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Facebook Login API | Web Development

Facebook API Login using Php

Hello and welcome back. This web development post is going to focus on how we log in to a website and register.
Login forms demotivate users when registering for a site or on logging in. Nowadays users search for a easy registration and easy login to save time. From a marketing perspective, it’s important to reduce the number of users from losing interest and bouncing away from the site and marketers need to gain maximized information while maintaining the attention of readers. Web developers and designers use Social Media API’s to log into their site making it much easier to register and login in with just two or fewer clicks.

For many beginners understanding API’s and implementing them isn’t easy and some people source the internet to find tutorials or open source codes that have code prepared. When I was searching online to see how accessible Social Media Login API’s were I didn’t find one simple website offering this service for free.
I decided to create my own Facebook API to be used as an open source for my bloggers only. Below are some screenshots of the code.


Link to project site

Download code directly for free (no signup)

Looking for something a bit more advanced watch this clip on how to build a more advanced Facebook login API

If you do need some additional support in customising this for your requirements then contact us here for a quote.

Or join StackOverflow Community

If you are interested in other social media API’s then stay tuned to my blog

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