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Nutrition is as important as exercise. Eating the right thing and at the right time, and avoiding the wrong thing at the wrong time is crucial to your training and health.

We’re here to tell you why and how.

Healthy diet is the core of human nutrition and the basis of exercise. Three meals a day, regular diet, is advocated by all health experts. However, when or what is the best time to eat these three meals is an art of rhythm. How to break free from the shackles of nutrition, many people put all kinds of ideas and suggestions of nutrition behind us, and eat what we should eat. But in view of the “food environment”, it is not easy to do this in real life. Nevertheless, to achieve a truly healthy diet, there are still some simple principles worthy of our attention and follow. It is the most scientific meal schedule in the history. We have made a scientific analysis of three meals a day.


  • Diet and health
  • Scientific diet and the best time
  • Breakfast
  • Extra meal
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Dinner
  • Simple nutrition principles


In many countries of the world, eating is a culture. Generally three meals a day, divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, in many large and medium-sized cities, many people have formed the habit of eating supper. Eating is the main way for people to take in energy and nutrition. Therefore, bad eating quality and habits directly affect people’s health. After eating for more than ten years, is the food you eat really healthy and beneficial?



The gastric emptying time of mixed food (i.e. meat and vegetable food) is 4-5 hours, so the interval of your three meals a day should be 4-6 hours, which is the most healthy.


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Breakfast – 7:00am

At this time, you may have just got up, but in fact, the activity in your body has begun. Your body temperature has begun to rise, your pulse has begun to speed up, your sympathetic nerve has gradually become active, and your digestive function has also begun to operate gradually. Your gastrointestinal tract is in a state of awakening, and you can digest and absorb the nutrients in your food most efficiently, so this is the best time for you to have breakfast.

Best breakfast suggestion: 1 orange + 1 cup of coffee + 2 slices of whole wheat bread + 1 egg. This breakfast does not need to be very rich, but it enriches the nutrition you need. If you want to have an energetic morning, you should pay attention to this nutritious breakfast.


Extra meal – 10:30am

Between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., your metabolism is 40% faster than at other times. So, at this time, you need to eat some low-fat carbohydrates to supplement energy, to help you focus and maintain a positive body state.


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Lunch – 12:00pm

Twelve o’clock at noon is the best time to have lunch, which is also the time when your body needs the most energy. At this time, your gastrointestinal digestion enthusiasm is far less than that of breakfast, so you need to chew and swallow slowly, so it can be easier to absorb.

Nutritious lunch recommendation: rich in fiber vegetables + red meat + staple food.


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Afternoon tea – 15:00pm

This is also the time when you need to replenish energy immediately, because the glucose content in your body has been greatly reduced. Not only does your thinking speed slow down, but also bad emotions such as irritability and anxiety begin to emerge. If you don’t replenish energy in time, your work efficiency and physical function will hardly reach the best state.

Full Score afternoon tea recommendation: almonds or raisins rich in crude fiber.


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Dinner – 18:00pm

Dinner must be solved 4 hours before going to bed, which is the time required for complete digestion and absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract. Otherwise, sleeping with undigested food will not only accumulate fat, but also greatly affect your sleep quality.

Nutritional dinner recommendation: protein rich seafood or beans + staple food.


Recommendation 1

Eat real food

This is very difficult to say and do simply because our market is full of so-called “modern food” that looks like food, such as fresh fruit ice yogurt, breakfast cereal bar biscuits, non dairy cream and other modern processed food, which will make you feel at a loss. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose the original food.

Recommendation 2

Avoid processed foods that claim to be healthy

These foods are usually over processed, so the so-called health promotion and advertising are often not trustworthy. Margarine, for example, was one of the first processed foods to claim health benefits, but it turned out to be a risk factor for heart disease.

Recommendation 3

Avoid foods with more than five unfamiliar ingredients

Although these ingredients may not be harmful, if a food contains many strange ingredients, it is enough to prove that the food is over processed.

Recommendation 4

Try to stay away from the supermarket

In the fresh market, you don’t come across processed foods like “high fructose corn syrup” or foods that were transported from far away a long time ago. Fresh food market provides fresh and healthy food.

Recommendation 5

Eat more, eat less

Better foods, which are more delicious or nutritious, tend to have higher prices, because they often require careful cultivation and produce less.

Eating less may be the most unpopular suggestion, but it has the best scientific evidence: reducing calorie intake can delay aging, and eating less can help prevent cancer. In history, many people have followed the principle of “eight percent satiety”.

Recommendation 6

Mainly to eat vegetables and fruits, eat more leaves

Health experts don’t agree that vegetables are good for people’s health, but they all agree that vegetables are good for people’s health. In addition, eating more vegetables can help you greatly reduce your calorie intake.

Recommendation 7

Refer to some traditional eating habits

It has been proved that the people in France, Italy, Japan and Greece who follow the rules of traditional food culture are generally healthier than the Americans who follow “modern nutrition”. There must be some reason why the traditional eating habits can be passed down from generation to generation.

Recommendation 8

Cook your own food

If possible, grow your own fruits and vegetables. This will not only help you stay away from fast food, but also help you stay away from the hidden values behind fast food – food is fast and cheap. In fact, food is precious, and cooking is an art. Growing your own vegetables can help you get physical exercise before eating these foods.