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3 Dishes you must have when in Cyprus

  1. Sheftalia Kebab

Taken by @foodiva

Credit: Insight Cyprus


A traditional Cypriot dish, Sheftalia is a kind of sausage parcel that is made up of minced lamb or pork, onion, parsley, salt and pepper. This mixture of flavours is wrapped in fat to make these sausages. A popular option for barbecues, which are very common among Cypriots, Sheftalia are grilled on charcoal for about half an hour until they are fully cooked to make a delightful addition to the traditional kebabs. It can either be eaten separately or put into pita bread along with some onions, salad, yoghurt or hummus.


2. Oven Macaroni

Taken by @mydestinationcyprus

Credit: Insight Cyprus


This is a traditional home-made dish. Made up of several layers, this dish contains large pasta tubes, minced lamb, parsley and b├ęchamel sauce. Cheese can also be added to the surface if desired. The dish is cooked in an oven and then cut up into square pieces, which allows for all the layers to be seen. It is usually served alongside salad and yoghurt.


3. Bulgar Kofte

Taken by @gg_mix

Credit: Insight Cyprus


A common dish in many middle-eastern countries, Bulgar Kofte is a delicacy in Cyprus. The outer shell is made from bulgar and the inside is made up of mince lamb, parsley and some seasoning (a very common combination for many Cypriot dishes!). It is shaped like a torpedo and served with lemon wedges. When life gives you lemons, squeeze it on Bulgar Kofte!