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Living in Hull

This is the second year that I live in Hull.  Everyday is the same but also different. I used to take an umbrella with me in case the sudden rain splashes me into wet.

Boston ivy and unknown flowers planted next to Ferens Building in the University of Hull.

Cherry blossom burst into bloom in spring.

This city attracting people’s eyes because of 2017 UK City of Culture.

” We’re finally going to share our secret.If you’re from Hull, we always knew we had culture, it’s just the world didn’t know, so the secret’s out. Finally we’ve had to let them in. In a way we’ve kind of had these doors up to keep everybody out of our culture (McAllister, 2017).”

The Deep in Hull is one of the UK’s biggest and aquariums. It welcomed over 850,000 visitors, making Hull’s new aquarium busier than London Zoo in the first year. Click to see tickets and prices information.

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