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Top reasons to visit Stockholm summer school

Top reasons to Visit Stockholm Summer school

At Hull University you get the opportunity to have many experiences, one of which I had was the opportunity to visit Stockholm for a summer school so here are 3 reasons why you should go to Stockholm in Sweden



One of the first things you will notice about the area in Stockholm is the many places that are postcard-worthy views. Through my visit, I had plenty of photos like these, but the one chose I feel it illustrates Stockholm’s untouched natural beauty. The shot shows off the clear skies, intact forests and Pristine lakes.


Stockholm is rooted in a vast, rich history that dates back hundreds of years. The one thing that epitomises this is the Vasa ship which is a near perfectly preserved Swedish warship from the 1600s that was retrieved from Stockholm bay and now currently resides in a museum focused around this wonderful attraction


The final reason is the people you meet while there, as I met a wide variety of people from all corners of the world ranging from the land of Canada to South Korea. These are people I would never usually encounter in my day to day life, but I was lucky enough to meet them, to this day I still talk to them about everything.


Have you had any summer school or general travel experiences? If so feel free to leave a comment below and we can talk about it more.