Natural Diet vs Supplements



In todays world, where everyone is obsessed about social media gratification most of the youth nowadays are lured into success in a short period of time with minimal effort. Everyone wants to gain muscle, loose or gain weight in a short amount of time. The advertisements, gym trainers and pop up ads also promote short time success by recommending products like fat burners, protein powders, creatine and different types of steroids without informing the side affects of the products. These kind of products can give you results in a shorter period of time but can also have side effects on your body in the longer run like kidney stones from excess protein shakes. You should always ask your family doctor before taking any kind of supplements because every person has a different body and it can have different effects on different people. The modern day advertisements about supplements can almost make you forget that the natural food we eat everyday also contains components like protein, creatine and glutamine. Eggs, Chicken breast, Cottage cheese and Milk are protein rich natural resources. Fish, Meat and Poultry products are rich in  creatine. Beef, Tofu, White Rice and Corn are all glutamine rich natural resources. While Coconut Oil, Coffee, Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar are said to be natural fat burning resources which are way cheaper and better for your health than fat burning pills. Your daily diet or consumption of supplements should be driven by your fitness goals. If your fitness goal is just to maintain your weight, be fit or gain muscle mass, a well balanced diet with Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats compared to your body weight should be just fine. If your goal is to compete in a Bodybuilding competition, you won’t stand a chance against your opponents without using supplements and steroids. Acne, high blood pressure, blurred vision and sleep difficulty are some of the common side effects of steroids.

Consistency is the key for having a fit body, whatever your goals are. If you take a shortcut to having a fit body, even if you achieve it, it won’t last for a long time if you stop working out for a period of time. Whereas, persistently working out and eating healthy will keep your body in a good shape even if you stop working out for some time. It is said that a healthy body is not made in the gym but in the kitchen so the focus should be on what you put into your body.

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