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Forget Hollywood, welcome to HULLYWOOD!

Original blog by: Glonghurst

From vibrant bars to cheap cinemas, and infamous Monday nights to hidden gems. Hull has an  incredible range of hotspots for any student to explore. 

During my last three years here at University,  even now, Im still amazed as to how much goes on in the 2017 city of culture. Within a week of moving in I’d already realised that nightlife here by the Humber was quite different to my home county in rural Bedfordshire. The bars in the ‘Old Town’ and along Newland Avenue like the ‘Hangout Bar’ and ‘Roots’ offer a sophisticated evening for people wanting to ‘grab some grub’ and perhaps even enjoy a cocktail or two.

Also, word soon spread about the infamous Monday nights in the Piper club. It sometimes seems like the entire student population descends upon the club at 11pm every Monday.

Whereas, for those not interested in £1 shots and £2 pints, Hull has an array of cheap cinema’s located all around the city for students to sit back and relax, £5 or less for an evening of entertainment… What more could a student want? How about a hidden gem, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city which is arguably the best way to enjoy the wildlife during your time in Hull? Well, That would be the nature trails at the Humber Bridge Country Park.



So there you have it. Hull is truly an extraordinary place, but don’t take my word for it…  come and see for yourself!

7 Ways to Handle Stress and Anxiety at University

Original blog by: Amy

  1. Stay positive – Focus on the good things. Remember why you worked so hard to get into university and focus on where you want to be in life.
  2. Believe in yourself – You’ve got this! You’ve worked hard to get into university and you have proven to yourself that you can do it. Keep going!
  3. Talk to a friend – Speak to a fellow university friend or a friend from home. Having a support network will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders.
  4. Enjoy yourself – University isn’t all about exams, coursework and lectures. Grab a drink at your local pub, chill out with friends or join a sports team or society and meet new people.
  5. Remember, things will get better – Don’t worry! Be confident in yourself and take 5 minutes to think about how well you’re doing! Getting to university is an amazing achievement. Be proud of yourself!
  6. Take breaks – Studying isn’t about not stopping for months or years at a time. You need breaks and you deserve them! Have an evening off to put your feet up, watch Netflix and forget about everything else. Go on, you know you want to!
  7. Look after yourself – Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise. This isn’t always what you want to be doing but trust me, it helps more than you realise!If you are suffering, please do not hesitate to contact one of the services below: 

    or call the Samaritans on 0330 094 5717

From Flatmates To Friends

I have been living in HULL for half a year. Fortunately, I have a group of friendly and nice flatmates! We did a lot of interesting things together such as cooking, traveling and playing.

Original Blog by: Zjian

Cooking brings us closer

Cooking is our fastest way to build relationships. Whenever we cooking together, we are very happy and enjoying. What impressed me most was in the Chinese New Year. To celebrate, we make dumplings together which is a traditional Chinese custom. We also watched a Chinese TV show. We eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh and pretty enjoying this moment.

Traveling boost our relationship

We went to many places, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leicester and so on. We were struck by the beauty of Edinburgh, moved by the sacredness and purity of Liverpool Cathedral, attracted by the history of the Beatles Museum and so on!

Playing makes us know more about each other.

We participate in many interesting activities and sports. We work out together in the gym, go to the largest aquarium in the UK, go for a walk in the park, feed pigeons, ski in the snowy mountains, go to the Hull fair and climb together.

I’m very glad to be a flatmate with such a group of interesting people and happier to be friends with them.I believe our relationship will be better in the future

Five useful apps students at the University of Hull shouldn’t live without

Original Blog by: otsang

Being an international student, studying aboard for university can be exciting but also stressful. Some free mobile apps are extremely useful and have made my life easier and better in Hull. Below are five apps I want to share with you:


UNiDAYS offers exclusive deals for students. You just need to register with your academic email to enjoy discounts from an array of brands both online and in store.

2) EY Buses

If you do not own a car but would like to get around the city,                    EY Buses app is highly recommended as it offers various types of mobile ticket and special discount for the Hull University students. Moreover, its various bus routes are convenient to travel from the university to other places in the city.

3) Just Eat

No matter you are running out of time for assignments or just fancy a treat, food delivery services can be more appealing than cooking. Using the Just Eat app is an easy and fast way to search for your favorite restaurants and order delivery or takeaways.

4) Trainline

Train travel is a good option for trips during semester break or even weekend as most towns in the UK can be accessed quickly and conveniently by train. You can find timetable information and book train ticket through the Trainline app.

5) Hull Live

If you are eager to learn more about Hull, you should download the Hull Live app which provides you with the latest news, traffic alerts, sports updates and more in Hull.


Just click on the image to download the app you like and hope you enjoy your student life!


Study Skills: Strategic approaches that can help you with exams

While exams are commonly acknowledged as painful and troublesome among many students, the ways to counter these problems are becoming increasingly paramount.

With this in mind, here I would like to share a step-by-step personal tactic to deal with all kinds of exam, and hopefully these might aid you with your future study!

1. Know your scope:

It is crucial to know the scope of your exam and the core areas. This is the starting point for effective and efficient revising as the time is limited and consequently you must utilise all your strength on the right direction.

2. Make a revision plan:

Once you have identified your scope and core areas, the next thing is to dissect them into sections and label them with a time frame and priority. Normally, the higher the priority the more the time you need to allocate. And the allocation of time is based on the estimation of your personal strength.

3. Be calm and follow the plan:

When the plan is created, the next step is to follow it! Make sure nothing comes in your way and stop you from reaching the daily objective.

4. Reflect and retain:

The last gap between you and the aim is reflection and retention. It would be frustrating that if you cannot remember anything when it comes to the real deal. So, try to be proactive and reflect on the previous learning at the end of each day, and the science behind this is supported by Hermann Ebbinghaus.

Start to make plans now! Please leave some comments and follow me on twitter for more information! @Chuanqi_Xu

This blog is reproduced from 2016 by Chanqi Xu