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East v West: Rugby League Rivalry in Hull

For many Hullensians, football will never compare with rugby league. The thirteen man code (as opposed to the fifteen men a side in rugby union) is a fast game that at its best shows an enjoyable momentum on the pitch that few sports can equal.

Hull is a great place to get into rugby league as it is the only city in the country with a proper derby – that of Hull Kingston Rovers (the Red and Whites) versus Hull FC (the Black and Whites). Traditionally support is split by the River Hull running through the city – FC is west and KR east of the river – and families are often a mix of the two, which has given the game a reputation as a friendly derby.

The Black and Whites win the cup at last (Image: Daily Mail)

There is an added spice to proceedings now as well, after the events of last season – KR losing a relegation play-off in farcical fashion to go down, just weeks after FC won arguably the greatest game in their history, finally winning the Challenge Cup at Wembley after eight failed attempts. That local lad and former captain Lee Radford coached FC to victory made it all the sweeter (three guesses as to my team!).

“Radders” lifts the Challenge Cup after a brilliant victory (Image: RL Fans Hosting)

With KR aiming to get promoted at the first attempt and FC looking to continue their huge improvement over the last few seasons, now is a fine time to start following the sport. Not only is it a huge part of Hull’s culture – it’s also an exciting way to spend eighty minutes.

(Featured image: Sky Sports)

Living in Hull

This is the second year that I live in Hull.  Everyday is the same but also different. I used to take an umbrella with me in case the sudden rain splashes me into wet.

Boston ivy and unknown flowers planted next to Ferens Building in the University of Hull.

Cherry blossom burst into bloom in spring.

This city attracting people’s eyes because of 2017 UK City of Culture.

” We’re finally going to share our secret.If you’re from Hull, we always knew we had culture, it’s just the world didn’t know, so the secret’s out. Finally we’ve had to let them in. In a way we’ve kind of had these doors up to keep everybody out of our culture (McAllister, 2017).”

The Deep in Hull is one of the UK’s biggest and aquariums. It welcomed over 850,000 visitors, making Hull’s new aquarium busier than London Zoo in the first year. Click to see tickets and prices information.

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“Why Hull…?”

…as an exchange student this questions you will hear often! No matter who ask’s you. Many people of my Hometown know neither Hull nor the University of Hull. You have to answer these question the locals in Hull as well as the people in your Hometown.

Of course there are some points why you can vote against Hull – Kingston upon Hull has a population of about 258k and is located in the northeast of UK. Well, it’s not the richest City of England.

Beverley Road

You will find a lot of places like Beverley Road. No Castles, no sheep, nothing of the romantic imagination of a sleepy small city in the UK. Back to my initial question.

And, why Hull?


As an exchange student, the focus is not only on study. You need to perform at all the student party’s ;). Asylum is a club right on the campus. A great and safe place for clubbing with your fellow students.

Brynmor Jones Library

One of the best Libraries I have ever been ­­– Very modern and a lot of space. Even with an own twitter account.

Business School

I had a lot of contact with the employees of the Business School. Especially with those from the International Office. They are very polite and will help you with all your questions. Besides, there is no problem to change modules after your arriving.

Believe me. It is worth to study in Hull. Leave a comment and let me know if you come to Hull!

Photo Credit: Own taken


Let your hair down in Hull!!

I’d be confident in saying that Hull offers a diverse nightlife scene…. there’s something for everyone in this amazing city.

Take a look at what the city of culture has to offer…


A firm favourite. Often packed with students looking for cheap drinks and a place to throw some shapes on the various dancefloors. Thursdays you’ll air guitar  to Indie and Rock classics, Saturdays you’ll strut your stuff to old school classics and chart anthems and occasionally you’ll attend Welly’s DnB night Shinobi. Don’t forget to have really drunken picture taken by the resident photographer.

Source; Ents 24


Only open Saturdays, Spiders is the place if you want to mosh, get sweaty and have a blast. The darkened building hosts 3 rooms of music including a Motown room. The drinks are ridiculously cheap and come in all types of weird and wonderful colours. Just don’t let the prices fool you into drinking too many Pangalactic Gargleblaster’s or Green Gremlin’s otherwise them weird and wonderful colours will be reappearing down your toilet when you get home.

Source; HEYtoday

–The Sugarmill– 

Sugar as its known to us locals is Hull’s largest nightclub. Its open Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and generally plays chart, RnB, house and old school classics, so you’re spoilt for choice really. Just be aware if RnB is your forte, its on the top floor and the stairs are not forgiving to those in huge heels. Want to see some hot totty from your favourite reality TV show? Sugar is the place.

Source: The Sugarmill


Drink responsibly!


  1. Value for Money

The living cost in Hull is cheaper than other cities in United Kingdom (around 30-40% cheaper than London). If you want to study at United Kingdom, this can be your consideration to choose Hull.

Pound sterling as the currency in UK.
  1. UK City of Culture 2017

Hull chosen as the winner of UK City of Culture 2017. A lot of interesting events await you!

250 ft long blade arrives in Hull.
  1. Cute Telephone Box

When most cities in United Kingdom have red telephone box, Hull has the cream one! It’s kinda cute.

Hull Telephone Box.
  1. Wonderful Aquarium

Pay only £10.50 for kids, £11.50 for students and £12.50 for adult, and you will get free unlimited entrance for a year! Come earlier to The Deep to avoid the long queuing.

The Deep, Hull’s spectacular aquarium.
  1. Maritime Museum

If you want to see the old ship models and maritime art, Hull Maritime Museum can be a good choice to visit.

