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Three years ago, during 2014 summer, I was joined the exchanged program, called “work & travel”. This program will provide you an opportunity to work at the United states of America.

I choose to work at Six flags great adventure which is the amusement park in New Jersy, USA, and it was the greatest time in my life. SoI would like to share my adventure by showing you my 3 favourite rollercoaster in Six flags great adventure.

1. The longest roller Coaster



This ride is called Nitro, the track length is 1,644 m, and the maximum speed is 129 km/h.  This ride is so amazing because from the beginning until the end of the ride it takes more than one minute to finish.


2. The fastest wooden roller coaster



This one called El toro which means the bull in Spanish, and every single parts of this ride are made by the wood which is so awesome. The length of the track is 1,341 m, and the maximum speed is 113 km/h. 


3. The highest roller coaster



The name of this monster is Kingda Ka, and it is known as the highest roller coaster in the world. The height of it is 139 m, the track length is 950m and the maximum speed is 206 km/h. From the beginning until the end of this ride, it takes less than 10 second. Just to have a go on this one, and you will understand the real meaning of the fast.


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Doing Disney Grown-Up ♛

As an adult, “I’m off to Disneyworld!” is typically met with “but you don’t have kids, it’ll be full of them” paired with skewed faces. Truth is, it’s massive myth that Disneyworld is just for children.

My first trip to Florida to visit ‘the most magical place on earth’ was in fact for my 21st birthday and it certainly offered a lot for adults. 

Standing on the beach at Disney’s infamous Boardwalk Lake……not a child (nor adult) in sight!

Disney hotels can be found in every theme imaginable.

Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel….very popular with children.

Trick is to stay at one in which doesn’t boast massive statues of the Little Mermaid or Nemo and you’ll be sure to avoid an abundance of little ones.

Disney does well to provide adult-only sections and smaller pools dotted around the resorts to avoid overcrowding at the main ones.

Enjoying turning 21 poolside in the adults-only section; Saratoga Springs Resort.
The main pools stayed open till midnight, way past most children’s bedtimes. Which meant us adults could have a cheeky go on the slides without queuing.

Never once was my sleep disturbed by screaming babies, my breakfast ruined by unruly toddlers or my precious sunbathing time cut short by disruptive teens.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom before the crowds…this park opens an hour early for people who are staying on Disney property. You can get on all your favourite rides before it gets manic!

Parks were of course busy, it’s impossible to hide from 1000’s of prams!!! However the rides that interested me were often too “grownup” for children and therefore the only time I heard “I want to get off, I don’t like it” was when I was screaming it.

The famous Hollywood Tower, didn’t have the guts to ride this one.
Expedition Everest… the world’s most expensive rollercoaster. I am on this picture somewhere screaming!!

I can’t deny that my inner child didn’t awaken when spotting some of my favourite characters and I may have hopped on the cup and saucers whilst stuffing my face with candy floss once or twice!

I can see why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.