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Lack of Social Life

I’m not the most social able guy, most of my friends like to go to the pub regularly and go ‘out-out’ Friday to Sunday mornings but that just doesn’t really suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a cold cider (Magners preferably), but I prefer playing online with my friends some from around the world and working towards my business goals in my spare time.

‘Out Out’

At university, though it is likely that you will end up going ‘out-out’ with your university friends or friends from home if to celebrate completing a module or end of a semester. Here are just a few pictures of when I went out…

Online Socialising

Most my friends that I play online with play a variety of games, however, I prefer to stick to those that I’ve always played since growing up which are GTA, Fifa, COD and now a new game to 2017 is Fornite. I spend some nights during the week playing Fifa and Fornite but only for an hour or two just to communicate with my friends seeing how they are doing, not forgetting enjoying the game. My weekends are work and football orientated however I do find time in the evening to have a gaming session into the early hours of the next day.

Fancy a game or two?

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Fornite the Free game with 3.4 million concurrent players

Fornite is a game which is a Battle Royale game. The best way to describe it would be comparing it to the hunger games, but with guns and resources, the aim is to survive by taking out other players.

The game has modes of Solo, Duo and Squads where you can go out as a team or even on your own and become Number 1. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox even though its a free game it has beaten its competitors due to the constant updates which are being pushed out weekly. PUBG is another competitor which has been overtaken by Fornite.

Even though the game is free, you can buy skins and a battle pass within the game to level up faster unlocking new items which you can use to flex to other players in game. But you don’t actually have to spend a penny in to play.

Could this be the new way which games are going to be made where they are made available for free from the start and then if you like the game you can support the developers by purchasing in game features. Fornite might have started the new way for marketers to succeed in the gaming industry. This could be start where all new titles which come out are made free.

If you want to socialise with your friends while relaxing at home and have fun at the same time, download Fortnite today its totally free to play.