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Top 5 tips to a better night out photo

1. Make sure you know everyone’s there

It is essential that when you see the photographer coming that you locate your friends in preparation for it as you always want to include everyone, so no one misses out.

2. Try to have as much going on as possible

The next days once they get uploaded you want to be able to laugh and reflect on your states as no one is entirely photogenic all the time so you can look back and laugh.

3.Ensure strangers don’t pose with you

Nobody likes it when theirs a random stranger tagging along in it as you don’t know them and watch out for the poses behind too as they can ruin it.

4.Grab the Club sign

Holding the clubs sign is a so-called badge of honour as you can show your mates the place you went to so it saves the ‘where was this taken comment’ that you always get.

5. Not to upload the same photo

It’s the race to claim the photo as your own as you need to keep tabs to make sure you are the first to upload it to social media, so you get all the likes.

Do you have any night out picture tips to share?
If so then feel free to leave a comment below.