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Staying Warm in Cold Weather tips from China

Although already in March, Britain is still as cold as winter.This blog will introduce you three methods from China to keep warm.All of these methods are simple and have no side effects. Why not try it?
1.Eat hot pot

The heat form Hotpot can play a role in the fight against the cold, hot pot fiery also make people warm, hot food makes our stomach is also very comfortable, while the nutrients of foods which in the hot pot will not easily drain, almost All nutrients in the food can be absorbed by the body.
2.Drink ginger red/brown sugar water

Add ginger and brown sugar in the cup, then add hot water, a cup of ginger brown sugar water is done.There are ginger and brown sugar in Chinese medicine have a warm spleen and stomach, cold pain effect. When you drink such a cup of warm water, the stomach is warm, and sometimes the nose tip also slightly sweating, which can help you clear the meridian, remove cold.
take a foot bath with ginger powder

Foot bath with hot water is one of the contents of traditional Chinese medicine foot therapy. This method not only recovers from fatigue and conducive to sleep, can improve local blood circulation, get rid of the cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care.Ginger powder is added because ginger’s unique “gingerol” can make the blood vessels to dilate, blood circulation to speed up. take a foot bath 20-30 minutes before going to sleep every day is the recommended method.