have purchased fitness equipment have an APP account to record the customer’s weight, body fat, muscle content, fitness goals, fitness recipes and other customer information. In the third part, users adapt to the forum, satisfying the sharing desire and sense of honour of modern young people. They share and exchange fitness photos and results. These photos will attract fans and likes from different users and users who created influencer.



Fitness trainer

Tailored for the user, a variety of fitness training for you to choose training under the guidance of the coach at home, not limited by space. Fitness is done at home to avoid boredom and boredom. Provides different fitness combinations and guides. Coaches and employees need to form a team in the background. This is especially important for new users, beginners and users who need to lose weight. To urge users to reach their goals, they can share food photos and sleep time and other information exchanges every day. Fitness plans are tailor-made for customers with different needs and arranged according to customers’ equipment and fitness needs. The recording and broadcasting of star coaches are lively and interesting and provide personalized and personalized services according to the characteristics and needs of the crowd. Celebrity coaches need to be established on the platform to attract more fans and clicks. Operate fan management to better interact with users and understand their needs, to meet user needs.


Data usage

The existing digital marketing SES (Search Engine Service) has created the company’s celebrity coaches and celebrity members from the media to increase media traffic and exposure. For example, young people such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok use advanced social platforms to encourage users to share fitness photos and experiences on different social platforms or cooperate with companies to create fitness network celebrities. Customers who are between 18-24 years old and have little work experience or fitness experience are novices. Different work experience is required, and you can use this method to work with them. Promote the company’s products on social platforms first. Secondly, use the fan effect to promote the equipment and recruit more fitness fans, which can turn them into potential users, and establish free coaching and nutrition guidance course services.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the extension of home fitness habits will gradually enlarge, and the audience will continue to change in the future, which will accelerate the popularity of online fitness and gradually form a sense of identity among users. The future epidemic will pass, how to plan the strategy facing the home fitness market in the future. There is a surge in users. With the addition of professional and semi-professional users, the existing fitness content can no longer meet the quality and quantity needs of “critical” users. Two groups of non-deep users and semi-professional users are testing the “diversified” content construction capabilities of online fitness. In the future, the industry will continue to provide home fitness users with integrated and innovative solutions for weight loss and fitness through fitness equipment in the form of a more refined division of labour.

On the other hand, the ability of the public to identify high-quality fitness content and services has been strengthened, making high-quality content and service provision stand out, accelerating the continuous optimization and upgrading of online equipment, coaching content and recipes. We will move towards a more benign model and development direction in terms of user conversion, content and service upgrades, diversified monetization models, and efficiency improvements.