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The Hull #10YearChallenge (sort of)

“It’s never dull in ‘ull”

I moved to Hull in 2014, which feels like forever ago! For me  it has become a home away from home. However, a lot has changed over the years I have spent here and Hull is a city that is evolving. Let’s look at what’s changed, what’s here to stay and what the future holds for this wonderful city.

The Deep


Way back before Hull celebrated City of Culture in 2017 I arrived in a very different city and many current students won’t remember how the city centre used to look compared to now. It’s safe to say that the City of Culture brought welcomed change to the city despite the orange barriers.

The City of Orange Barriers

Orange barriers aside, the City of Culture sparked developments all over the city, especially in and around Humber Street which saw restaurants open and The C4DI and is now the hippest place in Hull.

Of course, a city is only as good as its people and on this front, Hull delivers. From the classic Hull accent “errrrr nerrrrrr”, to chip spice, the people of Hull are uniquely friendly and charming and have always made me feel welcome in their city so never change hullians!

Eyes to the future…

The City of Culture in 2017 was only the beginning of change here in Hull and I think the city has a lot to look forward to.

What do you think the future holds for Hull?