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Hull University: A place for you!

It’s coming to that time of the year where you are waiting to hear if we’ve been accepted for an interview for our chosen three universities. It can be a daunting and exciting thought of moving to a different city to study a degree to hopefully achieve your dream job.

As a student who has plucked up the courage to attend my local university, I can give nothing but Hull University praise. The transition from college to university was fairly fluid with the university helping with that. Just by putting a taster week on to familiarise with referencing, writing as an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

There aren’t many people who are aware of help you can receive if you have a learning disability. In fact, sometimes we may feel it is difficult to study but afraid to admit for help. Don’t worry about it! Hull University give students who are attending their first year at the University the chance to complete an online test that determines if you need help.

The university will determine if you need additional help from Student Finance who will assess you for an equipment grant. There are a number of programmes that are available for those who have a learning disability. The popular software used is Dragon a speech dictates software that enables the user to speak from reading a book.

How great does this all sound? Is Hull University one of your choices if not why not?

Hull University has it all for disabled students

Planning and moving to university can all be a daunting task to anyone, but even more so for disabled students. There are many questions that you have in your head such as does the university have easy access, what equipment do they have. There’s no need to panic as hopefully, this blog post will give you the answers you are hoping for.

There are many experiences you will face at University from making new friends, having a good laugh and the atmosphere of a busy campus. It’s a guarantee you will experience these even more at Hull University, making you feel like any other student despite your disability and without any challenges of access along the way.

Campus life for a disabled student is brilliant and makes life just that little easier knowing the university has all the equipment you need from automatic doors, accessible counter levels for wheelchair users. There is even a changing place for students who need to use a ceiling tracking hoist.

Hull University has many buildings on campus that are associated with different degrees, but each one has automatic doors and easy access for disabled students. With just one touch of a button, doors will open.

If you want to check out all of these facilities at Hull University visit their website. Don’t be afraid to give them a call, but hopefully, this has answered any questions you may have had.

Two easy ways to make money at University

Life as a student can be a struggle. Tuition, rent, food, clothes, transport, books… These things are not free and can eat away at your budget. Here are two alternative ways to make money:

Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are a simple and easy way to make a bit of extra money. My favourite company is Valued Opinions as they always have surveys available and they require barely any effort to complete. Brilliantly, most of the surveys do not actually take as long to complete as indicated. The Surveys available to me today:

It is perfectly possible to make about £60 a month by doing just 10-15 short surveys a week. The money earned can then be redeemed in the form of voucher.


This method of money making is risky so it is important to do a lot of research and watch the market extremely closely before making any investment. You must be aware of the risk of losing all of the money that you originally invested. However, I am going to share a story of when investing can go right, from a fellow student that would like to remain anonymous.

“I used an app called cex.io and made an original investment in Bitcoin of £200 at the beginning of March 2017. I then bought and sold about six times over the course of the year. At the beginning I lost some money but at the end I made money selling 0.24 bitcoin for $20,245.56. I made around £4000.”