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Passion on Piano – River Flows In You

Once, my friend played ‘River Flows in you’, to me and I suddenly felt so touched and peaceful that I did not even realise my friend had already finished playing. I later checked who composed this piano piece. When I learned that Yiruma composed this music, I listened to all of his compositions which includes ‘Kiss the rain’ and ‘If I Could See You Again’. All of his pieces deeply touched my heart so much.

I love his all the compositions but ‘River Flows in you’ is my favourite one. It is also the most popular piece in the ‘First Love’ album. This album was released in 2001.

I remembered that I listened this piano piece repeatedly, and then I promised myself that I had to learn how to play it. I found the piano sheet online, and printed it out to practice.

After few weeks, I could play it completely. This piano piece means a lot to me, it is soothing and most importantly, brings me peace. Whenever I feel hopeless or sad, it can always make me feel that everything will be fine. I think this is also the reason why I wanted to learn how to play it.

This version was the first time I recorded myself. Even though it is not my perfect version it can prove the progress of my piano skill.

If you are interested in learning it, here is the link:

Photo Credit: yiruma.manifo.com, 588ku.com, youtube.com