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5 Simple Rules of Happiness

“Happiness” the amazing feelings someone can possess, when you are happy people wish to be around you. It is simple, the positive vibes attract positive peoples.

Listen to your heart

Here are my five rules of happiness:

  1. Be easy on yourself

We only got one life and our time on this earth is limited so its important to live the most of it while its end. From the teenage my father always says to me that worrying about things out of our control is harmful for our attitude and the ability to be happy.

2. Set your Targets

Don’t let other people decide for you what to do. Everyone have different priorities for targets some one wants money, luxurious cars and fancy items while for others it might be free time, family gathering or enjoying what they love to do.

3. Never underestimate your power

Everyone does mistakes, it doesn’t mean you should quit but instead for that do-over again and again until you succeeded. Never be old to do things which makes you happy.

4. Worry Less about What People will think

To be honest, who are exactly they? As long as they are paying my bills and living my life I can consider, but “they” don’t know exactly what is best for me. I have to define my happiness and determined what I have to do in life.

5. Do Which is Best for You

The routine and the static and manual policies life are the worst. There are some rules which are obviously important to follow. If you don’t like the rules get it out from your life, get your own rules which ultimately makes you happy.

Hope everyone is setting their own rules.

Have smartphones killed conversation?

Phones were originally invented to allow people to talk and stay in touch while not physically with each other. However, ever since phones became smartphones with thousands of different apps it appears as if the actual phone part is one of the least used parts.

Furthermore, what I’ve noticed from sitting around my own family and friends as well as observing others at the restaurant I work at is that they spend more time on their phones than talking to each other. It seems odd that invention designed to bring people together also makes us ignore those around us. This begs the question: have smartphones killed conversation?

There’s two sides to this: the first being the positives in how smartphones have brought people together that may not usually be able to talk as much strengthening friendships. Group chats have become “the thing” among younger audiences so that we are never away from “the lads” or “the girls” and in this sense they are positive for our social lives.

However, it’s sad to see families sat at the dinner table not talking to each other as they are on their phones and in this way the cheery family meal has become a thing of the past for some. Moreover, if we talk so much on our phones what is there left to say when face to face with one another. The key to this issue is to not lose touch with our surroundings.

Mini survival guide for visiting France

Are you planning on making a detour to France? This mini guide is here to help you out during your journey.

Let’s talk about food

Buy your bread, baguette, or croissant in a proper bakery, it’s the same price as in supermarkets and it tastes so much better. Regarding wine, you may be a bit confused seeing all the different sorts, if you don’t know what to order at the restaurant an easy rule is red for meat based dishes and white for fish based dishes.

Social life

Always be late. This is an unwritten rule but being late is normal when you are invited at a party, if your friend told you it starts at 8pm, don’t come before 8:30pm MINIMUM, it’s the rule. And if you are currently panicking because the nightclub is empty, relax, because they go out later most people arrive around 1am. As a result, most nightclubs open at 11pm and shut at 5 or 6am.

On the move

If you are a globetrotter, two bus companies are available to travel within the country, Ouibus and Flixbus. They are very affordable and you can even travel to Germany, Spain, Italy or Switzerland. You can also register on Blablacar, a car-sharing website, where people offer all sorts of different journeys for a third of the price of a train ticket.

If you have any experiences or travel tips that you would like to share, feel free to drop a comment in the box below!

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