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Why it is worth to visit the most northern city of Germany

Have you ever heard of Flensburg? No? It doesn’t matter, because as an international travel destination, Flensburg is rather unknown. With a population of approximately 90,000, Flensburg is not the biggest city in Germany, but there are many reasons to visit Flensburg.

Here are some tips that you should know as a visitor of Flensburg:

Flensburg is the most northern city of Germany

Flensburg is located directly on the German-Danish border. For this reason, many Danes visit Flensburg for shopping and to experience the Scandinavian culture.

        Flensburg on a map of Germany

Flensburg citizens are handball crazy

Handball is the second best-known team sport in Germany after football and the local team SG Flensburg Handewitt is one of the best handball teams in Europe. The Flens arena is a venue that holds 5000 seats, therefore the atmosphere in the hall is fantastic, especially when the north derby between the SG Flensburg Handewitt and the THW Kiel takes place. Click to see tickets and prices information.

Holger Glandorf a handball player from the SG Flensburg Handewitt in action

The best fish buns are available at the museum harbour at Bens Fischhütte

It is an institution in Flensburg! You can choose between matjes, fried fish and smoked fish such as salmon or mackerel. The fish is served in a warm bun with homemade sauce, fresh salad and onions.

Bens Fischütte

Have you been to Flensburg before? Comment below and let me know how your trip was!


Photo Credit: www.plz-suche.org, www.sg-flensburg-handewitt.de, www.facebook.com


Nearly the best way to spend 800 million euros

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. It is a metropolis with an infamous nightlife named “Reeperbahn”, an enormous harbour and one of the largest contiguous warehouse complexes named “Speicherstadt”. Since 2017 the Speicherstadt get’s a new tourist attraction. In January the city of Hamburg opened one of the most modern and expensive opera houses of the world – the Elbphilharmonie was born. Expensive means: 800 million euros, in words eight hundred million euros! The construction time took about 10 years of German engineering 🙂 The fundament of the Elbphilharmonie was an old warehouse. 

Elbphilharmonie in 2011

The construction progress in 2011. It seemed like a never-ending story…

Not just an opera house

The Elbphilharmonie also includes a luxury hotel, parking lot and private apartments.


The outer plaza allows a 360 degree view over the harbour of Hamburg. The entry to the platform is free for everyone. Even if you don’t buy a ticket for a concert.


The bigger opera hall has space for 2.100 people.  The smaller one has space for 500.

The Tube

One of the longest escalator of the world. 82 meter long and curved.


Finally, the Elbphilharmonie shines in all it’s glory.

If you are interested in visiting the Elbphilharmonie, whether as a tourist, a concert visitor or a hotel guest, please let a comment!! For the exact place of this building just click here.

Photo Credit: radiohamburg.de, elbphilharmonie.de