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The Reason Why I Choose University of Hull

Founded in 1927, Hull University located in East Yorkshire is the 14th oldest university in England. Hull University received silver status from the 2018 teaching excellence framework. The rate of work accepted by international students of university of hull graduates reached 97.9% (HESA, 2018). All this can be achieved thanks to superior career support, where students can access many useful resources, such as the one we can see the library with 24-hour access and a supportive atmosphere for learning facilities provided at the library also gives students the ease of learning such as Quite room on the 1st floor, laptop locker lockers and the number of computers on each floor.

Kingston upon hull, is a student-friendly city and is very affordable. This is a British cultural city in 2017, and is included in the Guardian Got List for tourist attractions that must be visited. Rough guides in 2016 even mentioned hull as one of the 10 most visited cities in the world. Not only friendly to the city the cost of living here is not expensive as in other cities for example Manchester for monthly living costs I only spend 50 pounds because I always cook alone and for where I live I spend 250 pounds per month. On the other hand I like the city of hull because there is a direct train line to London that can be taken in less than three hours, and only takes two and a half hours to get to Birmingham. York and Leeds can be reached within one hour. I think Hull is the most student-friendly city.






The first 3 people you’ll meet at uni

So, you’ve made it to uni. It may be a sporty uni, an artsy uni or a uni full of stem field students. Whichever yours is, it is guaranteed you’ll meet these 5 people whilst there, every uni has them!

  • The lazy one

You’ll only ever see this person either in pyjamas in your flat, chilling in the kitchen, or in the pub. Sometimes you’ll wonder if they even go to uni, because they never attend a lecture! The expert at procrastination, but somehow will smash their assignments and exams, that is when they actually do them.

  • The sporty one

This person’s first action at uni is going to get their gym subscription set up! They’ll join their sports club, or multiple clubs and constantly be up about, at training and socializing with their club mates. The kind of person to scatter the kitchen with protein shakers, then clutters the lounge with a yoga mat and a foam roller.

  • The clean freak

Every flat has a clean freak, they’ll constantly wipe the sides and tidy up. If your flat has a cleaning service, you can bet that they think its not good enough. Be ready to get some passive aggressive messages in the flat chat.

Now its down to you to figure out who these people are in your flat. Or are they you?