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Why North York coast should be your next destination?

If you live in Hull and want to travel, you don’t have to go very far. The county of England, North Yorkshire, can offer you so many different landscapes as pasture, hills, cliffs and port, especially in North York Moors National Park. As it happens, the coast is the perfect place for your next destination. Last week I went there, so here is an idea of what you can do in one day or more if you want.

→ Start the day at Robin Hood’s Bay, a small fishing village. First of all, take a walk in the very small streets. Then find the sea wall mosaic, admire them as well as the view and finally take the path to the beach.

→ Continue your trip to Whitby, a seaside town. The city is cut in two because it’s at the mouth of the River Esk. Strolled on the lively harbour and the pier to admire the city view. Then take a walk to St Mary’s church and its graveyard and end with the ruins of Whitby Abbey. As it’s on the top of a cliff the view is amazing!

→ For the end of the day, go to Staithes, an other small fishing village. The particularity of this one is that it is surrounded by two cliffs. You will feel very small there. Discover the streets and then go on the pier, sit down and enjoy the #sunset.

Less than 2 hours drive from Hull, what are you waiting for?
Tell me if it will become your next destination in comments.

Mini survival guide for visiting France

Are you planning on making a detour to France? This mini guide is here to help you out during your journey.

Let’s talk about food

Buy your bread, baguette, or croissant in a proper bakery, it’s the same price as in supermarkets and it tastes so much better. Regarding wine, you may be a bit confused seeing all the different sorts, if you don’t know what to order at the restaurant an easy rule is red for meat based dishes and white for fish based dishes.

Social life

Always be late. This is an unwritten rule but being late is normal when you are invited at a party, if your friend told you it starts at 8pm, don’t come before 8:30pm MINIMUM, it’s the rule. And if you are currently panicking because the nightclub is empty, relax, because they go out later most people arrive around 1am. As a result, most nightclubs open at 11pm and shut at 5 or 6am.

On the move

If you are a globetrotter, two bus companies are available to travel within the country, Ouibus and Flixbus. They are very affordable and you can even travel to Germany, Spain, Italy or Switzerland. You can also register on Blablacar, a car-sharing website, where people offer all sorts of different journeys for a third of the price of a train ticket.

If you have any experiences or travel tips that you would like to share, feel free to drop a comment in the box below!

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Mini travel guide for explorers

Looking for a holiday trip to France? Whether you like snow, sun, or simply nice landscapes there is always a place for you! If you like culture, history and ruins, you will find something to visit pretty much anywhere you go.

For mountain explorers…

France offers plenty of activities in the mountains, which you can enjoy during summer, just as much as during winter, thanks to activities such as summer sledging. The Alps are renowned for their exceptional scenery and are home to the highest point in the European Union called the Mont Blanc which peaks at 4808 meters.

L’Alpe d’Huez

For beach explorers…

The south coast of France is ideal if you want to get a nice tan. On the east part of the coast between Marseille and Nice, you will mainly find narrow and rocky beaches, whereas on the west part around Narbonne you will find wide and sandy beaches. You also will find one of the best nature reserves such as the island of Porquerolles which is worth seeing for its untouched scenery, turquoise water and its amazing wildlife.

Island of Porquerolles

For the adventurous…

If you can’t make your mind up, Annecy is perfect for you, this medium sized city offers one of the purest lakes in Europe. During summer, the average temperature of the lake is 23 degrees, having said that, you can easily admire the mountains while swimming in the crystal-clear water or laying down on one of the various beaches.

Annecy lake

Have you ever been to France? Tell us about your experience!

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