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Morocco, an amazing country!

The 1st day Marrakesh

It was a wonderful experience to travel with friends in Morocco. “Intercultural contact is generally thought to have the potential to positively influence cultural relations by increasing understanding”. (Kelman, 1962)

This is the first day we arrived at Marrakesh in Morocco where is totally different  from the country I come from.

It was embarrassing that i was wearing a skirt in a Muslim country. I know it is crucial to respect local religion. Then i decided to buy a scarf to cover myself.

The 2nd day Casablanca


Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the third largest mosque in the world. Morocco to give 600 mosques green make over.

It became famous because of a film named Casablanca.

The 3rd – 4th day Chefchaouen- The Blue Pearl

Chefchaouen- The Blue Pearl

The houses and roads in this small village are painted into blue. It feels like walking in a blue kingdom of fairy tale.

Unfortunately, we could not experience the tour to Sahara Desert because of the terrible weather. It is the main reason to drive me come to visit again.

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