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5 reasons why it pays off to go with a camper van on tour

Do you feel like you just need holidays and just want to travel? Me too. If I was not studying and had enough money available, I would only travel. There are many ways to travel. My dream since my childhood is to own an old VW Bus and travel the whole world with it. For me this is a very special way to get to know new people and cultures and a real adventure.

I’ll tell you 5 reasons why you should travel with a camper van this year.

  1. You start the day with your feet in the sand or in the meadow. If you do it right, you can live in the most fabulous places in the world. There are countless cool hotspots to stay with a mobile home. In some countries it is even possible to camp everywhere.

  1. You can choose your own speed during your holiday and do not spend your time at airports in transfer busses and hotel lobbies.
  1. You like to surf and you want to stay at the best surfing spots. Spend your days and nights on the beach. As soon as the perfect wave arrives you are already there and you can surf it.

  1. You can travel extensively and stay as long as you like in your favourite place.
  1. You are independent and free, do not have to reserve anything and when the weather is lousy you simply continue to travel to another place.


If the reasons convinced you, then give me feedback and start your camper van journey!

Photo Credit: tumblr.com, graybit.com, vantripper.com