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Sudan To East Yorkshire , The Journey

Living 24 years in a third world country like Sudan then jumping straight to the united kingdom one of the leading countries worldwide is a big move that cannot easily be described but i will try to address the main issues through my personal experience.

Understanding Natives and speaking English 24/7

Believe it or not Studying formal English whether grammar or reading is nothing when you try to test it against the east Yorkshire accent !

It took me more than one week to settle and understand clearly whatever people are saying because my only experience was speaking to Sudanese  friends and people around me, but to speak to a native only happened after 24 years !! .

Somehow you get used to it and I’m actually amazed by how easy you can adapt with time to whatever changes accrue in your life , from speaking Arabic all your life to speaking English with a Yorkshire accent is just an example.

The Weather !

Going from an average of 30-40 degrees weather to just below 10 degrees is quite frightening!. One can only imagine my face expressions when I’m fully covered with layers of jackets , looking at people actually walking around with short sleeves shirts, but like the Yorkshire accent , you get used to it .

One of the best moments in my life was witnessing my first now, it makes you believe the beauty of nature is limitless.

Whatever the challenges you go through coming here , just know that you will fit in perfectly .if the Sudanese guy can do it , you can definitely do it.