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Top 3 ways to relax when stressed

We all get stressed, there’s no way of avoiding it.

A bit of stress is good, but beyond optimal point it is spells trouble.

So, how to reduce bad stress?

  1. Stop Demanding Perfection of Yourself

When we do something, we usually imagine how the end result will look like, and it is usually a perfect one. We don’t account for errors and mistakes therefore the end state is usually not what we expected it to be.

And that is completely fine!!!

We are just humans and we are doomed to make mistakes, do not dwell on them. Instead learn from them and try to do better next time.

It will never be prefect so stop putting expectations on yourself that you won’t be able to fulfil.

Be realistic!!

  1. Exercise

Ah yes, the enemy of all people, exercise.

I am sure that you heard all the scientific and psychological benefits of exercise.

And I am here to tell you…

… That they are all true!!

So go for a run, pick up some weights, and release all of your tension with exercise!!

  1. Talk it over with a Friend

We usually get stressed because we misunderstand or interpret things in a wrong way.

So the best way to handle that, is to get a different perspective.

A trusted friend can help you, but remember that if the problem is more technical rather than emotional, it’s is best to take into account their capabilities.

Let me know how you deal with stress below 🙂

Top 3 things to do instead of going out

We all enjoy going out with our friends and have fun, usually accompanied by alcohol.

Unfortunately however, our bodies and minds need to take a break from these lucrative activities time to time.


Thus I am providing you, my precious readers, with a list of top 3 things to do instead of going out.

  1. A Venture To Nature

Our minds need a break from our daily lives, the best way to do it is to disconnect from all electrical devices and simply enjoy a long walk to a nice nature rich place.

It will allow you to release your mind from the shackles of technology and release your imagination and allow you to think deeply about anything you like, there will be no constraints on you.

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

We all have always wanted to do this. We have seen it movies, where someone climbs and is afraid to jump down.

 ‘Rock Up’, located in St Stephan’s shopping centre, allows us to actually see and have a feel for it, alone or with friends.

It is great fun and decent exercise!

  1. Escape Rooms

Fight your way through riddles and puzzles in order to free yourselves within a time limit at ‘Escape Hull’.

This activity is basically trying to solve riddles in order to find clues which will eventually allow you to open the doors, behind which freedom awaits.

 ‘Escape Hull’ offers a wide range of types of room you can escape from.

Tell me how you spend your free time below 🙂

Less Social Media, #MoreLife

The BBC published this article about The effect of social media on our ever day’s life and its scary.



What triggered my thought about writing this blog is a commercial for Persil , discussing how the young coming generation doesn’t even go outside to play or to get dirty .  It made think about how i spent my childhood and how those real life experiences of tension , competition , emotions has shaped me the way i am today .

An average of 2 hrs at least is spent on social media by the population!, moreover a study found that a threefold of the sample is going through different depression symptoms mostly because the effect of the social media stereo type.

Take a Break

In the light of these stats i thought about a little project of not using Social Media for a week . Bring to mind that i can even recall the last time i had no social media platform to use.

Furthermore , i was amazed by amount of free time in my everyday life and how well i can actually benefit from it than just following other people in social media .

Of course i went back after that week but i promised myself to have one week off social media every month and thankfully I’ve been doing so for the last two years straight.

So if you’re new in Hull, take a break and roam the city , its the city of culture after all !.

My Mid-Twenties Melt Down

It’s the classic quarter life crisis moan, CRINGE!

However, I was a cliché last month, after entering Morrison’s to get milk and leaving with a Yoga book and two bottles of wine…I forgot the milk.

I than had a glass of wine whilst finding mindfulness from a book that cost me £2.30 from a discount bin.

Time sped up after my 22nd birthday (I recoil when I hear Taylor Swift’s song 22) and as dramatic as it sounds my youth is slipping away.

I want to be happy in the moment, but when you google ‘’Quarter Life Crisis’’ that’s enough confirmation.

I bought a poetry book on the subject: 

This inspired me to write my own my mid-twenties poem:

Today I woke up and Facebook gave me a memory
‘’Big night out with the girls giving it large in Beverley’’
So young holding my Jäger bomb to the sky
Never imagining that this picture would made me cry
Here I am in bed still in my parents’ home
Jealous of my former self free in where she roams
Younger and thinner and full of life
Naive in thinking that by now she’d have money, a job and be a wife
It’s irrational and frustrating
For it to be yourself contently that you are slating
How is it possible to get over getting older?
When every day you are getting older
I don’t know any maybe I never will
So, I’ll sit in bed turn Facebook off and book myself a holiday to Brazil.

Pass on you quarter life poetry at #rachelrants

Wechat , only CHAT ?

Wechat , only CHAT ?


The E-Era has witnessed the emergence of numerous social Apps like QQ, Messenger, Whatapp, Tinder, Snapchat,Wechat etc.

The number of Wechat users has increased dramatically in recent years. But, do you really how to use Wechat? Is it only for chat?

Definitely NOT. In fact, apart from the basic function of a social App, Wechat enables us to do business, make bank transfer, watch the latest news, check the stock price or even play games.

In the Discover section of Wechat, we could watch the latest news by clicking the Top Stories. Also, Wechat provides lots of mini games to let you relax for a while, just click Games to find your favorite one.

We can also start business via Wechat easily, just follow the official account of Wechat Mall and register your store through Wechat Mall. It is like a simplified version of Ebay. Do your business freely.

Moreover, Wechat acts like a personal banking service. You could top up your mobile account, pay the utility bill, make bank transfer, borrow money from bank, book your train and air tickets, order taxi or even make charity donations by one click from the Wallet section of Wechat.


Remember, Wechat is definitely not only for chat, it is more like our personal assistant. Scan my QR Code below and explore more in Wechat !

Quick but Delicious – Strong Recommendation of Ready Meal in UK retail store

Following are some recommendation of Ready Meal, I think it can  really figure out your eating problem during the assignment month and exam month, increasing the learning efficiency but still can enjoy the meal.

1. M&S


(1). Taste Thailand Fragrant Wok Beef Noodles

玛莎Reay Meal

This food was the first one that change my perception of ready meal. The beef inside is really soft and taste, the noodle is flat rice noodles and it also include much vegetables such as hyacinth bean, sliced carrot, cabbage, bean sprout and chili.

(2).  King Prawn & Chargrilled Chicken Paella


This seafood Fried rice has various ingredient inside – king prawn, Italian sausage, chicken, green bean, small chili and onion, the sauce is cooked by shellfish, eat with a side of Spanish rice is really delicious.

2. Sainsbury’s


(1). Katsu Chicken Curry & Lemongrass Rice


This curry chicken is not a Sainsbury’s generic brand, it is belong to a ready meal series which called ‘ My Godness!’.  The chicken steak is not crispy but taste very soft, eat with the rice and curry sauce is very delicious!

(2). Thai Green Curry & Rice


The Thai green curry and rice is really delicious as well, the curry sauce is boiling with coconut, so that it taste a little bit sweet. The rice inside is sticky rice, in addition, the main vegetable of this curry rice are water chestnut and bamboo.



(1). Tesco, Aromatic Duck and Pancakes

tesco duck

In my opinion, this crispy duck of Tesco is tasty, some of that is named Duck Wrap, the duck and  sweet soybean paste inside are taste much same as the traditional one in China.

(2). Tesco Italian Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle

tesco ready meal

I should be very strong recommended this pasta of Tesco, it taste amazing. When you heat it in microwave oven, the whole kitchen will be  full of fragrance!

If you have any other recommendations, would you please leave comments in the comments section?  Let’s find more convenient and delicious fast food together.