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Kindle The Electronic Book

If you’re completely addicted to reading books and your book shelf is over stacking look no further. The kindle is an electronic book with an amazing battery life and I don’t mean just 8-9 hours. How about a whole month without charge?

“No Thanks I rather stick to my books”

      Okay, but what If I told you?

 No more having to turn pages

No more losing your page

No more having to google difficult vocabulary


These are not even the Main benefits

  • The kindle can store up to a staggering 1400 books.
  • You can easily change the text size to suit you.
  • Add your own annotations to the text.
  • Doesn’t heat up at all.
  •  Can read in bright sunlight as the specialised screen has no glare at all.

But there is no denying the smell of a book can be replaced by the kindle. So, if you’re thinking of making a jump to the electronic Book this would be the time.

With the basic kindle models starting at fair price of £59.99 and are created by the 5th largest book supplier Amazon.

To top it all off books are even cheaper then hardback books.

Up to 50% sometimes!!