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The Hull #10YearChallenge (sort of)

“It’s never dull in ‘ull”

I moved to Hull in 2014, which feels like forever ago! For me  it has become a home away from home. However, a lot has changed over the years I have spent here and Hull is a city that is evolving. Let’s look at what’s changed, what’s here to stay and what the future holds for this wonderful city.

The Deep


Way back before Hull celebrated City of Culture in 2017 I arrived in a very different city and many current students won’t remember how the city centre used to look compared to now. It’s safe to say that the City of Culture brought welcomed change to the city despite the orange barriers.

The City of Orange Barriers

Orange barriers aside, the City of Culture sparked developments all over the city, especially in and around Humber Street which saw restaurants open and The C4DI and is now the hippest place in Hull.

Of course, a city is only as good as its people and on this front, Hull delivers. From the classic Hull accent “errrrr nerrrrrr”, to chip spice, the people of Hull are uniquely friendly and charming and have always made me feel welcome in their city so never change hullians!

Eyes to the future…

The City of Culture in 2017 was only the beginning of change here in Hull and I think the city has a lot to look forward to.

What do you think the future holds for Hull?

4 Reasons You Should Consider Visiting Hull

Hull is a port city, which is located in East Yorkshire, England. The most significant reason for visiting Hull is museums. In Hull, the museums are free and you can visit all the museums within 1 day because they are close to each other. There are some pretty good ones like the Ferens Art Gallery, Streetlife Museum, the Hull and East Riding Museum, and the Wilberforce House, where you have a chance to learn about William Wilberforce and his addition to ending the slave trade in the UK.

The other coolest reason for visiting and studying at Hull is, the city has lots of art and culture. There are small gallery exhibits as well as large art facilities all over the town. When I was educated there, they removed wind turbine from Queen Victoria Square and installing a work called the “Weeping Window” near to the Maritime Museum.

Moreover, the other reason is Hull has an excellent pub and foods. Some of my favorites eat and drink included: Tea at Barista Café, Fish and Chips at Lion & Key, Burgers at Dope Burger and the fries at Head of Stream.
Hull is also a budget-friendly location for both tourists and students and a destination is extremely affordable. Besides this, meals are usually between 8-12 £, bus fees are under 2 £ and if you want to use a taxi you can pay under 6 £. I bought a cinema ticket on a weekday for just 6 £.

Why sports teams are the key to a social life at University

Going to university can be a robust experience as most will leave their familiarities of home and venture to a new exciting city filled with new people. The best way to socialise to join a sports team like Hockey

Keeps you Active

When you go to university, you have no one cooking for you which can lead to the easy option of takeaways, but they are very unhealthy so you could find you gain weight quickly. Playing sport counteracts this with regular exercise as in Hockey we train or play five times a week which can help offset those 10 am Dominoes

Nights out

You can only have so many nights out with housemates so been on a sports team adds to your available options. This could be the memorable Wednesday nights out at asylum after social, or an impromptu piper Monday after a long training session. There will always be people like-minded people that want to go out as well

Knowing more people at University

Being on a sports team opens up many friendships with other clubs examples been the sister club of Ladies hockey, joint socials with ladies cricket and Netball league or squad. Doing so results in you knowing so many more people like course mates you had never met before to people studying completely different degrees to you.

Do you have any experiences with university sports teams?
Feel free to leave a comment below

Top 5 tips to a better night out photo

1. Make sure you know everyone’s there

It is essential that when you see the photographer coming that you locate your friends in preparation for it as you always want to include everyone, so no one misses out.

2. Try to have as much going on as possible

The next days once they get uploaded you want to be able to laugh and reflect on your states as no one is entirely photogenic all the time so you can look back and laugh.

3.Ensure strangers don’t pose with you

Nobody likes it when theirs a random stranger tagging along in it as you don’t know them and watch out for the poses behind too as they can ruin it.

4.Grab the Club sign

Holding the clubs sign is a so-called badge of honour as you can show your mates the place you went to so it saves the ‘where was this taken comment’ that you always get.

5. Not to upload the same photo

It’s the race to claim the photo as your own as you need to keep tabs to make sure you are the first to upload it to social media, so you get all the likes.

Do you have any night out picture tips to share?
If so then feel free to leave a comment below.

2 Reasons to live in Hull After Graduation

Every university student has an aim in the end and that is earning money to survive. Most of the students, aim for large cities to find a suitable job where they can get higher earnings. However, there is a city in North of England, which has been chosen as the City of Culture in 2017 and that is Hull. This is a city you can choose to live after graduation for a couple of reasons:

1. Low cost of living

Hull is among the cheapest cities to live in UK. According to Numbeo website, Hull is 26.71% cheaper than London in terms of consumer prices. In terms of rent, Hull is 74.83% cheaper than London. Considering the income in your first job, Hull is the place to live in order to save some money for your future.

2. Everywhere is in a walking distance

Every teenager dreams of a car. Some lucky teenagers get their first cars as a present from their family and others have to work for it. However, your earnings may be so low in your first job that you cannot afford it. In Hull, everywhere is in a walking distance. So, you do not have to worry about getting a car. But if you really wanna buy, as the house rents are low, you can still save some money and get a car later on

Do you agree with the list? Or want to add more? Please comment and let me know!

What the Hull Are You Doing Here?

What are you doing here? This is the question posed whenever a taxi driver, or a Hull local, learn that I am from Barbados. Prior to my arrival, I inquired about what it was like to live in Hull. Interestingly, persons with whom I inquired didn’t have many compliments for the city. However, now I am here, I am enjoying it.
As a student, the cost of living is one of the most satisfying benefits enjoyed in Hull. According to the 2018 NatWest Student Index, Hull is the most affordable city for students in the UK. It ranks 1st in England for rent costs, 1st in terms of night life and 1st in cheapest takeaways. Inter-city travel for students is also affordable especially with the use of the 16-25 Railway Card.
Other impressive features of Hull, though not unique to the city itself, include the efficiency of the transportation system, the friendly customer service, and general interaction with the people. Not only this, but the efficiency of the NHS in Hull is also another feature with which I am satisfied.

If there were to be a down-side to living in Hull, it would be the fluctuating weather and the temperature. In the tropics, temperatures are generally within the 25℃ – 30℃ range, varying between sunshine and rain, but the maximum temperature in Hull varies annually between 7℃ and 21℃, according to the Met Office website. So; what the Hull am I doing here? Having a Hull of a time! 


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Hull University: A place for you!

It’s coming to that time of the year where you are waiting to hear if we’ve been accepted for an interview for our chosen three universities. It can be a daunting and exciting thought of moving to a different city to study a degree to hopefully achieve your dream job.

As a student who has plucked up the courage to attend my local university, I can give nothing but Hull University praise. The transition from college to university was fairly fluid with the university helping with that. Just by putting a taster week on to familiarise with referencing, writing as an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

There aren’t many people who are aware of help you can receive if you have a learning disability. In fact, sometimes we may feel it is difficult to study but afraid to admit for help. Don’t worry about it! Hull University give students who are attending their first year at the University the chance to complete an online test that determines if you need help.

The university will determine if you need additional help from Student Finance who will assess you for an equipment grant. There are a number of programmes that are available for those who have a learning disability. The popular software used is Dragon a speech dictates software that enables the user to speak from reading a book.

How great does this all sound? Is Hull University one of your choices if not why not?