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The World’s Best Kept Secret

Mimi Sheller describes the European perception of the Caribbean’s tourism brand as conjuring up ideas of “heaven on earth” or “paradise”.  The Calivigny Island located off the coast of Grenada aptly fits the description.
The island is a luxurious rental property, which caters to an affluent niche market. Owned by Frenchman Georges Cohen, Calivigny Island boasts six gorgeous beaches, and offers picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

Visitors to the island can choose from five deluxe accommodation options.

These include two residences, “The Beach House” which features 10 suites and “The Overhang House” which features nine suites, with scenic terrace views, a fresh water pool and easy beach access. There are also three beach bungalows which feature a private outdoor jacuzzi, and large terrace area.

History identifies a symbiotic relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction as integral to customer retention. As such, the Calivigny Island staff customizes their offerings to meet the unique needs of their guests, which include private chefs who cater to the culinary demands of consumers as well as an array of dining arrangements for formal, casual and celebratory occasions.

Additionally, the island caters to varied recreational activities including water sports, tennis, hiking, music and even all-day excursions to the neighboring island, Grenada.  After a day of exploration, guests can return to the solitude of the “Caribbean paradise” which can only be described as the World’s best kept secret.


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5 Places you Must Visit on Your Next Trip to Barbados

Apart from its aquamarine waters and white sandy beaches, here are five (5) of the top “Must Visit” tourist attractions in the island of Barbados

1 .       Oistins Bay Garden

Oistins is a small fishing community located on the south of the island. Each Friday night the village comes alive with music, dancing, singing and lots of food. Most of the dishes on offer feature seafood, but other food options are also available. 

2 .       The Garrison Savannah

The Garrison Savannah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At this location in 1966, Barbados was declared an independent nation.

Since then, it is has become the home of Barbadian horse racing and is abuzz with activity on the first Saturday of March for the Caribbean’s most prestigious horse race, the Sandy Lane Gold Cup.

3 .       Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave which ironically got its name from Thomas Harrison, is in the rural parish of St. Thomas. The cave is active and features a stream cave system as well as some of the world’s most beautiful stalagmites.

4 .       The Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flow Cave gets its name from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave. It is found in the north of the island and is among the most popular tourist attractions.

5.       St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the most exquisite and multifaceted pieces of property in Barbados. It features a plantation great house, rum distillery, steam mill and recently a heritage railway. It is a popular spot for destination weddings and a favorite of many visitors to the island.


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