Nutrition and fitness: A wellness guide

Fitness and nutrition play prominent roles in ensuring both the physical and mental health of human beings. Ignoring proper fitness and nutritional habits can have greater consequences and can gradually lead to extreme health risks such as obesity, diabetes and so on. Nutrition has been given importance as exercise. Consuming the right food at the right times and avoiding unhealthy food is vital to one’s health and training. In order to promote good health and decrease the chances of major health risks, individuals are required to incorporate proper nutritional habits.

The need for nutrition 

As per the opinion of Divya (2018), the body of human beings was designed for movement and it works as a vehicle. It is necessary for people to fuel this vehicle by consuming a balanced diet on a regular basis. The human body requires sufficient carbohydrates which provide energy to the body. In times of lack of carbohydrates proteins and fats can be broken down to energize the human body. At the basic level, the right amount of nutrition is essential for people doing physical training as it provides the source of energy required to perform training. The Food consumed by people influenced their performance, training, recovery, and strength.

Nutrition of training activities 

Meals eaten after or before training are regarded as the most important in training however, one has to be careful with the food that is put into the body. As the fundamental rule, people involved in regular physical training need to eat about two hours before beginning their exercising and meals need to be rich in carbohydrates, low in protein and low in fat. For people undertaking physical training on a regular basis, protein is necessary to aid muscle repairing and growth (Lilić et al. 2019). Whereas, carbohydrates are considered as the main source of energy for them that power and energize the training regime. At the end of the training, individuals are required to substitute the carbohydrates they have lost and need to ensure proper recovery of muscles adding protein in the post-training meal.

Necessity of nutrition

It has been observed that in the UK, adults need to consume on average 4.2 portions of vegetables and fruit whereas, teenagers need to intake 2.7 portions and 65 to 70 years old need to intake 4.3 portions per day (, 2020). The overall benefits of consuming nutritional food are numerous as a healthy diet is effective in promoting healthy physical outcomes, maintaining a healthy body, and reducing the risk of chronic disease. Thus, nutritional intake is hugely required for promoting the wellbeing and health of individuals.

Nutrition is undeniably a major factor in the success of performance and training as fuel is required to power the human engine. However, the nutrition value of food majorly relies on the time, type, and amount of nutritional intake. Proper nutritional intake plays a significant role in the mental and physical success of human beings. Nutritional intake also impacts the recovery from training, adaptation to training, and overall performance.

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