Hula Hooping Your Way To Being Healthy 

You may think hula hooping is just for kids but think again. Hula hooping is a new craze sweeping the exercise world. When looking for motivation to exercise often a home work out is not inspiring enough to get up and active but this new craze is making a classic childhood activity a new and fun way to loose the inches off the waist and make 30 minutes of exercise fun again.  Find other ways to motivate yourself through our learn page

Here are some of the reasons why hula hooping is becoming an exercising sensation.

1. Picking the right hula hoop

Although hula hooping is fun on its own getting a weighted hula hoop is more beneficial for burning calories and inches off the waist. Starting with a bigger hoop is recommended for beginners to get into the swing of it. As you get stronger you can advance to a heavier hoop. It is recommend to start with a 1lb hoop and beginning with a 10 minute workout. 

2 . Burn those calories

Alongside making the appropriate changes to your diet hula hooping increases the chances of loosing the inches around your waist and hips. Recent studies found that 13 women over 6 weeks lost on average 3.4 cm around their waist and hips.

3.   Integrates your core muscles 

Hula hooping focuses on moving your hips and keeping a rhyme which increases the mobility in your hips and waist. Hula hooping regularly is an excellent way to target your abdominal area and build strength in your core.

4.  Inclusive Activity 

It can be hard to acquire all the gym equipment you need in a household or pay for an expensive gym membership. Hula hooping requires no commute nor an expensive piece of gym equipment to get fit and become healthier. It makes an inexpensive simple portable item the key to your workout routine which can be enjoyed by every member of the family.


5. Balance is included

Whilst hula hooping is beneficial for the core and weight loss it also helps with your general balance and mobility. Hula hooping as your regular exercise gives you better control over your body’s movement and posture. 

6. Get Creative 

Set yourself targets! Hula hooping is a way to increase cardiovascular activity in limited space, put a set timed playlist on and hula hoop until the end of the playlist. With the Mayo Clinic reporting that 30 minutes hula hooping can burn up to 165 calories in one session. A 30 minutes episode of your favourite TV show will be as beneficial as as a 2 hour run. 

Before starting any new exercising  or nutritional regime consult a professional . This is important for any individuals with pre-existing health problems. assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or property damage sustained by using our advice.

When exercising if you experience any dizziness, chest pain or any abnormal symptoms stop the workout immediately and contact a doctor.

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