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Tribal Conditioning and Online Brand Co-Creation

Tribal conditioning is an interesting term I came across reading an interesting book called The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World. The term groups a wide range of habits that evolved during the tribal era that are still relevant in today’s society. Tribal era, lasting millions of years and playing a key role on human development makes it immensely powerful and compelling.

We are creatures of habit, and the older a habit is, the less willing we are to give it up.

Maslow’s hierarchy tells us that people tend to have an ‘inherent’ desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves, and that great thing can be a brand. A brand can have to power to bring together people that share beliefs about the brand, and go beyond the role of consumer/brand relationship to create mutual value taking collective action. A group of people that not only believe in the brand, but promotes it too.

“with ubiquitous connectivity and devices enabling passionate experts to create influence and community, brands can tap into the streams of those empowered to publish in order to create mutual value”. – Lee Odden 

It is important to know what type of content communities really want so they can have a hand in creating it.

  • Identify, qualify and recruit influencer contributors.
  • Build relationships within the community
  • Create value for members who participate in the community
  • Be the liaison between the community and the company behind it all