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A guide to well-being mentally and physically throughout lockdown.

When it comes to being healthy, looking after your mental health and well-being is just as vital as looking after your physical wellbeing. From nutritional advice to routines here are is our guide to looking after your wellbeing and mental health throughout lockdown.

With numerous lockdowns and restrictions, the world we live in today can feel quite strange, draining, and hard to grasp a routine of everyday life. With new social media tribes forming from fitness fanatics to self-care gods and goddesses, we can take one crucial observation from lockdown, self-care and wellbeing are vital. It’s completely normal to feel uneased and not yourself in this day and age of a global pandemic. Still, there are ways you can take care of your wellbeing and help manage your mental health. With clinically approved information from the NHS “Every Mind Matters” page, Mind, and expert advice we have put together some advice and tips on how to stay positive and manage your wellbeing all throughout lockdown.

Stay Connected
Staying connected to friends, family and people that help you stay positive can be a great help during lockdowns and can support others too. Talking about your feelings can help you reset your mind and lift that weight off your shoulders. Sometimes anxious thoughts can be changed from a simple conversation and getting out how you feel. Social contact is excellent for your mental health, whether through a phone/video call, voice note or little message. Social bonding and talking to others can release the hormone oxytocin, releasing a positive mental state.

There are many ways to stay in touch and talk about your feelings, from arranged group calls, quiz nights, and catch-ups. These are ideas that can help break up the day and help you stay connected. With lockdown along came the benefits of the internet and digital apps, keeping us connected. Streaming services such as Netflix now have watch parties where you watch films and shows with friends and family whilst talking. Social activities and talking can bring a positive impact on your well-being. Connecting with others can make a huge difference, be sure to check in on yourself and others as talking it out is always a good start.

Balanced Diet
We have all seen lockdown pasta and baking trends emerge from our time spent in isolation and as much as we agree on treating ourselves and listen to what our body wants we also believe in nurturing our bodies from a healthy and balanced diet. The way we eat can affect our wellbeing and even our mental health, a great way to eating a balanced diet and mindful eating is to plan meals and look through recipes that your body and mind can benefit from. Cooking from scratch and cutting or lowering your processed food intake can also be beneficial, learning to cook or making things at home is also a great hobby and activity to do during the lockdown. Here we have a few recommendations for mindful eating, from healthy breakfasts to mood-boosting recipes. Listen to what your body needs and keep your diet as colorful as possible. Hydration is also important, our bodies need water to stay healthy and hydrated.

By Victoria Soanes

Create A Lockdown Routine
With lockdowns and isolation changing your everyday life routines, it can be quite hard to adapt to a new schedule and change from the shift of motivation to working and studying. How can we stay motivated? With most of us now working from home, we may find it hard to concentrate or create a weekly schedule. Here are some ideas to help keep you motivated and build your lockdown schedule. 

– Tailor your schedule to your interests and priorities: We all have different preferences, whether it be work or fitness. It’s always good to note down things you find are essential in your life. 

– Follow a morning routine: When adapting to working from homework or education-based, it is essential to keep a morning routine that can help put you into a working mindset. Start with a time you are happy to wake up to every day, get ready for the day, make breakfast, arrange a workspace, and set out times that suit your work schedule. Always allocate breaks for yourself too!

–  Find moments for yourself: Whether this is through meditation, walking or exercising and self-care. Taking some time out of your schedule to tune into what you need is healthy.

– Start the day with a to-do list: If you don’t like to follow schedules, another great alternative is to start the day with a to-do list, you can add to it throughout the day. Alternatively, you can start your day off with a morning tea or coffee and write down what you want to achieve and do on that day.

– Give yourself breaks! : It is essential when trying to fill the day up, look after yourself. The pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stay productive and distracted, and it’s okay to switch off. Also, to take a breather, you’re doing great!

At Home Workouts & Exercise

When it comes to staying fit and healthy through lockdown it can seem like a struggle due to the closure of gyms and outdoors sports, however we can take this as an opportunity to discover at home workouts and local beauty spots outside our front door. From walking and running to home workouts and yoga, we’ve got all your fitness needs covered with our workout guides.


Make A Playlist

Sometimes creating playlists to suit a mood or feeling can really add some positivity to your day, creating a workout playlist can also be really beneficial to getting in the right mood to exercise.

How to make the best exercise playlist

Sleep Routine

Getting a good nights sleep and a healthy sleep routine is essential when it comes to wellbeing and mental health, we rely on sleep to reset us and get us prepared for the next day physically and mentally. Here are some guides to help aid sleep and get a healthy sleep schedule.


Taking Time Out For Yourself

Taking a break is so important during lockdown, whether it is through a pamper night or catching up on your favorite show. Here are some ideas of self-care that can promote a healthy mindset and encourage wellbeing.

Journaling: The powers of journaling can help reduce stress, boosts our moods, and helps strengthen our emotional functions. You can start journaling with notes on your phone or you can get creative and by a journal and personalize it to your liking. We believe writing how you feel or what you got up to in the day is really therapeutic and can help guide us into a healthy mindset.

Self-care: Self-care can be whatever you want it to be, from a homemade spa night to meditation. Taking time out of your life to look after yourself can promote a balanced mindset and help keep a positive mental state.

Start a new hobby: Creative and interactive hobbies help us stay focused and also can distract us in a healthy way from any negative impact lockdowns have created. Hobbies such as writing, painting, cooking, or even gaming can help give us that escape we need.

Meditation & Yoga: Meditation and practicing yoga can help both your physical and mental state, encoring wellbeing and a healthy way to unwind. Yoga and meditation can even be practiced through reaching techniques, here are some of our yoga-based articles that may help.


Overall, this is a tough time and we are all dealing with the impact of lockdown differently. You are doing great though, keep up the good work and stay strong!