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Quick but Delicious – Strong Recommendation of Ready Meal in UK retail store

Following are some recommendation of Ready Meal, I think it can  really figure out your eating problem during the assignment month and exam month, increasing the learning efficiency but still can enjoy the meal.

1. M&S


(1). Taste Thailand Fragrant Wok Beef Noodles

玛莎Reay Meal

This food was the first one that change my perception of ready meal. The beef inside is really soft and taste, the noodle is flat rice noodles and it also include much vegetables such as hyacinth bean, sliced carrot, cabbage, bean sprout and chili.

(2).  King Prawn & Chargrilled Chicken Paella


This seafood Fried rice has various ingredient inside – king prawn, Italian sausage, chicken, green bean, small chili and onion, the sauce is cooked by shellfish, eat with a side of Spanish rice is really delicious.

2. Sainsbury’s


(1). Katsu Chicken Curry & Lemongrass Rice


This curry chicken is not a Sainsbury’s generic brand, it is belong to a ready meal series which called ‘ My Godness!’.  The chicken steak is not crispy but taste very soft, eat with the rice and curry sauce is very delicious!

(2). Thai Green Curry & Rice


The Thai green curry and rice is really delicious as well, the curry sauce is boiling with coconut, so that it taste a little bit sweet. The rice inside is sticky rice, in addition, the main vegetable of this curry rice are water chestnut and bamboo.



(1). Tesco, Aromatic Duck and Pancakes

tesco duck

In my opinion, this crispy duck of Tesco is tasty, some of that is named Duck Wrap, the duck and  sweet soybean paste inside are taste much same as the traditional one in China.

(2). Tesco Italian Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle

tesco ready meal

I should be very strong recommended this pasta of Tesco, it taste amazing. When you heat it in microwave oven, the whole kitchen will be  full of fragrance!

If you have any other recommendations, would you please leave comments in the comments section?  Let’s find more convenient and delicious fast food together.