From Flatmates To Friends

I have been living in HULL for half a year. Fortunately, I have a group of friendly and nice flatmates! We did a lot of interesting things together such as cooking, traveling and playing.

Original Blog by: Zjian

Cooking brings us closer

Cooking is our fastest way to build relationships. Whenever we cooking together, we are very happy and enjoying. What impressed me most was in the Chinese New Year. To celebrate, we make dumplings together which is a traditional Chinese custom. We also watched a Chinese TV show. We eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh and pretty enjoying this moment.

Traveling boost our relationship

We went to many places, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leicester and so on. We were struck by the beauty of Edinburgh, moved by the sacredness and purity of Liverpool Cathedral, attracted by the history of the Beatles Museum and so on!

Playing makes us know more about each other.

We participate in many interesting activities and sports. We work out together in the gym, go to the largest aquarium in the UK, go for a walk in the park, feed pigeons, ski in the snowy mountains, go to the Hull fair and climb together.

I’m very glad to be a flatmate with such a group of interesting people and happier to be friends with them.I believe our relationship will be better in the future

Five useful apps students at the University of Hull shouldn’t live without

Original Blog by: otsang

Being an international student, studying aboard for university can be exciting but also stressful. Some free mobile apps are extremely useful and have made my life easier and better in Hull. Below are five apps I want to share with you:


UNiDAYS offers exclusive deals for students. You just need to register with your academic email to enjoy discounts from an array of brands both online and in store.

2) EY Buses

If you do not own a car but would like to get around the city,                    EY Buses app is highly recommended as it offers various types of mobile ticket and special discount for the Hull University students. Moreover, its various bus routes are convenient to travel from the university to other places in the city.

3) Just Eat

No matter you are running out of time for assignments or just fancy a treat, food delivery services can be more appealing than cooking. Using the Just Eat app is an easy and fast way to search for your favorite restaurants and order delivery or takeaways.

4) Trainline

Train travel is a good option for trips during semester break or even weekend as most towns in the UK can be accessed quickly and conveniently by train. You can find timetable information and book train ticket through the Trainline app.

5) Hull Live

If you are eager to learn more about Hull, you should download the Hull Live app which provides you with the latest news, traffic alerts, sports updates and more in Hull.


Just click on the image to download the app you like and hope you enjoy your student life!