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Interview: DJ Sean C (President of Hull University’s Resident DJ and Events Society, Crystal Clear)

I sit down to talk underground dance music (UDM) to find out DJ Sean C’s favourite tracks to play and why. With influences from disco, house, techno and garage, he says “it was and continues to be an identifier of an urban subculture”. The genre avoids becoming a trend/mainstream and tries to stick to the roots, “I like plying vinyl” he says, “I like the authenticity of it… I can’t really explain it but it goes deeper than downloading something. You have to spend time picking what records to buy and each one means something, I hope the crowd feels it too when I play”. “You get to form relationships with the record owner too, and they start recommending and saving certain things for you they know you will like”, which is a fascinating insight.

What was the first vinyl you bought?

“Heard it once on a CD I had and I was hooked”

What do you like to open your set with?

“Great opener, sets the mood nicely”

What’s your favourite record to play?

“Bit cheesy one. It’s UK Garage but it fits anywhere. Always goes down a treat”

If you could give away one record as a gift to someone, which one would it be?

“Pretty versatile record, a lot like it”

What do you play to get the crowd moving?

“Game over when the vocals come in”

What do you recommend as a beginner’s guide to UDM?

“Got to pay homage to one of my heroes, Kerri”