Top 5 pieces of equipment to use for home workout to build up muscles and strength by

With the gyms closed during the lockdown it is really hard to build up muscles and strength. However, with these 5 pieces of equipment you will be able to work out at home and get a similar result or even better ones than in the gym. 


  1. Weight Plates  

Weight plates are a great for home workouts as they allow to train without need of any other equipment. This is a great option for people who want to minimalize the use of equipment in their taring and get really good result out of their workout. The weight plates are also a good option if you are looking to save money on gym equipment a 15kg weight plate will not cost more that £50, the 15kg weight plate will allow you to train most of your muscles from arms and back to legs. With great results.   

  1. Resistance Bands 

 Another great and cheap piece of equipment that can be used for home workout are the resistance bands. Resistance bands are really cheap and can be used to train the whole body. The resistance bands are made out of latex and work by putting a resistance on the muscles during the training, most of the resistance bands are divided into colours the colour indicates the amount of resistance that the band will put on the muscle. The main advantages of the resistance bands are the facts that they can be used to train every muscle which is crucial for a home workout being able to work on all muscles, and they are small and portable making them prefect for home training 

  1. Pull Up Bar   

Pull up bars are a very important for any home workout as the allow you to train using your own bodyweight. Pull ups might be hard at first for beginners however once you start to master the technique of pull ups the results will become more and more visible. The pull up bar exercises are very good for improving the strength as well as the muscle endurance, the main benefits of pullups exercises are the strengthening of back muscles as well as arms and shoulder muscles pull up exercises also improve grip strength and overall body strength and fitness. 

  1. Push Up Bar 

Push-ups are one of the most commonly used as well as one of the most basic exercises that can be done pretty much everywhere. Doing push ups will improve your chest as well as back and arms muscles. To get the most out of push ups you can introduce Push ups bars into your training. Push up bars improve the effectives of push ups, the main advantage of push up bars is that they allow you to train with minimum impact on the joints which decreases risk of injury.  

5 Dumbbell Weights 

The last piece of equipment on the list  are the dumbbell weights. Dumbbells are a fundamental tool for training upper body muscles like arms, shoulders and chest, and just like the resistance bands dumbbells are small and portable which makes them great for home workout.  There are many types of dumbbells that are available on the market, however the best choice for home workout are the dumbbells with adjustable weights, by using dumbbells with adjustable weights you can easily change the number of kilograms that you train with 


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