The front-side of hull maritime museum.
  1. Hull Marina

Enjoy your afternoon tea while seeing a lot of boats leaning in this place.

Humber dock marina.
  1. Humber Bridge

Spend your summer break and enjoy the beautiful sunset in Humber Bridge.

The clear blue sky with the orange-yellow effect. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Silva the loan ranger

Hull City, who currently stand in 18th place in the Premier League, will stay up this year and avoid relegation to the Championship.

Why?  Marco Silva- that’s why.

Marco Silva

Usually for Hull the first half of the season is the best half, and as soon as January comes all they do is lose. However, this year is different. Hull have lost, home and away games, repeatedly since appointing Mike Phelan as the full time coach.

While the fans supported Phelan, he did not provide results. The owners (Don’t get me started on them) decided to fire Phelan early January, and almost immediately hire a young man called “Marco Silva”.

Mike Phelan

While Silva does not have any previous English football experience, he has brought a strong tactical attitude.

Attention to detail has seen performances improve, especially against some of the top clubs in English football.

A 2-1 win against Manchester United, to break a streak of 16 games unbeaten, showed the determination and spirit of a revitalised team.

Marco Silva went wild in the transfer window- bringing in 3 attacking players on a permanent  basis, and 5 loan players to help secure safety from relegation.  The players he have brought in have all shown a determination to play for a coach who believes in them.

Marco Silva’s nickname due to his series of loan signings

Only 7 points separates 14th and 20th place, showing that anything can happen. But Hull have shown drastic improvement, enough to raise the hopes of many Hull fans.

What you have to know about the university of hull

Hull University with its excellent teaching quality, excellent subject setting, good campus environment and learning. Here to give you a brief introduction to the University of Hull campus life in Hull.

1. Hull has a strategic location and convenient transportation

Hull, is located in Yorkshire, England, and Hull is strategically located about 250 miles from London.It takes about two hours to reach London by train. Only 20 miles from Humberside Airport.

2. About the traffic

A main road runs through the school, if you want to go to the city center, the bus only takes 20 minutes.

The University of Hull offers a choice of traditional and modern courses within a flexible module system
3. Hull University Union                         

There’s a £3.2m nightclub on the Hull Campus in the student union, entirely funded by the students’ union which attracts well known acts throughout the year.

4. The Well Equipped library

Further improvements were made to the Brynmor Jones Library in 2014, with £28m having been invested to provide improved facilities for students and staff alike.

Brynmor Jones Library – South Entrance
Brynmor Jones Library – University Gallery


Brynmor Jones Library – Ground Floor Café
Brynmor Jones Library – 5th Floor
Brynmor Jones Library – 7th Floor
5. Student Accommodation
The Courtyard
The Taylor Court
The Student Houses
The Lawns
6. Sports and Fitness Center

Living in Indonesia vs in England

Getting used to living in Indonesia, a country that has only two seasons (monsoon and dry season) and where beautiful beaches lie along the hundred mile seashores, living in England has given me colourful experiences, such as:

1. Different Taste of Food

In Indonesia, the food is rich of flavours from the various spices and herbs. However, the food in England is so much different.

Typical Indonesian food
British food

2. The Fast-Changing Weather

Unlike in my hometown Surabaya, which temperature ranges from around 25°C along the year, the temperature in England varies from around 3°C in the winter to around 20°C in the summer. However, the weather is often changing unpredictably so we must check on the ‘weather’ application regularly.

3. Different Culture and Language

4. Transportation

A significant difference can be seen from the public transportation in Indonesia and in England. Unlike in Indonesia which its public transportation is still limited, all the public transportation in England is connected and highly facilitate the citizens to mobile in the city and inter-city.

Bus in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Buses in Hull, England.

Finally, the most important thing of living abroad is to adjust ourselves so that we can feel more comfortable although we are thousand miles away from home. So, tell me about your experiences when living abroad by leaving your comments below!

Photo credit: faineg.com, mirror.co.uk, stoneaston.co.uk, ukwanderer.com

Under The Bridge; Promoters & aficionados bringing life to Hull’s underground music scene.

With this year’s City of Culture celebrations underway it’s more important than ever to get to know the stalwarts of Hull’s electronic music community and what they’re getting up to.

Get Down: If Reggae and Dub is you’re thing then look no further. Although in it’s infancy the 2 year old club night is already making serious movements with live bands at Fruit and soundsystem legends at the Welly Club.  https://www.facebook.com/getdownhull/

Shinobi: Student life in Hull wouldn’t be the same without Shinobi. Their signature style of DnB & oldschool Jungle has seen them bring artists from all over the world to a packed out Welly Club. Feburary 10th sees them mark their 15th birthday in the game! https://www.facebook.com/ShinobiDnB/

Crystal Clear: The 11 year old DJ and events society has ditched their shows at the union and moved onto bigger horizons in the last few years. Selling out shows at Welly with big name artists; classic and contemporary. They represent diversity in music and not only bring different and interesting vibes each time, they also provide a platform for budding DJs to learn alongside their roster of seasoned DJs. https://www.facebook.com/crystalcleardjs/

Fractal: Their intimate parties provide an exciting blend of house, disco and techno at the Adelphi Club. They’ve showcased world class DJs in a very different setting to what the average clubber might usually expect. With only 120 capacity and a huge soundsystem, their parties arent to be missed. https://www.facebook.com/FractalHull/

There’s an increasing vibrancy and diversity in Hull’s nightlife, make yourself a part of it.