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Study skills: Procrastination – Don’t wait until tomorrow

Do you know the feeling when you have to do something but you do not have the self-discipline to start? It is called Procrastination.

The Latin word “procrastinatio” is composed of “pro” = for and “cras” = tomorrow. Procrastination is a behaviour that is characterized by the fact that tasks are not done at all, in spite of existing opportunities and abilities, or only after a very long time, and often too late.

Three tips that might help you:


  1. Start

It may sound trivial, but it is crucial in the struggle against procrastination: Don’t put off starting as quickly as possible. Perhaps you know the effect: When you have done the first step, you often become a self-motivated person and enter into a workflow.


  1. Make a Plan

Especially in the case of complex tasks, you should make a clear plan in advance in order to take the first steps. Proceed systematically. What do I need? How much time will I take?


  1. Avoid deflection

When dealing with a difficult task, you should avoid all potential distractions. Turn off your mobile phone and computer when you do not need it. It will help you stay focused.


You will find more useful tips in the youtube video: How to Stop Procrastinating.

What are your experiences on the subject? Do you have special tips or suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment!


Photo Credit: mytimemanagement.com, collegecareerlife.net, gruenderszene.de