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Travel in Italy


If you travel in Italy. You can see numbers of Street artist on the street, and most of them perform by musical instrument.I think this performance form also is a part of culture in their country.

Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, and it is one of New Seven Wonders of the World .

Vatican City is a walled enclave within the city of Rome, it is the smallest State in the world by both area and population.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, is a cornerstone work of high renaissance art.We saw it in Gallery of Sistine Chapel ceiling of Vatican.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers.it is main church in Firenze.

Milan Church,it is archbishop church of Milan, it is also largest church in Italy and the fifth largest all over  the world.

As an coffee lover, you definite fall in love with Italian coffee. Coffee bar is existing anywhere in Italy, it is probably the fastest way to integrate into the local  life : you just go in and buy a cup of coffee.In order to be more like a locals ,you need to stand in front of the bar rather than looking for a seat.The biggest benefit of doing so is affordable-Standing to drink coffee is much cheaper than sitting.

When in Rome…

Although I had been to Rome before, I have recently gained a close friend in Milan. So naturally I put down my pencil at Uni and grabbed my passport. She packed her bags and met me in the beautiful city of Rome for an incredible ‘girls day out’.

The Colosseum 

Upon having incredible history behind the Colosseum, the area surrounding it is beautiful. Of course this area was a prime place to take pictures and enjoy a glass of Italian wine under the sunset. Remains of the Colosseum make for a great walk to and from the next site. 

The Vatican

Since we were visiting at the beginning of January, all Christmas decorations were getting taken down including the large tree in the middle of the square. This required a crane and several people to help take down hundreds of ornaments. Although we did not have time to go through the church, I would recommend having a ticket prior to visiting in order to skip the line and pay a more reasonable price.

The River Tiber

One of the longest rivers in Italy is the Tiber and along this river holds some of the most magnificent views in all of Europe. History fills the street from B.C. to today. Live entertainment is in the air and varies from pianists, to guitarist and singers to violinist surrounding the church. The entrance fee is very reasonable and the view from the top is over the entire city center.

Trevi Fountain

Of course visiting the Trevi Fountain was mandatory. After tossing a euro in the fountain, we were able to find a ‘hole in the wall’ Italian restaurant with homemade noodles, freshly made sauce and great red wine. Overall the trip to Italy was ‘magnifico’!

Let me know your experiences and suggestions below!